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Hi ishqies, am back with another episode for show some ishq……Sorry guys am not getting time 2 give longer episodes as my work pressure is on the peak level and my health is not favoring me because of continuous work…So I am taking few days leave from office as am suffering from eye pain and I have 2 go hospital as my stock of medicines are not working @ all……So guys, I can’t assure u when will be the next update of show some ishq……@ Fenu, @ Crazy Girls, @ Khushi…….Thanks for writing articles on show some ishq……Do pm the links of upcoming episodes….Will read and comment when I will feel better…..

Flash Back ….
Scene – 8 { @ Mehta Niwas} [continues] Ishu opens the paper and finds three different shades in them…. In the first one, she saw a pic of a kite and a small kid…..The thread of the kite was broken from kid’s hand and kid was staring the kite with teary eyes when it was falling on the sea……. In the second one she finds that the kid was trying 2 pick the kite by running here and there whenever waves started hitting the shore …….Besides it she finds the third pic in which a man pats the kid’s shoulder and consoles her…..Then he handovers new kite to her…….Ishu looks all of them and stares om’s magical eyes ….
Ishana : U are so wonderful, Omkara…I mean in first one, I saw myself when I lost my dream sunshine academy…In second one when that kid was trying 2 pick the kite, that reminded me abt our meeting and ur decision 2 give me the job…..But in third one…..I don’t know whether I can be that kid, how will paapa react ???

Om smiles and says….
[ When envy of moon enters the sky, rays of sun will disappear] SAAGAR KE LEHARON MEIN SAANCH AATE HI SURAJ DOOB JAATE HEIN
[Sun will drown in waves of the sea as soon as dusk falls] SURAJ KE YEH SILSILA EK AISI HAQEEKAT HEIN JOH AAJ TAK NAHI BADLA
[ The unending task of sun is a kind of reality which will never change] JOH ROSHNI DETA HEIN JAB WOOH HI HAQEEKAT SE NAHI BHAAGTA,
[The one who gives light, when he himself doesn’t runs from reality] TOH PHIR HUM KAMBAQT INSAAN KYUN USS SE BHAAGE ???

[ Then why we useless humans keep running ???]Om completes the shayri and stares Ishana…..
Omkara : Ishana, U have 2 do this……But make assure that u have 2 convince ur paapa in such a way that he should never feel regret that my daughter feels pain……Instead of it he should feel that my daughter is so brave and efficient that she has managed the situation very well……Okay ??
Ishana : Yeah…….I know……I will not cry before my paapa……..[ ishu smiles with wet eyes, om stares ishu’s eyes……]

Omkara : If u don’t mind may I tell u what am feeling in ur eyes….. …
Ishu gets surprised……She stares om’s magical eyes and nods her head…..
Omkara : The words ridicule @ ur smile is ur worry, just keep it in ur heart, not in ur eyes……@ Least before those people who are close 2 u, who knows u as Ishana……..
Ishana : [rubbing her eyes] I will try……..Any ways thanks for the advice……

Omkara : I hope this philosopher’s talk hasn’t bored u much…
Ishana : Now I have given a hand for friendship 2 this Philosopher, I am ready 2 bear his philosophical thoughts, poetries and his unique sketches of art…..
Omkara : Think abt it twice, Fairy…….This will not be easy for u……
Ishana : Jokes apart, omkara, the way u understands me and consoled me when I felt pain, it is quite surprising…….I mean how u find it ??
Omkara : A victim of pain is able 2 realize when he finds some one in pain as both are passengers of the painful journey……..

Ishana : May be ……..[ISHKARA Share an emotional eyelock……] BGM…… “ Saathiya “ plays….
Scene – 9 { @ Oberoi Mansion, Kitchen}
Shivaay : Hey rudy, don’t mix ur protein shake with my dish
Rudra : Oh Hello, Mr. SSO……I am not going 2 mix my shake ….I was just checking whether all ingredients were right or wrong…..

Sowmya : Really, seems u have taken the official responsibility of a chef now….
Rudra : Excuse me am the official taster of shivaay bhaiya’s dish…….
Shivaay : Yeah, rudy is right, sowmya…..By the way where is om??
Rudra : Bhaiya, u don’t know abt it ?? Om has been fall in love for a fairy……
Shivaay : What ?? Fairy ??
Sowmya : Cry baby, will u just shut ur mouth …..Actually bade baal waale bhaiya said in his press meet that a girl has changed his perspective abt art and life and he thanked that girl….Bade baal waale bhaiya doesn’t knows her name and he described the girl as fairy…..That’s all….
Shivaay : Really ?? I want 2 meet her since she made my bhai 2 think positive….
Rudra : Bhaiya, before we could meet, we have 2 make sure that whether om is dating that fairy or not……

“ Incredible……Dump Singh Oberoi……”
Shivrumya turns back and finds omkara entering the kitchen…
Omkara : U know what that crazy girl Mona and Rudra….You both are totally mad…….
Shivaay : Leave it, Om just tell me where were u ??
Omkara : I went 2 meet Fairy……
Shivrumya : WHAT ??? [SHIVRUMYA gets shocked and keeps their hands on their mouths]


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    Three scratches draw by Om about Ishana situations and giving solutions by that and Ishana also get it what Om want to covey how Om console that’s so sweet.That Sooraj sayari and Sooraj ka nature aflatoon.: A victim of pain is able 2 realize when he finds some one in pain as both are passengers of the painful journey……..this lines nailed whole Chappy
    …..Kitchen scenes between ShiRuMya cute ek dum dinchaq.Dump Singh Oberoi hahah On will never use good words for his cute chotu SA baby brother rudy.i went to meet fairy and trio shocked.Precap Love really Jo sapne humne chod diye hain yeh sochke ke ki nahi honge usse jab hope dukhtu hain phir se dekhna and PURA karne mein joot Jana chahiye.

    1. Renimarenju

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