Frank was disturbed. Of what was happening around him. Of what was going to happen around him. He sat on his bed and took Grandfather’s diary again. He started scrolling the pages.. He didn’t read anything written . What was he searching??

He wanted to catch a sight of a picture.  He didn’t want to read more for he was already tired of it. So after a few minutes he found what he searched .

“This is it, but it’s strange.  How did grandpa managed to get a picture?” Frank couldn’t understand. He threw the diary away in anger. “Why the heck is this shadow coming after me???” He was angry on his own grandfather for the situations he was undergoing .

Frank layed on bed after a big sigh. He felt a sleep without knowing…..

After a couple of hours ….. Frank’s body was sweating .. He was turning this side and that side on bed. It seemed as if he was watching a nightmare.  He scrowlled on bed. Suddenly he woke up!!

Frank was frightened of the first glance!!! THE SHADOW WAS LOOKING AT HIM.

It was all black. SHADOW was all black. A dim light from the table lamp has given life to this shadow. Frank’s eyes became big after seeing the shadow. He tried to move his legs. The shadow of the shadow was on him so he couldn’t . It wasn’t heavy. It was not hot or cold. It was just a feeling.

Frank couldn’t understand what to do next. He turned his head other side.  He saw Grandfather’s diary on the floor.

Frank quickly grabbed it from his hands and hugged it. He closed his eyes tightly. He didn’t have the courage to open them. Like this he fell asleep.

He woke up next morning for the morning alarm . He opened his eyes but didn’t move from bed. He tried to figure out whether he can move or not. Frank could move , to his relief.

Frank slowly got away from bed and tried to forget what happened last night. “Nothing happened . It was just a dream”

He gave a fake smile to himself and got up from bed to start the new day.

The shadow moved behind him. He went near the door of his room to open it. Suddenly, shadow came and covered his hand without letting him open it.

Frank was afraid from inside but tried to calm him down for he did remember what his grandfather had written in the diary.

The shadow slowly slowly tried to cover his whole body and made him leave the door. Frank couldn’t move on his own .


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