My shadow my companion – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 4


Sorry for the delay. Here is the fourth episode and thank you for encouraging me

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Sanskar’s POV

Life is unexpected, each and every moment is unexpected. I am passing through such a situation in these minutes. I learned, destiny is existing. If you are not believing in it then tell me who made me walk alone in this night??. It all were already written in the book of my destiny.God how couldn’t I control my emotions. I was dare to kiss her. Sanskar, how could you do this??? Vampires only sucks blood and won’t kiss others. Is Sanskar Maheshwari a dotty human being???? I am still wrapping through her belly . A lady and a man are looking at us stunningly.
What is going on here??
The man asked. Hey bhagwan I am amid of sea and devil. They are interrogating me.
The man is the DGP and the lady is his wife.
I am suffering from thunder and snake also stinged me. I am in such a condition coz the lady is the chairperson of women’s cell. They questioned about our relationship.
“Sir he is my hubby”…… She said. What is she doing?? She is using our broken relationship. How cheap she is??.
The lady observed her keenly.
Ohh really!! Then tell me where is your sindoor and Mangalsutra???
We are trapped. The man asked me something but I was carelessly staring at the floor.
Rajbeer, she is panicking and his glare!!! I am feeling something fishy.

A couple of minutes;
They stuffed me inside the automotive with that vampire. I started to think about her words
“Sir he is my hubby” Is she really using our broken relationship?? or she still loves me??

Swara’s POV

We are in their mansion. They gave us a room for sleep. He locked the room in a sudden. He held my both shoulders and asked me about why I said it to them. My heart is whispering…..Swara tell him, tell him that how much you loves him.How much you missed him. But brain is telling something different. No Swara it will hurt your self respect. Last and final way- my brain commanded.
Swara change the topic.

“If I won’t did it,you will be in jail Mr Maheshwari. Coz of you I am also trapped” He alerted me to stop by showing his arm and said each and every word clearly

Don’t dare to change the topic ???. Tell me how could you use our broken relationship

An arrow penetrated into my heart. How can he tell that I am using our relationship. Yes he is changed, changed completely. This misunderstandings won’t vanish. It will remain like this. My old Sanskar’s return, it is impossible. He isn’t existing.

” I am not changing the topic Mr Monster Maheshwari. Who tried to kiss me, tell me na??.”
He started to conceal his eyes. Yes he is sweating, hands were shivering. Suddenly he reminded something

“And who was willing???? You could jerk me easily na but you didn’t. Why????

Sanskar’s POV

?? she started to hide her eyes from me. I pined her to the wall.

I want the answer, I said

She doubtfully looked at me. Then forcefully looked at the floor like her heart wants to look at me but ego can’t.
I started to enjoy her beauty. Sweat droplets are emerging from the tip of her nose. Her lips…..haaa God I missed a kiss. Her hairs are playing with wind. God please make me her hair in my next birth then when will wind blows I can kiss her chubby cheeks. Slowly slowly my holding started unbend. She looked at my eyes. Our eyes reminded us that we are still in love. Someone please play the song Agar tum saath ho for increasing the momentum of this moments. Especially that lines
Teri nazaron mein hai tere sapne……..
My vampire beauty, please don’t kill me like this. I heard about it from Nair Uncle that once you will fall in love with a vampire you can’t go back. You will addict in her love and beauty. There is a tree a little near the courtyard of my heaven. He has a belief that a ghost is living in it. He warned me many times “Sanskar don’t go there, she will harm you either will fall in love with you”
But I will go there for provoking him. And yeah sometimes I heard someone laughing . Voices of ghunghroo something something………. Sometimes Uncle advised me to counsel Arjuna’s ten names…… Arjuna Phalguna Paartha….for avoiding fear.
But I denied, I want to meet her. I want to talk to her…….

Ohhh now you will ask me about Nair Uncle. He is the all in all of my heaven. I met him at Bangalore. We worked together in the same firm. He was a widower and his daughter got married with a guy who settled in Dubai. I am conscious about what is loneliness so I invited him to stay with me. Now he is the doer of my paradise. He is the best in cooking and hospitality.

Ohh I got deviated from this vampire. I remembered her accusations…… Laksh’s missing, her friendship with Nikhil…… The waves of hatred originated in mind.No you are not deserving anything. You would have killed me, would have hate me, would have given me any type of pain. I would have forgiven you but you left me and I can’t tolerate it. There is nothing left between us…….my thoughts made me leave her from my grip. I pulled her and left the room.
I told everything to Mr Rajbeer Deshmukh…….He was a hilarious person.

“Sanskar u addressed it to me but don’t dare to tell it to my feminist wife. She’ll not pardon you.
He told me about the problems amid them. He is tolerating her. By God’s grace I am saved otherwise I also had to ?? no no Sanskar don’t dare to think about such tragedies.

Then divorce her, I said.

He started giggling…….”Yes divorce!!!! It is a better option but it is not possible .Maybe coz of our generation gap. If your sim card is not efficient,you will buy a new one. You won’t tolerate the old but the fact is every Sim card isn’t perfect each of it have problems. If your TV is not working you will buy a new one and won’t think about it’s repairing. Every relationship is based on adjustments and tolerance. Yeah our generation isn’t thinking about a reconstruction but I am only loving her. The reason for my hatred is, she left me when I wanted her the most”
That feminist lady I will kill that damn it. I felt bad for that DGP.
She called BP and Dad. The lady supported the vampire and commanded me to take care of her. When I was dare to deny Bp secretly bowed his hands in front of me. “Beta please don’t dare to refuse Swara. We are respecting our daughter in laws. If you will do such a thing then it will affect our pride”….Dad secretly said it to me.
Finally I pretended to accept her in front of that feminist rhinoceros??. I started to moving towards the hotel. Suddenly BP called me. I retrospect
I briefly noticed him. He was looking like a lost warrior. He compelled me to stay in MM. I was silent and didn’t replied anything. But his last sentence!!! It made my mind for a rethinking

“Sanskar u can go anywhere, we will not stop you but when someone of us will pass away. Then you definitely will cross the threshold of our home but then people will bash you. They will tell that you were awaited for that death. If you won’t come then too they will bash you. So it is better to stay in our home before that”

Dad and BP left. I thought about it for a couple of minute. She rudely stared at me and began to move forward………

Will you help me to pack my luggage, I am shifting to MM , I asked

She stopped walking and I awaited for her reply

To be continued…….

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