MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 15


My first update after SR left us, I am so sad dear guyzz so please pardon me if it affected the ff

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Episode 15

Swara’s POV

“K mushroom soup, veg pulao, kadai paneer and a cool lime juice”……. ?? Look he finalized the menu. I took a look at my surroundings…..??? Prawns, squids, fish fingers, Oyster, butter chicken??? chicken Lollipop chicken biryani……. Lots of mouth watering non vejus???
People are consuming near me??…… I too want all but he ordered veg….. Calm down Swara, u r Sanskar Maheshwari’s wife. Note the point… Maheshwari. Son of an orthodox Marwari family. Non veg is forbidden to you. You are the DIL of that house……. You cruel Monster y does you led me here. You can prefer a vegetarian restaurant na???
Totally disappointed, I stretched a chair and dare to sit. With holding my hand , he said…….”Come on we will go to the room”…… I followed him and shocked to see the warm welcome of employees. So, this is also belongs to him, I don’t have the yardstick to measure his wealth. Once he mentioned me that he has a theatre in Jaipur……….

She closed the door abruptly and pined me to the wall. As usual he wrapped through my waist. Then kissed on my neck. Something current shock like occurred in my whole
body. I pushed him in blushing and moved. I am in a thin sky blue saree with low broad border. He tugged it from my shoulder. I took a look at him. He was crouching his head with holding my saree. I lagged the saree towards me, it made us fell onto to the bed. He fell over me, I wrapped through his neck. For a minute our eyes shared an eye lock. At that second someone knocked the door. Ohh God I am pissed off. Who is disturbing us now. But with leaving me in a shock he opened the door calmly. It was the waiters who came with food. Mushroom soup, lime juice, kadai paneer and veg pulao??……. Swara just think about that chicken Lollipop and prawns????

Anything else sir???

Sans: No u can go now.
I was lost in my thoughts……
He snapped in front of my eyes and gestured what. I nodded no…..

He stretched a table and made me sit. The table was filled with some plates napkins and utensils…. He opened every lid

?? Chicken biryani, Lollipop, prawns, fish fingers, oyster, squids, butter chicken, ice creams. ??????….Mom ko mat bataana….. He muttered and left with gulping a spoon of soup and drank it with enjoying nature via window. Whatever ??? I consumed everything without leaving a single piece. He returned to take the rice…….”if you want non veg, you can eat it and I will not let you cook it in my home.”
?? Okay, I accepted
Sans: Swara it is not like that that I am a Marwari but I am respecting every living things and I can’t afford their corpse inside my Heaven. And there is a sacred grove there, it is forbidden to cook non veg on it’s surroundings. Snake curse has such a strong effect might be it will affect our generations to generations.
And I am letting you to eat cz I know you can’t lose your culture and custom so easily. You married me but it’s not meant that you have to change you completely.
I am getting arrogant , Sanskar cz I got you. Please don’t leave the……


I am really angry on you Mr Monster Maheshwari. Look what you did to me.??

Here he was checking the files in office and I was getting bored. So I explored the whole resort. Suddenly I overheard the conversation of two employees. They are decorating a room…….”Sir strictly told us to decorate the room beautifully”….

2nd : yes yes she is very important person to him
I think their honeymoon

?? Ohh Mr Monster Maheshwari this is ur surprise. I will show you. I approached them

Hey guys please leave now. I will do it

Emp1: no no Mam , boss will fire us. We will do it
Emp2: Yes Mam y r u taking tension.

Finally they accepted

Emp2: Mam r u sure

I said yes, they left. With a lots of anticipation I decorated the room damn awesome and was lost in my thoughts. Sanskar came to check the room whether it is ready or not.
Sanskar hw is it??
He looked around…..Hmm nice Mr and Mrs Parmar will really like it……..?? Mr and Mrs Parmar??

San: Yes , ohh my goodness I forgot to mention you their arrival actually his mother Mrs Anvisha Parmar is my most important client. Not officially but I am their legal advisor. So we have to show them our hospitality na……

I hardly tried to hide my tears. Within a second I got some courage and ran to his cabin……..

Half an hour later, he reached at the cabin…..”Ohh you were here, I searched for you the whole resort”……. He hugged me from back……”You know?? They liked ur arrangements. Darling u r multitalented. We got an another offer from his brother in law also”…….He gave me a kiss. Suddenly he noticed my red puffy eyes and held my both cheeks……”Swara what happened??? Kisi ne kuch kaha hai kya??”…… I nodded no
He pined me to the wall and stood with placing his arms my both sides.
Sans: Tell me what??
I am stammering to say
Voh voh room main ne hamhare liye sajaai thi….yeh samajh kar ki you are planning surprises for us……

He started giggling

??? Sanskar this too much. R u thinking that I am kidding???

He wrapped through my waist again, I tried to remove his hands but couldn’t……..So you were trying to double cross me………then hugged me tightly. Now there’s no space left between us……..U r underestimating me Jaaneman. If yo will experience my surprises na then the trio will enter into your womb together???”…..

Mr Monster Maheshwari likes surprising his Vampire but it was quite unexpected for her……
Please wait till the next episode I will tell you.

To be continued……………

I know the episode is too short but what to do my exams are postponing and I can’t live without writing. Please forgive me if I hurt any of your religious emotions

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