Here is my another os on twinj


A big house ? shown and it married house and all of them is happy and lot is noise going around the house. But only one person seen unhappy with the marriage. So let see who will be the unhappy person about the weeding.

Lela : twinkle get ready boy and his family are about to come.

So yes it revolves to be our syappa queen of Kunj.

Twinkle : ma I don’t want to married to the this guy.

Lela : twinkle now is not right time to discuss about this come outside fast. And he is your neighborhood too so u can come visit us if u miss us. And I know Kunj love u never make us missed twinkle he is very nice and kind hearted guy. Every girl crave for him.

Twinkle : but ma I don’t know him how will I get married to some one unknown to me. ????

Lela come outside fast as their are here. Make make her ready and bring it down.

Mahi: de I know how your feeling rights now but trust be that Kunj brother in law will love u so much that u will forgot us.
And I also know that u and uv love each other that why u don’t want to married but now he is no more. He left u behind and before she completed

Twinkle : said look mahi he never left me he die in a car accident and when we are running away from home a car hits us and I was able to be alive. And it was took late when I took uv to hospital he left me alone in this world to fight with it.

Mahi: hug her and said Iam sorry twinkle and now cheer up. As now jiju must be waiting eagerly to meet u. U know how much he love u when he saw u he was in love.

Twinkle give whatever look to mahi and come down along with her

Suddenly Kunj got up seen twinkle and mahi notice that and she said to twinkle look your would be husband got up when he saw u so see how much he love u. Aww I wished someone also love me like Kunj jiju love u.

Twinkle: shut up mahi and than twinkle slowly look toward Kunj and give him smile and he thought.

Kunj pov : I know u love uv only but trust me my love will make u love me more than I do to u twinkle. U willl know me when we will start share our bed and from this moment now it not only my bed it also your bed and not only my washroom it your too and what ever is mine is your even my life is your. If I have to give my life to make u mine than happily I will give u twinkle. I LOVE U TWINKLE
End of Kunj pov.

Twinj start doing some ritual and priest say now I will declare u husband and wife.

Suddenly twinkle start cry ? and Kunj come their and hug ? her from side but twinkle jerk his hand from her. Saying don’t even try to come near to me okay it my order to u Mr Sarna.

Kunj : smile and said okay as you wish and your wish is mine commend for life long until u be mine forever. ??

Twinj enter in Sarna house and twinkle said in mind now I will stay away from him so we will never be together and I need to get divorced from him in any how even tho I will make him to do divorce.

Kunj : with smiley face twinkle now u sleep I will sleep in balcony so u take the room from today I Kunj Sarna promise that with out your permission I will not touch u or anything in this room.

Kunj good night twinkle sweet dream saying this he left the room taking one pillow and one blanket.

Other side twinkle so ma and mahi was wright he is nice and carrying too but Iam so sorry Kunj I can’t love u as you love me because I only love uv and will live for him only. ?

Suddenly heavy rain start and out side Kunj got all west due to rains and she also know that he is out in the rains and she want him to come in and share bed with her but she don’t tell him as she don’t want to make feeling like she care for him.

Other side Kunj said twinkle plz call me I have allergy of rain and how can u stay here pls call me than he heard some one coming towards him so he close his eyes and twinkle smile looking at him and thought he is nice and how could I do this to him.

Twinkle : Kunj get up your getting wet and u will feel sick.

Kunj : twinkle plz let me sleep as I have to go office tomorrow.

Okay as a point he is sleeping in a chair.
Twinkle : Kunj plz get up and come to bed it raining heavy saying this she turn around at the same time Kunj also get up and they both fall down on floor Kunj is top on twinkle slowly he come close to her due to his closeness she close her eyes and he kissed her cheek and said now you can open your eyes Mrs Sarna. Saying this he also help her to get her but again they fall down as wet floor and in a second their lips meet and twinj are shock in that position.

Kunj pov yes even in incident I kissed my wife as it my wished that I will only kissed my wife in weeding night and now it complete my wish thank u lord.

Twinkle : Kunj what have u done u kissed me ???

Kunj : relax twinkle I don’t meant to kissed u okay i it was an accident Iam so sorry from now I will never come closed to u Iam sorry saying this he shot down the balcony door and sleep their.

Twinkle pov what have I done Is okay even if he kissed me because I am his wife and he has wright one but why I overreact to this. I know that is not his mistake it was an incident but this one is our official kissed even tho I don’t want to kiss him but it happen. Every thing happen for good saying this she sleep and now it morning.

Twinkle : weak up and don’t find him around her and she looks up and saw a note ?

Dear twinkle I don’t know do i have authority to called u wife or not but Iam sorry I don’t meant to kissed u it was just an accident. Iam sorry for that i will promised to stay always from u as I know u don’t love me or like me. U only love uv and he is very luck to got u twinkle
Iam going to office and feel comfortable and talk with mom bebe and other in this family’s I hope u will like them. Not like me ??
Your Kunj sorry Kunj see u

Twinkle read the latter with water in her eyes. I don’t know do I will ever love u or not but I am proud to said that u love me a lots and I Am lucky to got u. Thanks u god for send him to me.

Bebe : twinkle u have to cook Kunj favorite dishes tonight we will help u out saying this Bebe and usha come in kitchen.

Twinkle : yes Kunj is right they are nice like Kunj. Twinkle u should not think about Kunj or else u will start love him.

Trio make Kunj favorite food and wait for him and suddenly they got news saying that Kunj has got into accident.

Bebe: don’t worry twinkle he will be fine as u know how much he love u. When he saw u he said that if he will married someone than it will only be U.

Usha : yes Bebe is right plz save my son.

Trio rush to hospital and found Kunj their in bed and doctor come their and said your his family and before usha and Bebe said twinkle said Iam his wife and plz doctor save my husband I love him a lot.

Doctor : calm down Mrs Saran we need a blood for him it o positive saying think he start to leave but twinkle said I have same blooded group take mine.

Doc: must said u love your husband a lot.

Twinkle smile and think yes I love him and his love and care make me love him. Now i will completely be him tonight will be special for u Kunj oops sorry my beloved husband saying this she give him blood.

Doc : congratulations he is fine now u can meet him.

Twinkle : can I plz meet him mom and Bebe

Both okay go head as they also know that she don’t love Kunj.

Kunj slowly open his eye and found his love life in front of him and said for a second I thought I lost u forever and will can’t see u. I am sorry for that before he complete his sentence he feel something in his lips and yes your guys guess it right twinkle give him kissed.

Twinkle : plz don’t break this mommy Kunj I love u and I thought I only meant to uv but u prove me wrong because I fall in love with u and every thing about u will plz accept Twinkle Sarna as Twinkle Kunj Sarna plz.

Kunj kissed and they are out of breath and said yes u know how much I love u and i will love u in my life. Thank u for coming into my life.

Twinkle : now I will completely follow our marriage ritual and u will get your twinkle tonight. Not love but I will flowed the marriage.

Kunj one more kiss plz twinkle (my wifey) and she kissed him and said get recovered and u will get me and I will be all your. And they heard some sound like and it was Bebe and usha who is admiring them and their love confection.

Bebe and usha now we want one person in our life which u and twinkle will give us so Kunj get recover soon.

Other side twinkle blushed and as u wished.

Kunj can I get some privacy plz ??

Bebe and usha smile and said yes. And they leaves

Kunj : so Mrs Kunj Sarna are u ready to give them what they ask and twinkle nood her head and hug and kissed him and screen freezes on kissing positions.

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  9. Sorry the late comment
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