They arrived at their new home. Frank looked at his new home from the front shutter of the car.

” Come and help me Frank ! ” His dad screamed from behind the car. Frank quickly got down and went to help his dad.

After a while , they had unpacked all their bags and brought all the things inside. Now as all things were clear and calm , Frank thought of asking about this sudden decision , though they said it wasn’t.

“Dad , can I ask you something? ”

Frank started, thinking that going through a round way to the question, will be a better way to get the truth out.

“Go on” his dad muttered looking at the newspaper.

“Why did we leave that house and came here all of a sudden?”

Frank’s dad , Andrew put down the news paper and looked at him .

“Why ?” He asked . Well.. why ? Seriously?? Frank didn’t have any answer for that but he said , “It was our house . That’s why I want to know”

It was a good reason though. His dad nodded his head and said , “We can start a new life here”

“What do you mean by new life ? Weren’t you happy there ? ” Asked Frank,

His dad slowly kept the newspaper away and closed his eyes , as if he was thinking about something deeply.

” Son, I know you also like to lead a happy family life with your parents. So do I . So , stop thinking about these things and let’s move on ” Andrew said,

“But dad ! ” Frank was not satisfied with this answer . But he couldn’t question dad anymore. His dad left from there , leaving Frank alone.

Frank began his thinking.

” Something is not right here. I feel that dad knows everything but he’s not ready to tell me. I don’t know what to do. I also want to lead a happy life with you two without any problems. But I can’t control myself from finding the truth too. ”

“I will find out what’s the truth , tonight” He came to a strict decision and went to his room.


Frank was laying on a sofa , in the living room. He eyes were closed but he was awake. His dad comes there with mom and sits near him.

“I have some important meeting tonight. I won’t be home for dinner ” his dad said.

Frank’s mom, Linda , was not surprised by this as he used to have meetings many days at night. So she said , “ok then. Inform me when you will return.”

Frank heard their conversation and thought.., ” Way to go! Now my work becomes much easier.”

Time flaws by and it was 9pm. Frank was having dinner with his mom. As he finished his dinner, he said ” mom, I’m going to my friend’s house now. I’ll be back soon. ”

His mom looked at him carefully and said , “ok. But be careful. Come home soon I’m waiting”

Frank quickly got up from his chair and straight away went to his room. He put his cap on and took a small bag pack and left his home. As he didn’t want anyone to know where he was going , he didn’t take a bus . He walked quickly in darkness somewhere. Finally, he reached where he wanted.

It was his old house. Yes, the house which they left .

He looked at it for some moments and went to some darker place to hide . He wanted to know whether the surrounding was out of problems for him. So, he observed every corner of the house and the garden carefully.

It was then he realized that he was not the only one who was there. He heard a small noice which is heard when someone steps on a wooden stick. Frank got scared now as he lied to his mother and came here. Now none knows where he is and what if something happens to him while he is roaming here ???

“But I have to find the truth” his inner heart replied him . He stayed as a statue on the very place he hid himself.

Now he noticed that someone was going towards his old house. For a moment, he was shivering , thinking that this might be the shadow . But then he saw that , this one who is going towards his home has a shadow too !

“So this could not be the shadow. ” Frank thought. He finally got a relief.

“I will go in after this person leaves this place” Frank thought. ” But who is this person? Why is he coming secretly to our home ?” He had numerous of questions. But no answers. ” Maybe a robber” he thought.

Finally that person went in and came out after few minutes. But he was in a hurry to go. He nearly ran out of the house! “Why is he running? Has he seen the shadow? ” Frank thought. So, without looking at the house, he looked at that person to know who that was.

As that person was nearly running, the cap which he covered his face flew away and fell near a place where Frank was hiding. Frank was overwhelmed. “Now I can know who this is ” he thought.

So, that person came running there to pick up his cap. He was very very shocked and he nearly was going to scream seeing who that was .

“Dad!!!!” His mind screamed but he controlled his tongue. “Why did he come here at this hour ! It means he lied to mom !” He couldn’t understand the reason

But after few seconds he realized why he has come here when he saw a small light from the side of his house. It was burning!! “He had come here to burn it!”

He was now frightened and tired by all these . He couldn’t find out the truth and his dad’s behavior questions him. He quickly got up and ran out from there and reached his new home.

His mom opened the door and asked him, ” you came so quickly! Your dad returned few minutes ago. Come in ”

Frank went in and quickly tried to slip away to his room. But his dad saw him.

“Why are you trying to slip away ? ” He asked in a cunning way.

Now Frank wanted to end all this. So he replied, ” Nothing like that dad. I’m little tired. You are right. We should start a new life from now on”

Now, it was his dad’s time to think why his son said so.



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