Shadows of the dark past (swasan, raglak, arshi) Episode 11

Arshi date.
Arnav is sitting on the table in a tee jeans and blue blazer.
He is waiting for khushi.
Khushi comes in a blue dress upto her knee,it has 3/4sleeves and is flowing from the brown belt on the waist.She has made a half pony with a puff.she is carrying a silver side bag.
(I am not too good at boys dress discription so please bear with me)

They sit together.
Arnav:you’re looking breathtaking
Khushi widens her eyes
K:where is my arnav
A:here I am ,my love
K:no my arnav never compliments anyone.
A:you are an exception,because
Waiter comes
W:sir maam may I take your order.
Arnav orders her favourite food items.
Waiter goes

K:you seem in a romantic mood today
A:so what,you are my fiancé I have the right.
K:mr. rights activist,the food has come so lets eat
A:sure madame as you say.
They eat and finish
Kh:so why am I and exception.
Ar:lets have something sweet.
K:why do you always change the topic when these words are about to come
Ar:which words
Kh:I will have butterscotch icecream.
Both laugh.
After dinner they go back thier own ways.

So guys done with this one.
See you soon next week.

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