MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 17

Dear friends here is the consummation part, I don’t know how much I am successful in it… Please forgive me if something went wrong

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Sanskar’s POV

It was getting a holy night for us. Swara was in a deep sleep….. She was waiting for her Prince but what to do he was busy in his work and left his honey in that convent amid of some sweet people. The sisters pampered her like their own child. At last she fell asleep on the lap of mother superior. She was weeping previously due to a nightmare. Might be she had seen something horrible about her love. The time was reaching night 11…. I came back to pick her with a well planned apology Fortunately she was sleeping. But the others gave me a big lecture……. She was dozzing off like a kid. They donno she is a Vampire…. ..

? sssshhhh don’t let them know this truth they will afraid. I took her in my arms and moved towards my car. She was still sleeping like consumed some sedatives…… I stuffed her in my automotive and led it to the garden in my homestead but others are unaware of this place. Only me and my Shadow. Actually I gotta a plan for our reconssumation in this garden. Here I have a wooden house. Leave it, I will tell you more about our garden later. Here I can’t wait for so long. I made her lie on the bed and have made some food. Not so heavy, some fruits and lukewarm milk. Yeah I know what you are thinking, it isn’t necessary to make all of these, they are already made na?….. Then I took a bath hurriedly and wore a blue jeans and thin white shirt. Deliberately removed one two shirt buttons at the top and noticed me at the shield…. Hmm perfect. Then sprayed some deodorant….. I noticed that in the mirror.

Hey look she is moaning and groaning. Her eyeballs were started moving. I think she will get up instantly…….. I approached her and seated beside her head.

She opened her eyes and hugged me in a sudden. She was panicking…… Sanskar…… She muttered my name startled. She was panicking and sweating badly….. Sanskar I had seen a nightmare…. that…..that… You are bidding good bye forever…… She was sobbing badly….. Please don’t leave me Sanskar please don’t leave me……she bowed her hands. I suppressed her towards my chest and slightly punched on her back.Once I have to go Swara but I will leave you with leaving some hopes to be alive. Solely that mirror had seen my tears. I immediately wiped it and consoled her. Slowly slowly the testosterone levels were started raising. It began to control my body and emotions. No I can’t tolerate this. It want the Oestrogen for fulfilling the s*xual desires. Now the main antagonist is her salwar suit. Gosh, how can I suggest her such a worst outfit for tonight. Moreover it was so tight and had to strain every nerve for separating this from her body…….

I started torn her dress. I can’t control my emotions. She forbid me from to do so and made me lie on the bed. I obeyed her like a kid. We winked together… I am savoring these precious moments….. She leaned towards me and looked at my eyes. That passionate look… Our eyes shared a sweet eye lock…. I sighed….. Her lips were coming across mine. I am enjoying all of these…. I never expected these moments na. The Prince who lost his crown sceptre and Princess.. Now he rescued everything as a king. I sucked her lower lips and gently bited it. She moaned….. And forcefully rescued her lips…. Omg ? s it something went wrong. She broke the kiss. That bite is a villian???…. My eyes were widened. She giggled and nodded. Then gave me a slight slap…… Just chill I also want these intimate moments to continue…. But they’re telling that the fruit of awaiting will be sweet..
……. She kissed on my cheek and left with a towel. Ohh she may feeling shy and tired. Moreover taking a shower is important too…

I went to adjust some arrangements and locked the door for giving her surprises.

Swara’s POV

I expected a back hugg from him. So I opened the bathroom door with blushing but he was not there. The door was already locked and I am breathless. God, you don’t know how I aparted my lips from him. I was savoring those precious moments. His touch, our intimacies. I wanted to melt in him. We were greedy for each other but there I smelt him. His masculine odour reminded me how ugly I am. I took a bath early morning and he is gently hygienic now. He had been sucking my lips…. Even he doesn’t know that I am a living human being. I shared my love and passion with him. I forgot about my lips even I granted my lips to him. He was reaching the next phase of love making but I am feeling awkward. If I would remain like that I can’t satisfy him in all means. It will persecute me, so I left him in the mid way. He was trying to torn my clothes. There I am aware about his avidity. He is remaining like a thirsty hornbill since 10 years…. I too want you my sweetheart. I too want these intimacies to continue. Please make me yours once again in all means.

I wore white night gown and it’s white thin overcoat. Then applied some deodorants…. Stared at the shield….. Hmm not bad Swara, Monster toh Deewana ho jayenge☺☺…… I laughed vainly……. Bilkul…….? He said it from behind. Ohh no when he entered inside, I am unaware……kitne saalon se tumhari Deewana hoon…… He hugged me from behind and stinged my earlobe….. You know what, without ornaments you are looking awesome……. I blushed. He arrayed my finger with a solitaire diamond ring. I am so stunned. Post many years I am receiving a gift from him. He won’t change ever. I am so glad that I got him as my hubby moreover I regained his love and care. He lifted me in his arms. I wrapped through his neck for deducting his strain. Our eyeballs are running together. He was walking with lifting me. His heavy foot steps were juddering the wooden floor. At last my Monster made me stood in the living hall. No no exactly he made me stood in front of the piazza amid of the living hall. I am wondering to experiencing such arrangements.

Ohhh my God. How beautiful it is????…. The piazza is filled with water. It is a beautiful pool and there is a white bed amid of that pool which was garnished with rose petals. Not only the bed moreover the pool is also decorated with crimpson rose petals. Small diya like candles are floating on the water. But there I am suspicious with something. I am feeling the smell of Jasmines. Might be some deodorants or room freshners but this is the form of fresh Jasmines. I wanna find its roots. While I am busy in my thoughts he began to caressing my hair cupped my temples and leaned his head towards my lips. I pushed him back in blushing. Oh he was not a loser. Slowly he removed the overcoat, his fingers touched my shoulders a little then too his each touching is stimulating my nerves and neurones. The thin overcoat left my body without any hesitation. I descended the steps of piazza. He is accompanying me like a robot. Suddenly a Jasmine flower fell onto my hair. I looked above

??? omg it’s mind blowing. These odour and flowers are coming from the above cords. There was no roof for that piazza but these Jasmine cords are compensating it’s absence…….. Do you like the house…… He asked, I nodded willing….. We are gonna stay here in our old ages. I gotta planned something for us. After my Shadow and my cutu Jay achieve their goals and Post my tomboy Jeeva and my obedient Janu’s marriage we are going to stay here. We will stay here for life long and will be creamate here .There too we will dozz off unite. You don’t know, I will show our garden tomorrow. It is outstanding. This is ur wedding gift Swara…..

I hugged him with an account of tears….. Means!!!….. My heart is filled with rejoice. Words aren’t spurting from my vocal cords….. Means!!! We won’t be apart. You won’t leave me… We will be together for ever….. He slightly punched on my back…. Off course Jaaneman we won’t be apart… We hugged for a while…. And our conversation has been ceased entirely. There was nothing left to say appropriate now. He started to caressing my hair and cupped my temples. Then rubbed his nose with mine and leaned towards my lips. I tightly closed my eyes. The four of them are united. First of all the process begun slowly and reached it’s highest peak now. He pulled my head towards him carelessly meanwhile I am patting on his back. We suffered for a bit of Oxygen. The desire for each other slowly slowly grew stronger. He departed his arms from my chin and wrapped through my waist. I moved more towards him. My hands removed his shirt buttons while kissing. I was trying to brushing aside his shirt….. Meanwhile he was writing poems on my belly….. Here he is kissing me with every fiber and paying attention to the other things too. He was trying to remove my small sleeves. These masculine actions making some differences in my whole body…… We departed the flowers for a while for some air to breath. We shared a glass of milk and he fed me some fruits. I noticed something

??? Chocolates for me???…..he nodded no ……. No this is for me……. ? Monster he knew na I love chocolates. At last gave me a lil bit and made me lie on the bed….. He garnished my lips with Chocolates. I was ready to taste it but he forbid me from to do so. Ohhh no he is applying it on my cheeks neck hands thighs, legs, chest…… I am really feeling awkward First of all he tasted my arms….. Hmm it is a lil sweet. Then his lips rided through my hands and thighs, legs….. Hmm very nice…. But he liked my belly….. Swara I didn’t expected that where I am using to wrap you is very much tasty….. I am moaning and groaning with a smile…..then he came to my neck.. I experienced a cosy and titillating feeling and at last he again rescued my lips….

He closed his eyes as our lips touched for again. My lips felt warm and soft to him as they engaged his. My lower lip slipped briefly between his before they pulled slowly back from each other. We looked into each other’s eyes again momentarily. Both of us smiled loving smiles and brought our mouths together again, this time with a bit more urgency and passion. His lips felt warm and moist against mine and the feeling made my heart stir.We continued to kiss for several more minutes. A feeling of s*xual excitement began to rise in us…. He made me naked and he also unfold the mysteries belongs to him…. Slowly slowly we both united once again by all means……….

Something underweight were fell on my face….. It awoken me from that deep sleep. I slowly opened my eyelids and stretched my hands..Then looked above…. The jasmines are falling from the above cords. Due to the hangover of this deep sleep my vision is thus irritating. Sunrays are coming from the holes made by the cords…. I looked at him he was sleeping beside me such as a small kid. The hair which is remaining on his forehead is making him resembles like a kid…. How innocently he is sleeping, how calm and quiet… Kal kya kya Kiya mere saath???. Really I saw a ruthless monster. He moaned and groaned then wrapped through my waist. I kissed him and remained like that for some more time. The clock showed 9 am… I was dare to deprive the blanket but I am awaring of my nakedness now. My hands glued the white blanket to my whole body. Eyes are searching for the dresses. Finally I found the tip of my night gown. Stressfully I rescued the gown. I took the top but I don’t wanna stay away from here.
The jasmines are still falling.

The blanket bed our hair and the pool are garnished with rose petals and Jasmines The candles were extinguished like the fire extinguished inside us… I lied back and stuffed me inside the blanket.. He hugged me from back while……hw was the night…… Asked in his dizzy tone…… You are really a mercyless Monster……. I know….. He winked…. There I collected a hand full of Jasmines and smelt it. Ohh what a pleasant fragrance without of any pesticides, really this is called Jasmines.. I threw the flowers on his face. Swara ki bachchi??? he hugged me again and kissed on my forehead……


There I had seen a beautiful garden. The garden which have roses, gerberas carnations, gladiolus, Tulsi, exora, shoe flowers…….. apples oranges grapes guavas jackfruit and many medicinal plants. It was not the season, if it is then I can see the mangoes……… Soon I will make you eat unripened mangoes??…… He muttered and I blushed. The garden is a blessing. There he made me fairy in white gown. Arrayed my head with a flower crown. Earrings were made of flowers and a small garland of champa flowers . He clicked a pic of mine. From that day it is his wallpaper…..

A week have passed. I had spent my each every minutes with him. He was only mine….. We fulfilled each and every desires for each other. Post the week Aryan and Uncle returned home……. He mentioned me about his gift. Ohhh no I am in trouble……. Beta ur Mom will give you the gift on ur bday so don’t worry…… Sanskar saved me with an extension. He gave me a side hugg….. Swara ek baath batao u r missing whom mostly in Kolkata…… I thought? I am missing everybody. Maa, Ragini, bm, bp, Mom Dad, Chotu, Ragini’s children….. Everybody…….. Swara I brought someone who is you missing the most….. I curiously took a look at the entrance . Then he poked me and showed s new guitar???????….. My eyes were filled. Yes I have missed my music the most and he knew it….. Sanskar voh I wanna say something…..

Sans: tell me why are you hesitating

I am stammering Gooood…… Sanskar voh voh we are in south na so I wanna learn Karnatic………. He started giggling….. Itti si baat, I will arrange someone…… He punched on my shoulder…. K Jaaneman I am leaving………

Where ??? Do you have any argument???

He nodded no

Actually I am going with Shadow. I ignored him for a week na. I am feeling guilty. I want to spend time with my son………

Kanha got ready and came. They’re seemingly junior and senior in the same outfit.

Driver ko lekar jaana…. I screamed…. Sayan retrospect and gave me a salute….

Ok boss

These baap bete na??? I nodded with a smile.
Suddenly I payed attention towards the calendar. Midst of savoring these happinessess we are forgetting someone


To be continued………..

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