MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 2

This is the second part. I don’t know,hope you like it

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Episode 2

What a day it was??? I am almost tired. I furiously pushed the door, it kissed the architrave with a dashing sound, I threw the coat on the couch. I am not in such a mood to booze. Our meeting, Her face, it’s hangover all are compelling me to hug her.She is bothering me. If I will booze I can easily forget her but it is a pain. It’s a big pain but cosy too. I don’t want to loss this beautiful feeling. Is she also feeling this cosy pain.?? No no Sanskar, I punched on my forehead
Sanskar what a dream creature you are??? Don’t forget she is an egoistic vampire. She can’t love you and these thoughts will never roll through her mind.

My appearance, life style all are almost changed but heart!! It is the same which is still beating for her.

Suddenly someone knocked the door, I opened. It was the room boy. He came with a glass of water.

Anything else sir????
He asked
No, I nodded. He left with a good night. I released two of my shirt’s above button and removed my spectacles. Gosh it’s so hot today. Is it a normal weather or the climate of Munnar has dissolved in my blood????
What ever I adjusted the cooling level of AC with my comfort.

God I want a shower.

My mind and whole body both regained it’s pleasant mood after shower.

Okay let me tell my remaining story

I explored almost India.
Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jammu, Kulu, Kodagu, Ooty Trivandrum , Jaipur, Vizagapatam…………

At last I found my lodestar…….

Like Krishna for Arjuna, like Watson for Sherlock Holmes

He didn’t tried to advise me but indirectly opened the way for my successes

My Gautam, my lodestar

It was almost 2 years got over and I was still in a dilemma. Exploring exploring exploring it was my daily routine. Sometimes I called mom .

Hmm her same refrain “Chora please come back everybody is waiting for your return”

But I warned her if she dare to tell anyone about me then I will cut all the contacts with her.

Gautam took me to his home, small but sweet home. A lady was standing near the entrance with a child of apparently 2 years old.
? ohh no Tessa??

Gautam you both got married???

He blushed ? and nodded yes

Three of us studied in the same class. And these both were always used to fought with each other and I always used to took the role of a mediator.

He introduced me to his son

Aryan beta this is Sanky

Chunky,he said
No no beta Sanky Sanky

Chunky, again he repeated

And I began to laugh

God I am laughing after 2 years with an open heart. His innocence made me laugh.

They forced me to live with them and I joined in a new firm.

One day I was watching the TV.Gautam came in front of me and punched on my shoulder
“Shall we go for a walk??” He asked
I nodded yes.
We went for a long walk. It was a new year night. Bangalore, what a rocking city, it was bathed in lights.

Happy new year happy new year………. ecstatic voices are flying in the atmosphere.

Happy new year, Gautam wished

Hmm what happy and what new year. Happiness isn’t remaining in my life and new year ; what new year nothing is new all are the same. If earth will stop it’s revolution and rotation then too my life won’t change. It will remain like this. Sanskar is a useless fellow.
Who tried to kill his own brother.
I pushed Gautam aside in a sudden…
Stay away from me maybe I will kill you too. Stay away stay away, I shouted
I couldn’t control my tears it started to roll from my eyes and I sobbed deeply. I was staying on my at the bare and secluded road. He held my hands, He was also crying. I read it somewhere that ” just friends never want us cry but best friends will cry with us. ”

Gautam main ne gusse mein kiya tha yaar. I don’t know how I did that. I tried to kill my own brother . I don’t know which devil motivated me to do that. I am useless you know. I am useless…………….
Dill kholkar roya main ne
That night made my mind fresh. I said good bye to all my sorrows with the last cursed year.
One day he showed me a miracle. The miracle that was done by me unknowingly. Once we were walking through the foot path

He asked me, ” Sanskar can I show you something”
Why not show it to me, I said.
He raised his second finger towards a mendicant lady. It is a usual scene I couldn’t find any miracle there. But I know that lady. Some times I felt myself like a king especially in my boozing conditions and used to threw money towards beggars

Gosh how can I forget. I couldn’t noticed her. Her daughter!!!! Where is her daughter. Gautam poked me.
“You idiot look there” His finger led me to the opposite direction
Ohh God? I will fall off here. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt that I am in space coz stars are revolving around my head.
I was dare to fell down. Thank God Gautam held me

Her daughter, she is coming from school, with some books and a school bag ???. She started to go to school.??? We walked towards them. The lady bowed her hands. Her 10 year old daughter gave me a thank full smile.
That incident changed my life. I unknowingly changed someone’s life.
I consoled them.
I asked her name
Kayal Vizhi she answered

Vezhi vizi whiskey
??Eehh this Dravidian languages na
Anyway beta I will call you Angel
Yes she is an angel who changed my life

You both don’t worry
When Sanskar is here not to fear.

I said it with punching on my chest.
I arranged a job for that lady.
From there my life started a new mode

Gautam asked me,
Now tell me you idiot are you useless ???

He found out my diary which was filled with

Sanskar u r useless
Sanskar u r useless
Sanskar u r useless

Sanskar u know something
Once upon a time there was a Sanskar who always used to write his dreams in his dear diary
and now!!! That Sanskar is not existing now.
Shame on you Sanskar shame on you
He left with throwing the diary over me

Yes once upon a time there was a Sanskar like that

Once Dr A P J Abdul Kalam visited our school
I am inspired by his speech. What a man he was. I wanted to be like him
His each and every word inspired me.His speech was mind blowing

Dream, Dream Dream
Dreams transform into thoughts
And thoughts result in action.

Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

I began to write a diary filling with my dreams. It was imbibed from his views.

Gautam gifted me my old diary and THE WINGS OF FIRE

I found out a little boy’s innocence in it. It led me to my olden days

My dear diary

You know I have many dreams. Many many many dreams
Itni saari dreams hai itni saari……
I want to be a lawyer , a successful lawyer. Then I will buy some land by disbursing my fee and I will farm organic vegetables, Cardamom and other spices, Vanilla, tea, mushroom, spinach and much more

Then I will build my own coffee shops all over India

And yeah the coffee powder will solely come from my own coffee plantations

I want to learn the almost Indian regional languages as I can

I want to buy an orphanage and want to give them better education and fullfill their needs.

I desired to sow and cultivate
Dairy farms, I want to make dairy farms
I wished to built a palace amid of my heaven
A big library

I wished I will make a garden. Butterflies will visit there, birds will settle there…………..
Something something
A chain of desires…..

But how?? How is it possible?? I don’t know. Just then Tessa came with my admission form.

I can continue my studies. I almost completed my LLB. Now only 6 months left. When I was in love Kavita. I was doing my LLB graduation. Then her kidnap my vengeance…… you know everything na???
I restarted my studies. First of all I objected but they made me study. Part time job, studies….
I engaged in my busy life. Slowly slowly I learned to forget my pain. My life regained it’s colours.Mom felt rejoice in my voice. So she is also happy
6 months left like blinking. I started to work under the famous advocate Mr Malhotra. I began to become popular within some months. Then courts to courts, High courts to supreme Court. Sanskar Maheshwari is the another name of success.I am in a zing , I gained victory in all my committed cases. Plenty of money more than necessary. I bought some acres of land in Munnar and started to make my dream heaven. But happiness will never last so long. Tragedies will never care about invitations it will come to our lives like an uninvited guest.

Ohh no someone is knocking the door

I opened

Mom with Ragini I am shocked ??

Ab aage ki kahani next episode mein……

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  1. Amazin dear, I just want with sanskar you should also shows swara’s life. Both are not wrong their places but not right also. Just swara is little bit more wrong here

    1. Okay dear I will also include Swara’s pov in the upcoming episode

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      From next episode onwards dear please wait for some more time

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