“Abhi drive slowly yaar” she held my tightly but I was not in the mood to listen her and what will I tell her if she comes to know that Ankush stabbed Baba.

“Abhi I am feeling scared yaar drive slowly” she held my hand very tightly,l have a sudden brake to my car and stopped it

“Arrey if you want to drive with this speed you should brought your bike and I must have hugged you tightly” she was flirting with me even now without knowing anything

“pragya you go by auto I have a important work I will finish it and I will come”

“what ? drop me first then do your work” it’s no use of politely speaking to her.I don’t want to tell it to pragya now that ankush has stabbed her pappa

” pragya I your husband. A wife should listen to her husband right”

“what husband?? your are flirting with me right but it worked, you don’t worry I will go by auto” she kissed my cheeks and got down and again I rushed to see Baba


Baba was breathing is last few mins and he wanted to see pragya for a last time

“purab why you brought me here” I heard her voice I wiped my tears and heard the door clipping sound

“pappa…….” she ran to Baba and started to cry

“Abhi what happens to Baba” pragya asked me and what will I answer

“pragya beta”

“haan papa bolo” she held his hand and wiped her tears

“Abhi come here” Baba called me and I went and sat near him.

“l know you will take care of every thing after I leave this world”

“papa why are you speaking like this” she interrupted baba

“you are my everything Abhi and you should take care of my beti too. she lost her mom in very young now I am also leaving her” Baba couldn’t speak properly too pragya was terribly crying

“you should be with my pragya always you should be her everything.promise me” I held his hand and promised him,he placed pragya’s hand in my hand.

“papa nothing will happen to you, Abhi do something yaar” doctors already told that Baba is in very critical state and they can’t do anything.I bend my head down and tears started to call from my cheeks

“papa….Abhi papa is not speaking”



“Abhi beta she is not eating” maid complained to me about pragya

“l will take care of her di”

l never saw pragya like this.she was a chatter box and always happy and makes everybody happy but now she has completely broken.she didn’t come out for 5 days,she didn’t eat or sleep properly.I promised Baba that I will take care of her and it’s my duty to take care of her

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