MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 5


Sorry for the delay friends. Here’s the 5 th episode

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Episode 5

Swara’s POV

“Will you help me to pack my luggage, I am shifting to MM”…..

He asked my help . We started to walk together. Sometimes our hands begun to rub with each other. Sanskar please let them hold otherwise both will wrangle like this. No way ? hmm Mr
Monster Maheshwari I whispered

Ur grandfather Dheendayal Gadodia

He muttered??
We reached in front of Cafe Sayan. It was the closing time. He sent the employees to home Now we both were alone in the building.
So is it yours??
I knew it but asked for a formality. He didn’t replied anything yet like he knew that I am asking it for a formality.

I took a cup and observed it. Cafe Sayan’s logo

What is the logic of this name???? I can ask it na??
Sanskar + Aryan= Sayan Cafe Sayan
My curiosity increased
Who is he? Your partner??
He nodded no….. He is my 11 year old son.
First of all I thought that he was kidding but it was true. He showed me his son’s pic. I tried hard to hide my tears. My dreams, my life, my love, my trust all in vain. He has moved on in his life. How could he do that. Legs are hardly letting me to walk. Sometimes I touched the wall for a support…..

I ran from there for hiding my tears.

Sanskar’s POV

I tried hard to conceal my laugh. She started crying.

Let her cry, I want to see her tears. She entered into the private room. I sat on the floor with abutting to the door and overheard her crying; her tears, it is showering at my heart. It is healing my wounds. Her tears took all my pains and sorrows with them, it took my 10 years. Now my mind is fresh. Sanskar you really wanted this??? She killed your ego.Now you have to re confess your feelings. You have to rescue your love life. You have to give Aryan his mother. I know she will no fear accept him. Yes, he is my son but I am not the reason behind his birth. I am remembering that day. I diminished my life in my world .Sometimes named Mom and sometimes I came to meet her, started to build my heaven. Busy with cases, openings of my cafeterias, international school and most important thing is my paradise.
It was gonna to complete but my fate has no great shakes. My Gautam who gave me the new mean of my life. My lodestar, he left me forever and not only him. He also took Tessa with him with leaving my Aryan an orphan. Both passed away in a plane crash. They didn’t said but I know they assigned him to me coz they are the victims of an inter caste marriage and their respective orthodox families disowned both. From that day onwards he became my shadow. I began to call him shadow. I adopted him.Yes, it was a true that destiny will save something for us before our entry to this world. I am angry to my family neverthlesly whenever I will look upon him my anger will change into naff.

Now it’s time to console my vampire wife. Look how silly she is?? Where is your wisdom Swara?? I left you before 10 years and r u really thinking that I have a son of 11? You idiot how can you think that I can marry someone without divorcing you???
You silly girl ??
I went inside the room with a cup of coffee . Placed the cup over the table. She was sitting at the corner. I also sat near to my vampire beauty. The beast began to mock his beauty. Finally I asked her…….”r u really thinking that I can move on without you”..

Her eyes were blossomed like a rose. The monster started to wipe his vampire’s tears. I stood up and shrugged her hand but she denied. Come on I am not a loser. I lifted her and seated my vampire on the couch. She was still crying like a kid. I wiped that pearl droplets again again and again

Shona achche bachche nahin rote chalo coffee peelo

I made her drink some coffee. She drank it like a kitten. She had consumed half of the coffee but the foam is still remaining on her lips. I raised my finger towards it. She doubtfully was dare to touch there but I stopped. I moved more close to her. She felt something fishy. We found out the mixed emotions of love and lust in each other’s eyes

I wrapped around her belly coz of it she puffed slightly.Then gave me a blushing giggle. Our lips touched each other. Yes we are kissing each other. We forgot about everything. Our ego, arrogance, 10 years and much more and now we are in a paradise. Our surroundings filled with mist . We melted in that fog. Now there is no Sanskar and Swara. There is only Swasan.

Suddenly I heard the sound of something breaking. Ohh no who is that ant who entered into my heaven
?? and where is she???
Omg it was a dream, she is still weeping. I am still sitting on the floor. Who was that idiots ?? who made my beautiful dream to a nightmare.

Swara, I want to be with you but I can’t. I can’t ruin your life too. You are a forbidden fruit for me And yeah it’s all happened for good otherwise your life will also be ruined and I can’t bear that pain too coz cz I love you.
Suddenly I heard some foot steps

Swara’s POV

I was already broken. My life is flowing from my hands and I am looking on. Suddenly I heard his screaming badly. Something was broken. I immediately went outside
Ohh God I am stunning to see something
A man has injected him a drug and he is becoming unconscious
He fell down to the floor. Sanskaaaar I screamed Who is he??
Come on take him into the car.
The man said. Two of his goons lifted him and walked outside

I ran for his rescue

To be continued……

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    1. Manjula20

      Thank you soujanya please keep reading

  2. Arshaanya

    M not liking sanskarz bhvr let her cry,i want to see her tears… her tears, its showering on my heart.. healing my wounds.. her tears took all mu pain n al… wat is dis yr… is dis his love??? If he suffered 10years same goes wid swara…
    Fine she didn’t trust him n bt wat sanskar did lft her for 10yrs…

    1. Manjula20

      Sorry dear but the mystery will open in the next episode

    2. Manjula20

      And yeah Arshu if some tears heal his wounds so let her cry. She is also suffered with him but he didn’t saw it na?? He just wanted to clarify that she still loves him. It is healing his wounds coz he thought she no longer loves him.He wanted to saw her pain when he noticed her with Nikhil. Don’t worry it is a lie once truth will ruin it. And the main reason is something different. Please wait for the next episode dear
      I hope you reply

      1. Arshaanya

        Thnx for d reply dear…
        I wud love to read further as d mystrs n reasons unfold.. i love ur story… it was jus i didn’t lyk his bhvr today..

    3. It’s k Arshu and where are you from???

  3. Sanswa

    Fantastic dear,loved it?

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  5. Omg!!!
    Wt ws jst hpn!!???
    Who did dat??? Y thy take my sanky!!??
    And y he cnt let swara in his life again!!??
    Y?? Y??? Y??
    Soo much f quiz running im my lil mind.. ohh… I cnt bear it.. it will blast 4 sure..
    dr post nxt part asap..cdnt wait..
    and im angry with u.. cz its nly a dream!! Hawww
    U knw I ws soo hpy when I read it.. bt u… huhuhu.. its a dream… πŸ™ πŸ™
    keep writing
    be happy always
    and tell me wt shld I cl u?? I mean ur name??!!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Manjula20

      It is mysterious dear please wait for some more time and sorry for disappointing you cz that dream was necessary.
      You can call me anything, I have no objection

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  8. Mica

    aahh i love this monster Maheswary when he described his feeling to see his vampire wife crying…it’s pianful love described so well on him…we can’t deny the fact when we doubt our love one, and we found out how they suffer on jealousy for us, our heart kinda dancing to know that they still love us…

    1. Manjula20

      Exactly Mica that’s what I meant

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