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Episode 14

Swara’s POV

A day have passed, I expected a call from him. I tried my best to name him but he doesn’t replied. Day by day you are being special to me Sanskar. Might be I didn’t desired you like this before. You are a pearl that I earned from the depths of sea. Seconds are passing like hell. I don’t know how I have spent a day without you. You are killing me Sanskar, your silence is leading me to death. Please come home soon. I wished to walk towards the window so I did. Our room is very beautiful, the windows made up of glasses are filling the walls, it is a wall starved room. Windows windows everywhere windows. The white curtains are playing with the wind. Green plants are increasing it’s beauty. My head leaned towards the window. I saw that palm tree , then I asked to the imaginary ghost

“Where is he??? do you abducted him”

Hmm , I scoffed myself. Swara u r such an Idiot don’t you know that paranormal powers are not existing. I hitted on my forehead and nodded with a giggle.

Unknowingly I rubbed my hands for a bit of heat. Sanskar I am expecting your warm hands will give me a back hug and your question…..

“R u feeling cold now??”

But you won’t arrive I know. A day ago you conflicted with me, told me that I have no time to spent with you……..

He packed his baggage and told to Uncle that he is going to Mumbai high court for an argument. He didnt permitted me to accompany him. Not only for spent time with him, moreover I am worrying about his health but……..

“You are not my tail who have to accompany me everywhere and I am a time pass for you na. You have time for everyone…. sometimes Ragini, sometimes Lucky,sometimes ur parents, sometimes my family, sometimes Shadow even for MM’s watchman too but not for me….. what an irony….

What’s he saying he is a time pass for me. Is he understood me like this. Sanskar I want to live with you I wanna die in you. If Sanskar is existing then Swara too otherwise no

“They are our own people , Sanskar.”

He tightly held my shoulders and shaked me. I shivered like a peepal leaf

“But I am ur husband damn it”

He was burning anger. His words shaken my whole body and mind

“Look I am not an obsessive husband but at least u can give me some more importance. I am not a robot to move according to ur commands. I am a man and I also have some desires. So it’s better to stay away from each other ”

Stay away from each other!!!! Sanskar mushikil se paya hai tumhe how can I leave you???? My notions are provoking me to speak something but I couldn’t.
He sighed then stared above with a disdainful smile….

“And after all how many months no no how many days hmm”…….
He nodded

He is losing the hope cz of me. I don’t know what I did and it is not the time for auditing. I have to rescue his hope

“Will you spend some time with my dead body Swara ??….Hmm What dead?? what body?? You are hating to spend time with me then too I am asking about my dead….

I closed his mouth by my hand.

“Mat bolo aisa, hamesha tumhare paas hi rahoongi. Please don’t say about ur death.”………

My head tilted to his chest and I sobbed badly. I was tightly hugging him but he didn’t hugged me back. After sometimes he forcefully separated me from him and left. I painfully saw his car is going away from home……..


Aryan waved his hands teary eyed.

“Take care beta we are leaving. I don’t know why Sanku is sending us away.”

Kanha is going for a drama workshop in Trivandrum for a week and Uncle is also accompanying him.

“Sometimes I don’t like this Chunky, Mom. He is forcefully sending me there. I don’t like drama even I love photography??”

I kissed on his forehead and shaked his head.

“Kanha don’t say like that he is doing it for your well being and when you will reach home I will give you a very big gift”………..

But Kanha I don’t know I will be here or not when you return….
He unwillingly left home with Uncle and I ran to the room with sobbing. Lied on the bed ……. Sanskar first of all you separated yourself from me and now you are separating my son…… Now I can understand the pain of a mother. Maybe Yashoda also cried like this when Kanha left Gokul. Maybe Mom’s heart also burst when Sanskar left her. Here I spent a month with him then too I can’t tolerate this separation but Mom got separated from her son since 10 years. I am sorry Mom you are suffocating this because of me. Now I am aware of the reason why you are hating me.I know the depths of ur hatred towards me………..

I remained on the bed like that. I know it is getting late, midnight 11 o clock…. Doors are still open,I know. Neighbouring houses are away even I don’t know them. I am inside of a big mansion midst of 400 acres. I have to lock the doors, but something is forbidding me to go from the bed.
Suddenly I experienced a magical touch on my head.
Somebody is patting on my head. I retrospect stunningly……
Sanskar!!!!! Yes he was sitting there , a smile was garnishing his lips. He gave a kiss on my lips for a second. Tear drops are falling from my eyes. His smile vanished suddenly

“Are you crying, I expected a hugg. You don’t want me na k I am going”

Sanskar stood up and walked. I ran to him and gave a back hugg.

“Please don’t go”

I placed my chin on his shoulder and sobbed badly…..
After a couple of minutes he faced me

Sssshhhhh, placed his finger on my lips and alerted me to be silent and pined me to the wall. Then held my both cheek and kissed on my forehead. I couldn’t took my eyes from him. My King wrapped through my waist , I slightly puffed.
Excuse me Swara, one minute, suddenly Monster promoted king ??? horrible…..

He is my king always yeh Monster toh ek dikhava hai???…

K let’s come to the point…..
He rubbed his rough cheeks on mine. His lips travelled through my neck. Now what happened to him maybe he is showering kindness on me. You are seeming like a chameleon, Sanskar.
I pulled him more towards me. Our eyes were closing . His lips ended it’s journey from my neck and attacked my chin. His palms covered my both temple and our noses rubbed each other. Finally his forehead touched on mine. Don’t know how much time but that vicissitude lasted for so long.
At last I myself broke the silence.


“Mm kaho”, he moaned softly…

“I am sorry”, I said

He left me in such a like he is still close to me. His forehead removed from mine meanwhile his fingers were writing poems on my tummy. In return of my question he gave me a shocking reply

“Sorry!!!! For what??? What you did???”

I tried my best to convey him what I did but the fact was actually I don’t know what I did. I am unaware of what is he talking about? A day ago he left me in anger and look now. Let’s hear his conversation……

“Swara u went to sleep with my Shadow. You are his Mom and how can I interfere in the relationship of a Mom and son??? And in the case of you denied to spend time with me, I know you played a prank. After all except me who is here for you to provoke.???”

Is he suffering from Amnesia also. Yesterday he burst my heart and today he is giving me a series of shock. He is admitting the messages which I wanted to convey him, maybe he is regretting.

” Haa now none will irritate us we are alone in this Heaven??” he stretched his hands

???Means it all were his plan. I showed my fake anger

“So it was ur plan to send them away”

?? Yeah yeah yeah

“You cruel Monster then why you made me cry??”

He started giggling and
my ire was flourishing. I hitted him , pinched him, bited him. I did what my mind said.

“Tell me why did you did this??”

Poor Sanskar he was suffering from my attack

“hmm, he sighed – I was planning surprises for you. If I will discuss it with you then definitely you will accompany me…. And after all Jasoosi karna toh tumhari aadat hai..You will find it and surprise won’t be a surprise. Therefore I fought with you….


I was unaware of that that night was setting something special for me.Sanskar was sitting on the bed with leaning to the wall. I tilted on his
chest. He was vainly checking my fingers…… Finally some peace arrived between us…..

K what is the surprise, I asked.

San: Thank God you asked me..

Sanskar sighed and continued…

“If you love me then you have to prove it.”

I am shocked. What’s going on here. How can I prove it.

He continued the speech.

“I will command and u will obey me for this whole week. No questions and no actions from the side of yours. You will be my slave. You got it”

Okay boss, I nodded like a kid.

Sans- Okay then go and take a bath

??? I burst out from the core of heart…

“Hitherto frosty climate and midnight 1:30 PM and you are ordering me to take a bath no no I can’t ”

Sans: No comments let’s do what I said. Heater is inside u can bath in hot water…..

I left with whimpering???. He is a mystery. What is this…… Saath mein nahaane ka……?? plan toh nahi

I locked the door but I expected a knock from him. If he will break the door then what will I do???……
I removed my clothes and bathed fast as I can. Fear was giggling around me. The water was hot but then too I am feeling cold due to the climate. Post shower I wore the dresses in a hurry and came outside. He was checking the wardrobes and drawers. Ordered me to select a Sherwani for him. I chose a cream color simple one

“Yeah it’s so nice”

I am so happy, indirectly he praised me na??. Water drops are dripping from my hair.

“U careless , u will fall ill. Don’t know to towel her own hair”……

Amid of anger he showed his care towards me and toweled my head suddenly a cool breeze passed us and I hugged him in a sudden. I wrapped through his chest. Now the whole parts of my hands are midst of his T – shirt and blazer. His blazer is covering my hands.

“R u feeling cold”

I nodded yes with closing my eyes meanwhile my head is resting on his chest. He toweled my head and made my hair dry with utilising a hair drier. Due to the heat of that hair drier and the halcyon of his closeness I felt dizzy and fell asleep on his chest. Even he looted my sleep for a day na


Swara,……he called me.. I moaned and groaned…”Sanskar 5 minutes more”…
I Hugged him tightly. He removed hand from my waist but I held his hand….”rakhlo na mujhe acha lagta hai”…. Sanskar smiled vainly and removed my head from his chest. My lazy eyelids were opened slowly. Then I returned to his chest. He was irked and gave a pinch on my belly….aaahhh… ached badly……”Do you like it??”…… He gave me a mocking grin and I returned a burning glare.

He lagged my hands and led me to the bed. Gave a red beautiful simple Saree with numerous golden embroideries and some small stones. It was looking expensive. I stared at him stunningly. He removed my saree from my shoulder. It fall of on my hands. He placed the saree on my shoulder………” Hmm nice, in fact my thoughts won’t be wrong. Wear it”…… I nodded yes. He passionately touched on my hair and face……”Curly hair and simple makeup get ready fast”……. Then left with that Sherwani and towel for taking a bath. Suddenly he walked back and commanded……”Remember don’t dare to wear any ornaments”…… He left.


Offo he spent half an hour for taking a shower but I am stunned to see him. My handsome hunk was damn adorable in that Sherwani. Thank God you saved him for me. It is ur blessing that anybody wouldn’t looted my hubby. Anyway I won’t let anyone else to touch him also. Gosh!!! He is killing me inch by inch. I just wanted to kill him by pinching. I ran to him and wrapped through his waist.He was shocked by my unexpected action………”Till now you praised me today I am praising you, You are really adorable. You are looking hot and handsome”……..A smile was garnishing his lips. Almighty, the most beautiful thing in his face is his lips. If he will smile, it’s delicacy is increasing. I was busy with my notions meanwhile he made me sit in front of the dressing table and rested his chin on my shoulder……..”hmm looking gorgeous”…… Checked my hair and makeup. Then squeezed my lips……”Uff”…….He rubbed his fingers on the nearby cloth…….”U looked vampire, now okay n don’t use much lipstick like this”…….. Hmm Mr Monster Maheshwari ??. I moved my head aside. He continued to give me a series of shock. He adored my hands with 2 diamond bangles. Then garnished my neck and ears with a simple and beautiful diamond necklace and earrings respectively….”Mangtikka??…. I asked……”Leave it, in my view it won’t suit in you. At least in front of me, don’t use it”…… I nodded obediently….. Now you are looking too gorgeous…… I blushed in front of the mirror. Unknowingly I stood up and faced him. He kissed on my forehead……”But something is missing Sanskar”…… His glare interrogated me what??. I showed him my Mangalsutra and sindoor…….”Sanskar r u thinking that these are also won’t suits in me???Or else I has no right to wear it. Yes I denied to wear it years ago but I am understood it’s value now. These years taught me it’s value how valuable you are. These ornaments are nothing in front of these both adorable things. Please make me complete please….. I bowed my hands in front of him.He was looking me insensibly and refused my wish and wrapped through my waist again. Now I am really feeling disgusting. That touch which was feeling secure for me now it is getting insecure. That shade which was my relief now it is getting uncomfortable. I removed his hands and jerked him……..”Now I am aware of my value in front of you Mr Maheshwari. You are treating me like a sl*t na. I heard about it that rich people like you are using women for your comfort. Am I a thing for satisfying your s*xual desires???……..

Sanskar’s POV

I burst out in front of her……shut up u……. Hold and suppressed her shoulders. Pined her to the wall. Unknowingly my eyes were filled with tears. She is saying that I am treating her like a sl*t. If I wanted then ladies will stand in queue for me but I am awaited for her return . Is she understood me like this???. A tear drop came out from my eyes. Leaving me in shock she started giggling. It was unique. I am in anger and sorrow then too I am enjoying the laugh. God please remain her like this always. …….”You made me cry na?? So it’s a small vengeance. Any girl will fall for you.I know if you wanted then you can share bed with anyone none will forbid you but you didn’t…….. She rested her head on my chest…… I don’t want any name for our relationship. You are with me na don’t worry , Mangalsutra aur sindoor ke bina bhi chalega……….hmm I sighed and hugged her in return. You are naughty Swara, really naughty. You understood me na. It’s enough for me………”Aise nahi chalega”……. I said and lifted her….. Where we are going?…… I answered – I am gonna throw you from the cliff you are such an irritation……

K then do it……………
She wrapped through my neck and I walked with lifting her.
We reached the sacred grove which was decorated with diyas. She was astonished to seeing that. Turmeric powder was splashed over the idols actually it is a custom of sacred groves. I enlighted a diya in front of the idol. Our palms were covered it for saving it from extinguished by wind…….”Swara don’t forget to enlight a diya here. In my absence.”…….She nodded yes with a cute smile.

Then I kissed on her left arm and arrayed her finger with a solitaire diamond ring. Then we exchanged garlands. She was in a state of shock. She doesn’t expected our remarriage. We completed our wedding vows by rotating the Rangoli which was decorated with diyas. Hawan kund is not necessary. Agnisakhshi, it is important…… ……..Swara, I don’t know I can fulfill these promises or not but I wanna spend my remaining life with you……. She held my hands and promised me……….. Sanskar anything will happen but I won’t leave you alone…….. I placed her hands close to my heart. Till then I heard Anandu hissing. She was afraid and hugged me. I told her not to worry. Swara, today or tomorrow but once you will understand him. Anyway I garnished her neck with Mangalsutra. Tears were flowing with rejoice from her eyes. The last ritual, I applied sindoor at her hairline. She was closing her eyes and tears came out with squeezing her eyes……. We faced the idols and prayed…..”Pray as much as you can, you know?? Children are the blessing of snakes”……… I whispered in her ears.She smiled with closing her eyes. God please give me the trio soon. I want to see them. Then Me, She, Shadow and the Trio happy family naa. Please give me fast, I can’t wait anymore……….

To be continued……..

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