shadows of love shivika ff (part-1)

This Is a entirely different plot from the story now I am just posting the teaser later I will update about characters in the plot.

“Rudra I am your future bhabhi so you should call me as bhabhi ” I heard her voice and all other laughing and I came from my room. seeing me everybody pretended to do their work and again I heard her blabbering “Rudra and Om tell your Bhai that I will be waiting for him in the park at 6’O clock if he didn’t come I will shout in public that I love him” she started moving and l held her hand to stop her

“go and study your exams are nearing ”

“it’s my wish to study you don’t order me” she started playing with my shirt buttons

“likewise it’s my wish to come to park at 6’O clock ” I pushed her hand from my shirt

“if you don’t come I will tell papa that I love you and he himself will get us married ” again she started to play with my buttons

“concentrate on your studies later we can decide about this ” again I took her hands from my shirt

“later means when”

“when you complete your studies ”

“you are lieing right ” tears formed in her eyes

“go to America for your studies and study well later you can think about marrying me ” I caressed her face and immediately she hugged me I don’t know how to handle her everybody pretended to do there work without seeing us later I hugged her back

“why don’t you understand that I love you ”

“you are very young to understand about these things now it’s time to concentrate on your studies” she moved away from me and pecked my cheeks and started moving from there

“Anika bhabhi where are you going ” Om teased her

“your Bhai wants me to study I will complete my exams and will again torture him” she ran from there and again everybody started laughing

“Shivay Bhai I don’t think she will leave you ever”

“Rudra she herself will realise she desevers a better person than me in few years “

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