My shadow my companion – it’s all about Sanskar Episode 18

Episode 18

Swara’s POV

A crystal droplet rolled from his eyes. I seated beside him and nodded not to cry with wiping the droplets with my thumbs. I don’t know what to do, I am losing him. He held my arms and garnished his face with an artificial grin. Nodded that he is alright. He leaned towards the wall while sitting on the bed. I gave him a side hugg. We leaned our heads for each other. For a while he forgot his pains. Our eyeballs started rolling together. Our lips touched . We remained the flowers like that with postponing the further action for a couple of minutes. Our eyes were closed….. His beetles begun to suck honey from my lip flowers. He gently bited on my lips and I moaned softly…….
Someone’s knock get rid us from our dream world. It was the room boy……. Mam here is the melted dark chocolate that you are asking for. Anything else Mam……. I said nothing and he left with a good night. He doubtfully asked….. Chocolates!!!! Is it For you??……..

No, for you……. I said while removing the back knot of my blouse. I just removed it. But it isn’t completely left my body. I grabbed his arms and dipped his palms completely on the dark chocolates. His arms changed to dark brown shade…… Meri haath ki bani hui chocolates tumhe pasand hai na???……
I forcefully made him touch on my cheeks and belly. His hands made chocolates marks there.
The white saree is no longer white now. It has been surrendered in front of the dark brown shades…… I applied some chocolates on his lips and face …… And kissed him. But he is not corporating in the lip lock. He was not in such a good condition to do romance. I am also, but what to do I have to change the topic otherwise…….. Might be I have to be a ladoo for charging this Chotta Bheem. I removed the blouse and made him loam the chocolates on my chest and br*ast. Yes he is charging…. He was dare to kiss my chest but suddenly……
This TV na???

“So today’s breaking news.

The renowned lawyer Sanskar Maheshwari is replaced by a new advocacte in the case of his own brother Laksh Maheshwari. As we all know some months ago Laksh Maheshwari raped and killed his bhabhi Parineeta Maheshwari and the murder seemed like Delhi rape case. There was an iron rod penetrated into her genital part and the judgement has been postponing and postponing. The parliament is also under pressure for executing Laksh Maheshwari. But after the entry of his long lost brother Advocate Sanskar Maheshwari the case changed to a new mode but now we got to know so many rumours. We got to know that Maheshwari family is denying to trust Sanskar Maheshwari due to some previous family issues and some sources are uttering us that Sanskar Maheshwari is refusing to continue the case. As he is feeling guilty now… As we all know that he is a good social and charity worker too. If he can show mercy to others then how can he tolerate his own Bhabhi’s death….. Not only me whole India no whole world is waiting for Laksh Maheshwari’s execution. We have to wait for what will happen next…….
So this is Sambhavi Rathore with cameraman Preet Khurana for India Vision”……..

His own family is denying to believe him. The fact is the actual culprit is Adarsh bhaiya and the blame has gone to Laksh… Adarsh bhaiya instigated our family against Sanskar. He mentioned them that Sanskar is also a part of his foul play….. I tried my best for proving his innocence but that wouldn’t sold there. They are blindly believing that bastard’s words???……..

A family melodrama held the stage of MM’s living hall. All were there except Laksh. Bp threw all their property papers on his face and a big account of currencies too…..” You want this na??? You cheated us for this na… Yeh lo. You are so greedy and revengefull”…… Bm said. Others don’t know but I can see his heart. It is bleeding…. He wore a veil of equanimity on his face promptly and with leaving us in shock he started to collect the notes…..Then forcefully placed the currencies on bp’s arms……..”Money is Mahalaxmi.. She will arrive and depart. So it is better not to abuse her”…….
Bp moved his head aside disdainfully and threw it again. He calmly and quietly began to recollect it again while talking to BP……. Vaise bhi I don’t want to say but you are compelling me to say it. Do you remember you suffered with a cardiac arrest years ago, do you remember???….. You were unconscious. Laksh is not here he also knows it. We were begged in front of everyone. Our accounts were freezed na.Life is a good teacher you know?? There I started to understand the values of even one, 2 rupee coins.”…….. He sighed and placed the currencies at the teapo. I am shocking to know how my short tempered hubby changed like this……..

He held badepapa’s hands. His eyes started filling, but they are not caring it but I am aware of a little sorrow arised in their minds……. You told me na that either I will arrive to see ur corpse or not people will bash me……. Then crouched his head like a child……Phir kabhi ni aa jaaunga aapka laash dekhne ke liye bhi nahi…….. He left with wiping the tears

I know what he meant, his days are numbered and he will leave so soon. Then how can he arrive for their mourning……

I ran behind him, they are shocked to see my prompt response. They had seen my care for him. Actually they might be expected a major confrontation between me and him. Like I will refuse to wear Mangalsutra and deny to apply Sindoor until Laksh’s arrival. But they don’t know about my safocations to regain this. I understood now that these two are a blessing from the divine almighty. And my Sanskar is world’s best husband. I am really fortunate…….. If I will break all the ties with him then I lost my motherhood also……

Here he pulled me aside and walked a little towards the window. He stood there with holding the architrave. I jumped onto the bed with do not caring about I am moiety naked. My face hide itself on the pillow. Ashame, sadness, guilt, anger, dillema…… Merging emotions are ruling over me. I started weeping…..

A couple of minutes later, I felt a wetness on my bare back. Yes he is kissing me with every fibre. I tried to pull him and stand up in return for his rejection but he is suppressing me to the bed…….

Vanishing of my rejection results in moaning. I closed my eyes cz of the cosyness gifting by him….. He turned me against him. I blushed due to my nakedness……. He applied the chocolates on my belly and started moulding my tummy like a potter…….” Swara this is seeming like I am adding chocolates in butter. Your skin resembles like butter.”……..
I slightly slapped him blushed…….u r naughty……… He started to lick chocolates from my belly. My belly is his weekness. Sometimes I am feeling that his hands are remaining there in his absence too…. He licked chocolates on my belly, sometimes came for a lip lock. The yummy chocolates are making the kiss awesome. We united in the each attempts. He saw the Vampire in me in 4,5 attempts……….. And the Monster defeated his Vampire sometimes.
We don’t know who ruled over whom at that night??? ……..


Sanskar why are you doing this, befooling me. You are double crossing my thoughts. With leaving this message u left me……..

” Swara, u tried ur best for changing the topic, for making me feel happy. But my Sweetheart, u can only make me happy and you don’t have the medicines enough for healing my wounds….. When it will be healed I will be back…….. ”

I was 100℅ sure that he will be in his heaven but I was wrong as he loves the place most. But I am shocked to know that his paradise can’t have the energy for healing the scars. When Kanha asked me about him, I was stammered but, I admitted the truth that he went missing……

Aryan: is it he wanted to cry??

Me: Haan beta, he wanted it….. I don’t know , where I will search for him. Aisa koi jagah iss duniya mein hai kahaan

Aryan: Aisa koi jagah hai na Mom…. I know it

? Where??? I asked curiously

“My Paapa’s grave”

To be continued…………….

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