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Chapter – 2

when everybody in this world left my hand one man held me in his arms when all the relations in this world left me he created new relations for me.Till my last breath I will be grateful to him to my Baba.

“Abhi…abhi ” I heard Baba shouting so I locked my room and came down

“Baba any work to do”

“haan Abhi today can you drop pragya in her school today her final exams are getting over”

“haan Baba” I saw pragya winking at me standing behind Baba

“pragya beta all the best for your exam take care” Baba blessed her

“papa you don’t worry Abhi is there na” again she winked at me and she went to see Dadi maa

“Abhi beta take care of her, she is still a kid”

“don’t worry Baba I will take care of her”

“bye papa” she said later we moved and I took my car key

“sorry today you can’t take me in car because I punctured all the cars yesterday itself” she said and I hit my car tyre In anger

“have you lost it now how will you reach your school” and she was still smiling

“there is only one way Take your bike”

“what no no I will repair the tyre ”

“arrey its getting late Abhi come on let’s go in your bike ” she pulled my hand

“it will only take few mins pragya you wait here for 5 min I will repair the tyre ”

“you won’t listen to me na wait pappa…abhi is telling he won’t drop me in school” she started shout I closed her mouth to stop her

“okay meri maa I will drop you in bike”

“thats like my boy come on let’s go”

“but one condition”


“you should maintain some distance”

“okay okay come soon it’s getting late” I took my bike and she sat behind my bike I am sure she will never obey me she held my shoulders with her hand and we started moving

“Abhi don’t take this route this Will have a lot of traffic pls go by the short cut”

“I very know the road you are saying is very bumpy so shut your dirty mouth till we reach your school”

“okay” she laid her head on my shoulder

“arrey pragya what are you doing this is public stop it”

“nobody will think bad l am your would be wife and moreover l am feeling sleepy yaar your shoulder is better than my pillow ” she held me more tightly and I don’t want to create their in public

“pragya your school came get down”

“why this school came so soon ” She pouted and got down

“you should only come again to pick me up”

“ok meri maa all the best do your exam well” she smiled and waved her hand


“Baba this is dangerous please don’t go atleast take purab and me with you ”

“Abhi today I will end this game, l won’t spare ankush for this.l never thought that he would go this cheap to enter politics”

“baba you are our only reader and you are our everything.these people are living happily only because of you” purab stopped baba to meet ankush.Our Baba is a gangster but he did only good to this village but people turned selfish when they saw Ankush who gave them money.Baba is my everything and I won’t spare Ankush for this

“Abhi it’s time pragya must be waiting in the school you go and pick her up” Baba reminded me but handling pragya definitely needed a special talent.

“why you are so silent now” I saw her staying slient for past 15 min which is like “once in a blue moon”

“why did you brought this stupid car” People die to travel in car in our village but this girl na impossible

“l repaired the car so I brought it ”

“you are a buddu abhi, boys are dieing to take a girl in their bikes but you” she was too irritated but she looks cute will she gets angry

“what will people think you hug me publicly ”

“arrey l am not hugging some stranger I am hugging my husband” she again started her flirty moods.she laid her head in my shoulder again I don’t want to start fighting with her

“Abhi I want tell you something”


“you will marry me na” I stopped my car with a sudden break and she looked up me

“pragya you are so young your ideas,choices everythingwill change you will find a better person than me”

“I may find a better person than you but I can’t love anybody like you,Abhi I know you are thinking that it’s just my attraction on you but I am in love with you its true love on you” again she laid her head in my shoulder

“l am 25 you are just 18”

“age is just a number and I am 18 now I am major so I can marry you now” I started the car because Its useless talking with her suddenly my phone beeped it was purab.

“haan purab bolo” I couldn’t hold my phone anymore I dropped it and I saw pragya in shoulder.

“oye why you dropped your phone” she took my phone and saw purab’s incoming call

“hello purab” she started but I snatched the phone

“purab I am coming” I drove the car fastly

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