MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 16


Hii my dear friends first of all Merry Xmas
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I didn’t expected I can upload this episode. My mobile is not working properly…… So please pardon me I don’t know when I will be back…….

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Episode 16

Swara’s POV

I tried my best to name him but the same replica……….d number u r trying to reach s currently switched off
Somtimes I wanna kill this lady. Who is she to talk about my hubby???
I m getting envious na ,what to do m a wife…

Someone poked me from back
“U can’t spend a few minutes without him na??She asked
with a grin

Ohh aunty u.??
I stared at the floor with a blushing smile

“Hey take a luk she is blushing.

That living hall giggled together……..
I couldn’t control my emotions and escaped from there
I heard they are muttering………. She is a nice girl na our
Sanskar s so lucky……… No t s not ur Sans my dear ones but I am so lucky that I got him.

So u all r in a dilemma na that what’s going on here. No worries I will tell you.

After lunch in the resort we both were spending time in library. Such a big one u know. Love fictions comics……..

Yeh lo tumhe kaam aayega

He preferred a book for me?? detective !!!!!!
I lost my temper

Mahan banne ka shauk hain na tumhe rakhlo……..

Hmm I moved my face aside with holding my waist

I will not talk to u………..

I walked towards d door……… Aaahhhh……. I screamed unknowingly. He lagged my hands n a sudden and pined me to the wall.
……….. You naughty vampire wanna leave me………. My cheek touched the wall. He untied the knot of my Salwar suit…..ohhh no I puffed slightly he put my hair conveniently aside which was lying near my neck. Then kissed on my neck from behind. His lips were started to riding through my neck to shoulder… I am closing my eyes and gripping the architrave tightly. His rub cheeks rubbed on mine. I am still closing my eyes. He faced me towards him and kissed on my cheeks. I resumed my vision.
Yes I can see the passion in that eyes. Finally his lips touched my lips for a moment

“Mann toh karta hai ki tumhe pure ke poora kha loon”

I pulled him more towards me
“Toh khalona khade kyun ho”
Sans: Aise nahi deere deere khaane mein mazaa aayega”
He left the room with an evil smile.


Sanskar was wearing his blazer. I asked him where s he going???
“Nothing just for a walk”
He said with adjusting the sleeves
“Then I am also coming with you”
Sans: Are you sure
He keenly observed me while I was adjusting the duppatta.
“Hmm nice try to wear something like this. Actually post many days I wore an Anarkali suit. A yellow one…… I wrapped through his neck.
“So Mr Monster Maheshwari y can’t u admit the truth that I am looking hot and s*xy in Saree”

He removed my hands such as he is removing a garland and gave me a side hugg. Unknowingly we walked n locked the main entrance while talking
“Mrs Vampire Maheshwari , u r adorable in any attire”
I hide my face on his chest.


We walked through the hairpin turns, somebody asked him about me.

“She s my wife”

He said, might be 10 years ago I didn’t rejoiced like this. Then he was just my hubby, but I am settling under the shade of this tree. I can’t live without him….. Unknowingly tears were rolling from my eyes. Touched my Mangalsutra…… His thumbs wiped my tears and nodded no to cry. We reached a church. The courtyard was garnished with the statue of Piyatha….. We ascended the steps just then somebody called


Sanskar retrospect.

“Ohh father you!!!!”
He introduced me to the father…. He was a hilarious individual.

God bless you my children

He blessed us and left…..

Sanskar’s POV

She was staring at me like a I am a culprit. I raised my eyebrow and alerted what???
How many names do you have ???
Actually the father is calling me David. The kids of this orphanage s calling me Santa Claus. According to the father I am a David who saved this orphanage and the old age home from the poverty. Poverty s a Goliath na.????
For that children I am the Santa, I gifted them the presents n the Christmas eve…
Sister Shobhitha approached us
“Sanskar Swara wishing you a happy married life”
I am stunned
“Whu told u ?
Sister : Actually fr mentioned me
I smiled
Sister: Swara when will you give us our infant Jesus..
She blushed
“Soon actually the trio s coming”…….. I said
She shaked my head with a laugh and left. She was too gorgeous. Jesus y r u making them sisters.
We entered the living hall.

Hii guyzzz

But they are wrangled to me. They missed me for a month. K what what will they do now. Gonna miss me for life long na…..
“K I am introducing somebody”
They looked at l curiously. Slowly she walked to them with staring the floor. They couldn’t trust their eyes….. That Sanskar who hated marriage today he is in a relationship???? They touched her cheeks like she is real / not…..

She mingled with them abruptly. Same interrogation

“When will you give us ur junior Sanskar”

Ohh cm on m not a magician , I can’t do magic in a single day.
Everyone liked her special Masala tea…..they are treating her like their grandchild.

Swara’s POV

We had spend some quality time with them.
Such a sweet people u know. I was busy in talking with them. He was sitting beside me.??? ohh no he untied the knot behind neck of my salwar. I brushed aside his hand….. Ohh he is doing the same thing. I gestured him for his ruth…….. He is holding my hand tjghtly.
Suddenly a call arrived for him…..
“Then we can move legally, I am coming”
I think it is his client.

San: Swara u please remain here, I Will be back…….
But I denied and hugged him
tightly . My hands are gripping his sleeves.
Swara, I will be back soon…….. He said calmly but irked.. we are in a corridor and he kissed on my cheek……. Confliction and teary eyed , I furiously gone inside…..


Then 7,8,9……. I am calling him minute by minute but no answer. I am not yet talking……I want to spend time with them……. Kaash tum bhi yahaan hote Sanskar……. they are asking me…… Can I serve dinner for you……. I nodded no..His silence is frightening me. This window is showing me the outside view…. My ears desired to hear his voice…… This diming light is increasing the momentum of this silence. I vainly typed 1st 3 numerals of his number……… Where are you Sanskar please come back……

To be continued…………………

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