My Shadow will follow you(swasan) part 2

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The lighting flashed in the dark night unveiling the faces of that boy and girl. That boy’s eyes widened seeing that girl, her face got reflected in his dark black eyes. The cold breeze touched him and a shiver ran through his body like he got a high voltage electric current.
He was trying hard to speak something but his words choked in his throat.The only word escaped from his mouth was “Swara”
As he took her name the thunder roared violently and the rain started falling more fiercely
                      Sanskar’s pov

I was fully dumbstruck seeing Swara..S-She was not normal a strange evil vibe was coming from her. I don’t know why but yet I know She was not my Swara..!
I was thinking this all and that Time she saw me with her red eyes which were glittering in anger more than the lighting which was happening in the dark black sky.

She smirked seeing me and in the next moment a truck which was approaching in full speed towards her hit her.
I screamed “Swara!!!!”
My heart started beating faster when I saw that my beloved got hit.
I was about to rush downstairs to go near her but the television of my room started automatically.. Without electricity how this television started??
Swara’s face got displayed on the TV screen , she roared “Sanskar!!! I am back to take my revenge!!!” She laughed madly, her laugher not the reason of my life as it was before, now it was so evil like it’s the weapon to kill me, The wolves too joined her and started howling loudly.
Then the  door behind me slammed and I turned that side.
Swara laughed loudly and said”Sanskar! I am here” her voice was not
sweet like honey as it was before now her voice became harsh.

I looked her being shocked and I was about to come near her but
Swara glared the Chandelier on the ceiling
It fall down between us. All of it’s mirrors scattered away.
I looked down the floor being shocked by Swara’s action.
My face was reflecting in the mirror pieces but Swara’s face wasn’t reflected.

I looked up and saw in Swara’s eyes, Her eyes were completely changed now they were not cheerful like before innocency evaporated from her eyes completely, her eyes were pearly white now, they were showering wrath!

             Sanskar’s POV ended
Sanskar went near her and touched her shoulder but her image disappeared.
Sanskar: Swara!!! Were are you??? What’s this going on??
Then he felt someone’s fingers squeezing his neck from behind.
His eyes popped out and his breaths became heavy, somehow he managed to escape from that grip and he looked behind and he found Swara standing there with a horrifying look.
San:- swar..
Before he could complete Swara stabbed him.. with a knife!!!!

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