The shadow swasan OS


It’s a winter morning…

A young man of early thirty’s entered into a huge palace with a glowing face..he is just awesome in his features & a true divine creature..while seeing him feeling what is he doing in this ancient n often damaged palace but this palace now also shined in its glorious history n its beauty..but it looks like his face is determind about something..that he has to achieve anyhow..its looks like by his features that he has taken a task that has to be done if or but..he has to do it..he is in dark blue colour shirt with black jeans n black leather jackets..he is stunning to see..yeah he is..his crooky smile is telling he is happy to be here..n yeah..n he shouted in happiness by saying..

YoungMan : Yeahhhhhh..i did it..see i am here now..i can’t believe..i am here..(happy looking at the huge palace which is the king in its own beauty)..

Suddenly the young man heard a voice of a person…

Voice : Who is this ??

So the young man turns his gaze at the direction of that voice..he found him..the old man of fifty’s..he come forward to the young on gives a smile…

OldMan : Are you the boy who was supposed to be come hear??(normally)..

YoungMan : Yeah..i am the the way..i am Sanskar Maheshwari..I am a writer..i research about historical places n write the about the real ancient story about those places..its like project for me..

OldMan : I see..the famous writer of todays generation..good good..God bless you that u are trying to explore about our ancient histories among all the people..proud of u dear..i heard about u alott..n i am Shekhar Gadodia..The caretaker of this palace from generation to generation we are taking care of this palace though its already in the way of damage..(said fanitly)..

Sanskar : Ahhh..thats nice to know about you..i wanna explore the village first to know about this palace from people first n then will come back again to palace…so can u please show me my room in palace so that i can keep my stuffs n bags there before going out…

Shekhar : Okay..i will show you..n i will keep ur dinner ready cause it will take time explore the whole village..

Sanskar smiles..

Sanskar : Thats pretty cool i think..okay lets go..(happy)..

Shekhar nodes n they entered the palace its well decorated palace..its showing beauty gracefully…no doubt..any writer can fall in love with its Sanskar looks around n see everything about palace..n then Shekhar shows him his room..its pretty luxurious room according to ancient time..yup it is now Sanskar kept his things..n then said bye to Shekhar n left for exploring the village..while exploring village n after talking with people about this palace history he felt surprised cause he got to know people think that tbis palace is not good at all..cause they things here some unexpected things happened..for that people don’t go there now..after getting so many informations n he record all the things in his phone recorder..n then at evening 7:00 pm left for the palace..the palace location in more inside of this village so its take time reach palace..he reached there at 10:00 pm..he was too tired..when he entered he saw shekhar is waiting for him with his dinner..

Sanskar : Ohhh..soo sorry..uncle..its really has taken too much time coming from village.. (tired)..n thanks for the dinner..

Shekhar : Its my duty beta..u go n freshen i am serving ur dinner..(with a smile)..

Sanskar too smiles n left for freshenup..after freshen he changed his dress into white track pant n blue t-shirt..then comes to have dinner..n he started conversation…

Sanskar : Uncle..i heard from villegers that here something happen many years ago that after that people in horror never come here to stay any night..why ?

Shekhar looks at Sanskar for sometime while he is having dinner n then said..

Shekhar : Dear..sometimes we can’t do anything to change the past..n it remains the always..u know this palace is sooo old that hear can be so many secrets n histories n people without seeing anything believe everything n said its not good palace but i stay often her but never faced anything..

Sanskar watched shekhar carefully then smiled..i thought so..its just a beautiful place…with any story no place can be its normal to have any story about it..know..okay i am full now..its was delicious food..thanks the person who cooked it..

Shekhar : daughter cooked all the daughter Ragini..(with a smile)..

Sanskar : Thats nice..okay i think i should take ur leave..i am tired n u are also the same..

Shekhar nodes n said..

Shekhar : Beta i won’t be here from tomorrow..u are staying here 5 more days in these days my daughter will come with ur food..i hope u don’t mind..

Sanskar : Its pronblem..n i am gonna concentrate on my story of this palace so its okay..(smiles n left for his room)…


Sanskar’s room.. Sanskar was in his room..thinking n hearing all the records of the statements of villagers n he sit on the chair infront of mini table n table lamp..its already 12:00am of night..he was sitting infront of window table with his book n pen..he writies some pages all over the statements..n thinks more deeply..n he was thinking i think in this palace has some story which actually people don’t know..after thinking so much he went to bed n slept..

In the morning..its winter n when Sanskar woke up he saw a beautiful girl infront of him standing with tea trey..n the girl is beyond beautiful n also in pink cotton slik saree..n full sleeves blouse..n her hair was loose n its go till her waist..Sanskar blinks seeing the girl n thinks its may be Ragini Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter n thinks the girl is really sweet..the smiles seeing his expressions n said..

Girl : Good morning Mr.Maheshwari..(with a light smile)..

Sanskar : Morning..Ms.Ragini !!

The girl shakes her head in no..n Sanskar gets confused n looks at her n the girl smiles..

Girl : I am Swara..not Ragini..actually i am ragini’s friend i stay near the palace n u can see there is a room..i am staying here for somedays..n ragini went for some work of 5 days for her exams..(with a smile)..

Sanskar looks surprised…

Sanskar : Ahhh..i am the way i heard no one stay here…(confused)..

Swara : (laughs)..actually its not like that…i just come here 2 backs ago..i went for some work out this village so may be Shekhar uncle forgot tell you..(with assuring tone)..

Sanskar looks at her laugher n happy eyes he gets mesmorized..n smiles n shakes his head..Swara hand over the tea cup to him..

Swara : Have it..u will feel fresh..(smiles)..

Sanskar : Yeah..thanks alot for u are here till the time i am here..that would be nice to know about u..(with a smile)..

Swara : Mr.Maheshwari..i thinknu should conentrate in ur book on this palace not my story..(in a playful way)..

Sanskar : (laughs)..thats well i think…by the way i am writer so its my speciality to know about people n places..n u are pretty enough to know about you..(winks to her n laughs)…

Swara shooks her head n said..

Swara : Nice..joke..Mr.Maheshwari..

Sanskar looks at her amusedly..

Sanskar : Call me..Sanskar..i think its suits on me..(blinks while having bed tea)..

Swara : Well..not a problem at alm u should also call me Swara Ms.Swara..(smiles brightly)..

Sanskar : Done..n once again thanks for this..n its really nice to drink..

Swara : My pleasure..Sanskar..okay u get ready n do your work cause i am also leaving for my work see u at lunch time..

Sanskar : Okay..see you!!(smiles)..

Swara that Swara n Sanskar started conversation about each other..sanskar thinks she is very good n from a good family n like that gets good friend in 2 days..Swara always come with his breakfast..lunch..dinner..n they started liking their case she also hepling him writing his book regarding the 3rd day after dinner thet decided to go pit for a walk outside of palace they went together..Sanskar welly explained his life..but he thinks he now also rarely know Swara..he think she is free with him..but she never talk much aboit herself n family..but he ignores all this n thinks he like to be with n likes her company its not very bad that i really don’t know about her..he loves her bright while talking to eachother reach near lake so they decided to sit on the breach of lake gorge/Ghat…they sitted together..its winter so sanskar was in jacket n swara was in shawl..n as usual she is in saree..its a moonlit night..moon is shining brightly..n then sanskar started to ask her..

Sanskar : Swara..u know when 1st day i came here i heard about this place is not good..village people are saying that something happened here with a girl long years u know anything about it..??(asked to know cause he is not sure)..

Swara blinks at him..n thinks something n she gets sad n she said..

Swara : Hmm..i know sanskar..its a long story u know..actually about 50 years ago..this palace was alive likes new bride n here king used to party very he has his one most capable dancer but as heard the girl dancer was not ready to dance in sessions cause she was not like other dancers actually she was forced to dance among all the people..she just 24 years girl..she loved dance but just for her satifaction..she was not an dancer but the king bought her n force her..the cruel one..(while saying sanskar feels that swara also getting angry n he felt its obvious if any girl was forced like that then other who don’t like it specially girls will react this way)..

Sanskar : Then what happened ?

Swara : day the girl after forcing to dance couldn’t help out but cursed all the royal family before commetting suicide..n then she hanged herself n died n then after that this royal family slowly slowly died cause of her curse…now people say they daw that girls “Shadow”(happy in heart)..

Sanskar : Ahhh that was bad i think..poor girl after all..

So after finishing their conversation they headed back to palace n swara too went to her room..sanskar sat on his chair n started writing about all what he was feeling but smiles remembering about that his also day was like before swara comes with tea n then his breakfast n they chatted for long time n then she went back he too done his writings..n then he had lunch n swara served him..after that he gets busy again in his work..he had dinner which was send by swara but he saw dinner didn’t find her..he thinks maybe he had dinner..n then went to sleep..but he was noft getting sleep at all..n at that time he heard some anklets sound loudly..n some song..he gets up suddenly n hearing the sounds..its full moonlit night today..he gets up n went to check.. He comes out of palace n head towards the song n sound..n then he reached the place n what he saw he was shocked he was Swara in some anarkali dress dancing in the open space of a building..he was admiring her n he started thinking about he also started walkong around her seeing her dancing flawlessly..swara also making him go crazy by her amazing lovely moves..he just standing n walking admiring him..Swara gives a smile to him..swara where started to go there in line lights started flashing..its looking outstanding to Sanskar seeing a beautiful lady dancing smoothly..without any fear in this moomlit night..suddenly sanced stopped n he comes to his sense n he noticed there was nothing no swara nothing..its a empty space..he feels weird first time thinking why be is seeing he missing swara alott..just today she didn’t come giving me dinner…i think in 4 days i am getting used to her..but where is she today..okay meet her in the morning..saying this he left for his room n then slept..but he didn’t sleep peacefully cause he is remembering swara..


On 5th day morning its his last day staying here..he wakes up with his these 4 days fav voice of swara..n he wakes up seeing her immidiately n then goes near n hugs her unknowingly..

Sanskar : Where were you yesterday..?? U didn’t even meet me while you come here..(sith concern)..

Swara gets confused n then says..

Swara : Sanskar i was busy making my projects n thought not disturb u more..cause u will leave today so i don’t want to get used to ur company..u got na..(with a dad voice)..

Hearing her Sanskar breaks the hug n looks at her n she smiles..

Swara : those day u become my very good friend..n Those Years first time i felt good with someone like u..will remember u always man..(happy)..

Sanskar : (smiles sadly he don’t know why)..yeah thats true..i also gets closed with someone like you in a short time..will miss u dear..

Swara : Ohhh..i thought to say u but forgot that i told u about thst girl story no..if u don’t believe or anuthing u need for ur writting then u need to know that behind this palace you will that girl grave..she was buried their after her death..(said faintly witbout emotions)..n one thing i know that people think wrong about her that she will kill people but i think if she wanted that kill u n me cause we are stayinv in this palace only know..people just get afraid easily.. (smiles)..

Sanskar : Thats pretty cool..n true that..okay discuss it later n then he had his breakfast n he again talked about usual things about this village n writer his experience n all..she too admired him while he was talking n she smiles seeing his boyish antics..n his smiles..but she smiles sadly..after lunch sanskar swara sitting on hall..

Swara : Sanskar life is tough know..we can’t tell what happen with us next time..n we really don’t care know..i think we should live in every moments..n enjoy our life..cause its so small to understand its value..n some how values it but circumstances snatch it from them..its hard to live a life without our choice of live..u know should be happy always for what u a friend my best wishes n prayers will always be with u..(smiles n hurt inside)..

Sanskar was looking at her amazedly n hearing jer everywords n he is feeling like he is hearing a beautiful poem..he smiles to her n said..

Sanskar : Hmmm..swara..thats true..n thanks for the wish n company n this beautiful friendship..(smiles)..

Swara too smiles..

After that at night Shekhar came back to palace n meet with sanskar…n seeing him sanskar smiles..

Sanskar : Uncle..welcome back..n thanks for the guester n u did to me n ragini’s friend swara who always was here to with my food n gives me company..

Shekhar was hearing all this in disbelieve n then said..

Shekhar : Beta..there is no friend of ragini here..n ragini was out of town for her study..

Sanskar : What?? But swara told the same what are you saying about ragini to me..what are u saying..swara is not her friend??!! Then why she told me that ragini told her to take care of me..(shocked n confused)..n sje also told she lives in that house pointing towards swara’s room from his room..

Shekhar looks at the room where sanskar pointed he gets shocked badly n in horror he said..

Shekhar : U met with her..ohh..god..she is only swara..u stayed with u those days..OMG!!

Sanskar is hell confused n gets angry cause he is not saying anything straightly..

Sanskar : What the hell are you talking about..? Can u please tell me..don’t make puzzles.. (angry)..

Shekhar shooks his head in horror first then smiles…

Shekhar : She likes you at last..she will be free today..she will get peace today..she shared her story way of a girl story isn’t it..yeah she told our family 25 years ago that..she will find her freedom..n her love can free her only..oneday she will gey the day she committed suicide n buried behind the palace..n u are the first person after our family members who know about it..isn’t it ??

Sanskar hearing all this in shock..n he covered his mouth with his palm..n gasp n he was remembering her every words..her smile n her laughs..their moments together….everything…!!

Sanskar : Yeah..she told me everuthing..n also told me the girl is not here to scare or harm anyone..if she was then she can kill her n me..that means through the girls story she was trying to tell her inner words that she is good one not bad..n what do u mean she gets her love ??!!

Shekhar : She got ur touch may be n feels that u r the only one she could have love n u can only give her freedom..n she gets it through u..n she is free today n happy..n she also wished u know for ur life..i know she will never hurt anyone..shr kept her promise she is leaving this world finally..her spirit is leaving today..if u wanna witness this u can check dear..(smiles n left saying)..God bless u beta..

Sanskar was in shock mostly but he thinks about leaving n so he without thinking rushed to outside n behind the palace..n then what he saw was his out of imagination..he saw his every moments with her flashing on the air..after all this he noticed her..she turns to his side n their eyes mets..she smiles heavenly at him..n murmurs…

Swara : Thank you..Sanskar..

Then he sees that in a white colour saree she is walking in a direction where was a old grave..then she stands near there n then looks at sanskar who was looking at her in emotionless way..but she smiles n steps forward n in a second she vanishes in grave as a SHADOW..n all moments vanished from the air..its now only dark n every where a peace of silence.. but suddenly her some words runned through his ear…

**Swara’s words for last time to Sanskar**

***************************** Swara : Sanskar life is tough know..we can’t tell what happen with us next time..n we really don’t care know..i think we should live in every moments..n enjoy our life..cause its so small to understand its value..n some how values it but circumstances snatch it from them..its hard to live a life without our choice of live..u know should be happy always for what u a friend my best wishes n prayers will always be with u..(smiles n hurt inside).. *****************************

Sanskar body shivered remembering those words but he smiles brightly..n this “The SHADOW” will always be remain as beautiful memory of my life..hope u will be happy now..i was ur love its quite unbelievable bit respect “The Shadow” of ur who never hurts anyone..

Suddenly his thoughts interrupt by a shout…

“””””Ohhhhh Gosh”””””


“OHHH GOSH..sanskar from where u get this story huhhh..its touching but full of sudden horror full..”….

Sanskars looks at the girl n smiles thinking that he was thinking them in his film..

Sanskar : My darling wife’s just a story my dear..i just made it as short film.. (laughs)..

Swara yeah its his lovely…bubbly wife swara..

Swara : Yeah ..yeah i lets get n sleep..(smiles)..

Sanskar : Okay..madam..lets go..

They went to their room after closing the DVD of short film..They laid down in eachothers swara slept quickly in her husband comfortable arms n by holding her close he kisses her head..n her brushes her hair n cheeks thinking…

Sanskar(thinking): Swara you are the only “SHADOW” of my life..which always protect me from everything by walking with me in ur physical absence but ur inner feels is always with me cause i own ur hurt..n thats why u are “shadow” in my way of life..n “The Shadow” will always reminds the importance of ur love Swara..i love you my “SHADOW”…….!!

In the sky moon shines brightly n again shows those moments of SwaSan together..their meetings..laugh..n smile..n Again “The_Shadow”…n also shows writing that..

“Swara will always be ur’s like the #The_Shadow…..”

//Sometimes we shouldn’t think over anything so anything or anyone is only for us..then they will come back to us anyhow..just don’t push it much..try to hold it or leave will get normal//

Give ur views guys..

Credit to: Ananna islam

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