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Episode 13

Sanskar’s POV

I rushed to the kitchen. Swara was standing there fearfully. She hugged me in a sudden.

?? Sanskar this is a golden chance come on kiss her u fool

She was panicking

Sanskar Cobra Snake Snake??

She raised her finger towards the window.

Ohh Anandu u??
My small Cobra

He was tangling on the pomegranate tree near the window

Swara Swara don’t be afraid. He is my pet

He will not harm you

I left her from hugging.
She was burning in anger

Sanskar it’s a snake.

I held her both shoulders

Swara Sheshnaag hai voh mera. He is our savior. He came here to check who entered inside without his permission. Who is the new member.

I gave her a side hug and faced him

So Anandu she is my Rani Saiba and she will be here for life long. Don’t dare to frighten her again okay.

After some minutes he returned to his home. I think he understood something.

Swara was really irked seeing my closeness towards him.
She angrily moved her head aside.

Acha you can watch Ichchadhari Naagin’s daily soap but can’t afford a snake in ur homestead what an irony!!!! and look Swara if you will try to harm him then he will definitely respond otherwise he will be like a poor cat.

She brushed aside my hands and walked to the living hall

Sanskar I can’t tolerate this I can’t afford a snake in my home.

I know you people will also oppose me. You are also afraid of snakes na .Once I was also, but I faced him in such a condition when I wanted to marry death.
It was the time when I built my home’s basement.
There is a destructed sacred grove here. Once upon a time people used to worship snakes there. Now it was almost ruined. These snakes are living there. If I want to build my home then I have to destroy that sacred grove. I thought, how can I destroy someone’s shelter after all it is an ecosystem. We human beings have to save it Yeah I am making my dreams come true but I can’t place it’s basement over someone’s grave. So I changed the plan and rebuilt my home away from the grove and did the grove’s restoration

I enlightened a Diya there and now it is the part of my daily routine to lighten a diya in the grove at evenings

I met my Anandu here, I wanted to die so I tried came more close to him but he doesn’t harmed me. Might be he is thankful. Slowly I felt comfortable with him I know you all are scolding me. How should a man befriend with a Cobra. I also don’t know but I know one thing. I had the bravery to die at those days coz I didn’t have anything to be alive. I wanted to die might be it made me befriended with him. It won’t digest in you, I know but he is my sweet horrible nostalgia

K let’s come to the present. Here she is scolding me.

Swara I am assuring you he will not harm us.

Nair Uncle and Aryan came amid us. Actually they are also afraid of Anandu.
Both are supporting her
Swara I don’t let anyone harm him and also don’t let him others harm. Everybody is equal for me

Chahe voh tum ho ya voh???.

I fakely panicked for making her accept my decision ??

The trio held me but I denied their help and moved towards my room with my fake emotions


Here she came to our room for clearly the issues but look the next war s also started.

Do you remember?? I spilled some drink into the glass then I poured the liquor outside with my great ideologies. Here I forgot to ruin the glass of drink also and she caught me red handed

A melodrama started

You won’t change Mr Maheshwari ???

Like that like that

Goooood??? this Vampire won’t allow me to be a ideal human being. It is getting unbearable ??

Myself admitted that I didn’t had a single droplet but she wasn’t ready for believing me

“You know what?? Dill mein pathar rakhkar yeh kia hai main ne”

At last I was really irked by this turmoil. Took the glass like a hero n gulped the whole glass of concentrated fluid in a single second

???? my throught
It reached my stomach with fusing my gut.

She is accusing me for such an offense which I had never did.God I faced many born criminals. Switched dog to goat and goat to dog but I am failing in front of this vampire why??? I lagged her towards the brink of window

“Come on smell it.?? Can you identify the smell”

Then a glare made up of apology . I dragged her close to the window then showed a palm tree

“You Vampire, go to that palm tree ?? Paranormal powers are living in such venues . There is also an another ghost settled there and I think she is a good companion for you. ?? ohh no it’s not possible. There is a proverb in this province that a vampire can’t tolerate an another one in the same palm tree.

She gave me a disdainful smile.

Nice joke aa ???.

You are scoffing me.???. Wait I will show you

Anyway she is more prettier than you.

Swara: ohh you both met????

Again scoffing but I am aware of her emotions. There was a spark originated inside her. Ghost/ lady but her hubby is praising an another one how can a wife tolerate it. You see, she will definitely respond. I continued,

No Swara not only met, actually we are in a relationship ??
A common man can understand that and u can’t ?????
Look I was single and she is a maiden. We are alone here toh kuch na kuch toh ?? …….
K ??? Jao na Swara I am blushing

Yes yes she is charging and is completely forgotten that supernatural powers are not existing.??

Swara this is the exact place where we kissed each other ??

??? She led me to such a heaven where….??? ??? haaaaaa

She jerked and began to beating me, pinching me, scrabbling me and much more


You cheat there I was waiting for you and here you shared bed with her???.

Offo she lost her wisdom?? and temper???

I wrapped through her waist but she was punching on my chest like a kid. I tried hard to make her understand but all in vain

Swara Swara I am just kidding yaar.

She was scrabbling my neck.

Kidding ??? is this a joke???

Unknowingly we were moving to the corner. Now Vampire was knotted b/w me and the wall.
My hands were covered her mouth and our eyes shared an eyelock. I brushed aside her thin yellow saree. It willingly left her shoulder and made the way for showing me her hotness.

I solely love this vampire, I slowly muttered in her ears.

She blushed and jerked me. Adjusted the saree and walked slightly but I gripped her hand. Swara was shrugging her side and I was lagging mine.

At last I made her lie on the bed. A couple of minutes made up of silence passed us.
Gosh I don’t have the courage to continue this silence. Swara is giving me the silent willingness. Here she is lying with suppressing her face on the pillow with bclosing eyes. I lied close to her and began to write poems by my lips on her back neck. She was gripping tightly the pillow. We were getting ready to enter our dream world but……???

When I dare to untie the knot of her blouse someone knocked the door.

It was my Shadow, he took Swara with him as he had seen a nightmare.

Swara’s POV

Offo I am riding through this mansion. I can’t find why he built such a mansion for 3 people. It is two times bigger than MM. The clock bell rang 5 times. Where did he had gone in the early morning. I made him angry a few hours ago. He approached me with a grin and tried to intimate with me but I played a prank over him. I strictly forbid him to close to me and said

“Go to ur ghost friend she will make you happy”

He begged in front of me but I refused. So Sanskar wrangled with me and left.

A minute later I heard something stirring in the kitchen. Maybe he is there.With a lots to hopes I ran to kitchen but it was Nair Uncle who was making breakfast.

Beta you!!! You want coffee or tea or otherwise breakfast.

I wondered
Uncle it’s too early….

He said with a grin – beta I know. You came here, I am making breakfast therefore I just asked

He made some tea and gave it to me.
“Uncle do you know where is Sanskar.”

Uncle- a few minutes ago, he was here.

Then he stared at a empty cup on the table…. Might be the that of tea was finished by him

“Might be he went to the temple”

Temple!!!! Sanskar??? n that too early morning unbelievable!!!! Once upon a time I tried hard to make him awake and now look!!!!!!

Uncle- Beta it is the part of his daily routine.
I started to help him but he denied. Told me to take rest he will handle it and the maids will come soon. At last I became his assistant.

Uncle surprised me with giving rasmalai….

“Sanku told me before , that you like rasmalai. Taste it might be it isn’t delicious like ur Dida’s….

I experienced nostalgias in it

Acha hai, I said. My eyes were filled with tears…..

Sanskar came with a can full of kheer and a piece of banana leaf containes some sandal paste sindoor and flowers. It seemed like prasaad.

“Mujhe bhi keh deta main bhi aa jaati Mandir” (I also wanted to go to Temple)

I said but he doesn’t answered. I think yesterday’s hangover. He went to the rubber plantations , for rubber tapping like that like that. I am seeing it first time. Some people are ordering the rubber sheets in the godown. Someone is making the sheets. Then his other farms. Organic vegetables, pineapple cardamom and other spices, tea and coffee plantations ohhh no I don’t know. I am fed up……???

The watch showed 8 o clock. We reached home and Sanskar went to awaken Aryan.

“Shadow wake up come on”

Kanha moaned and groaned something…..

Chunky, 5 minutes more please…….

Sans: Shadow no more minutes, look teachers are tolerating you coz of me.No late classes, look u r chairman’s son and you have to be ideal, you got it???.


I thought ,he was playing a prank on me like before but he was serious. I made Kanha ready to go school. As a Mom it was my first experience.

Later I went to our room……..
Sanskar was dozing off there.After shower, I sat on the bed and leaned towards him. The water drops which are falling from my hairs annoyed his sleep and he awakened. We shared an eyelock. I know what will this monster do now. He will wrap through my waist. Then will kiss on my neck. Actualy it is his mannerism first of all will wrap through my belly. Hey do you remember?? How he placed that pepper spray in my waist.

But nothing happened like that??. He attempted to get up but I stopped. Instead of him I wrapped through his waist and I began to start up my lips towards him. Our eye balls were running together. We remained like that for an epoch.

Suddenly he got some external strength and jerked me. His acts led me to a condition where anger, sorrow and shame are merging each other.

He began to pack his luggage………….

To be continued……..

Sorry I couldn’t reply u all…. and pardon me for the delay
Watch Swaragini daily…… It is our last days with Swasan and Raglak

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