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I am extremely sorry guys for the inconvenience which u faced in previous chapter…..I don’t know how the 2nd chapter got reposted in 3rd chapter……It may have happened because of my hurry-burry updating as am lacking time due 2 work pressure or may be it can be a technical fault also…..Sorry ishqies , I will try 2 make sure on upcoming updates , readers won’t get any confusion ……Thanks 2 all lovely ishkarians for commenting on ishkara which means a lot……I am expecting articles from u all guys for priveer, rumya and ishkara…..Hope some of u will try 2 show some ishq soon……Sorry too busy guys, so episode is very very short….short………
Flash Back ……

Scene –7{@ Omkara’s Art Hub}
Omkara mixes clay and soil for making a statue….In the midst his eyes get caught on the strange piece of mix and match shadow and spring painting……..He recalls his meeting with ishu @ the beach…..He closed his eyes for a while and his mind brought a flash of ishu’s teary eyes before him……Om simply smiles and tells a shayari…..” SHAYAD SOOKHI SANSAR MEIN BHI UMMED KI KIRAN JAGENEGE
[In dry world also, there may be a ray of hope will rise up] SHAYAD KISI KI AASUVON KI SAGAR MEIN BHI CHOTI SEE MUSKAAN KE LEHAR BHARENGE….
[In the sea of tears also, a little smile’s waves will be filled ] SHAYAD POORI TARAH SE ANDHERE HONE PAR BHI ROSHNI KI CHINGARI MILEGI….”
[In the entire darkness also u will find a spark of light ] “If it’s true then pls help me…..” The broken voice raised om’s attention…..He gently opened his eyes and finds the painful eyes of his fairy whose face was almost went pale after shattering tears……Om stared ishu’s eyes for a while……He extended his hand 2 wipe out her tears, as he was not able 2 drops of tears in that eyes……But soon om compressed himself thinking abt what the hell he wants 2 show when he himself is an unsolved puzzle……Before om couldn’t make any further thought ishu herself wiped out her tears and made a wide smile on her lips……Om simply stared her without uttering a single word…..
Ishu : Omkara, I need a job……Will u pls help me ??
Omkara : Job!!!!
Ishu : Yeah……I witnessed the lost dream just now…..My dance academy is gone now……Instead of it some one’s big dream is getting fulfilled……
Omkara : What ?? [shocked] Ishana, what are u saying ??
Ishu : I am saying the bitter truth only….Till now , I felt it like my dream, my destination and my passion… But now I realized that everything is been selling in this world for money and power……It’s nothing just a broken dream only…….
Omkara : I am sorry, I don’t know abt it…..
Ishu : It’s okay……I can’t shatter more tears abt for that lost dream, it will hurt me…..But I have 2 overcome it as I can’t leave my hands as empty, it will certainly affect my family……I need a job…..It’s urgent…..
Omkara : I can understand it ishana…..Abt job…….Well…..
Ishana : Just now u said that in darkness also u will find a spot light……When I stepped my feet here, I was feeling hesitant 2 ask since we just introduced ourselves 2 each other yesterday only….But after hearing ur shayari, I blindly believed that may be I will get a hope here…..But seems my presence is wrong here…..This is the world of art where I don’t have space…….Sorry for troubling u…..[ishu decides 2 leave, but omkara holds her hand from behind] Omkara : U are also from the world of art and I really wish u could stay here as the passionate dancer , my art gallery will be turned as ur dance academy ……

Ishu turns back and stares om’s eyes…..She was unable 2 believe herself abt the spot reaction of omkara ….Meanwhile her hand was still on omkara’s hold without knowing what was right and what was wrong…..
Ishana : Are u serious ??
Omkara : Yes……….[ishu’s eyes went teary, om stares them] I won’t ask any further details, because I can see ur truth in ur eyes and I don’t want 2 remind u abt that lost dream……Right now Ishana is joining as Dancer in” Frames” Art Hub……[om points out his finger @ a point] Beside that pillar, u will find the gallery……..
Ishana : Thank U,…..[ishu gets emotional] I just have a doubt, how u said that am a passionate dancer, when u haven’t seen my single performance……
Omkara : Some times eyes conveys heart’s emotions and being related 2 art I was able 2 find ur pain of losing ur academy which made u as the dancer, which played an important role in ur life and I find that it was not just ur profession, but it’s a passion for u……And nothing is capable 2 stop a passionate dancer from dancing……


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