Shadi Express (Again) (Chapter-1) by despacito

Hey guys despacito is back. You should forgot me and my story also. Actually i had board exam so mamma snatch my phone. So i thought to rewrite it making some change. Hoping you will like the journey of two heavenly couple swasan and nairan’s marriage. Ok lets start.

In a fully decorated mansion everywhere hustle bustle is going on. Looking like some event is happening. In a room of the mansion two girls is getting ready in bridal attire. The girls reveal swara & naina. Both are looking gorgeous. Then two lady enter the room.
Lady 1- See Sharda di my daughters get how much elder now they are going to do their marriage.
Sharda- Haan Shomi our cheeku & shona get elder in a glimpse of eye.
Shomi- See my daughters are looking like princess. Now they will light their in laws house.
Shomi starts crying.
Sharda- Hmm. Arre Shomi dont cry.
Swara- Ma you crying. We are not going for whole life. We will come here to meet you every week. Kyun cheeku am I right?
Naina- Hmm obviously and you have to make pastries , sweets, currys, fish fries…
Swara- Haan haan ma will bought a restaurant for you bhukad.
Naina- Hey dont call me bhukkad shaitan ki nani.
Swara- How dare you to call me…
Sharda- Stop, stop you both atleast dont fight in your marriage day.
Shomi- Ok get ready soon Karan & Sanskar is waiting in mandap.
Swaina- Hmm ma just a minute.
Swaina look at eachother and start laughing. Looking at them shomi’s eyes get teary.
After some time both girls come down. Both Swara in pink lehenga & Naina in golden lehenga looking beautiful.
Everyone is watching them. But two handsome boy are watching them without blinking for a minute. Then the girls come and sit beside their respective partner those blinkless boys. They noticed their partner are watching them. They smile at them.
Swara whisper to her partner- What are you looking Sanskar?
Sanskar- Nothing just watcing them which i got.
Swara blushes.
Naina side
Naina- Karan is there any ghost?
Karan- huh nahi to.
Naina- Then why are you watching me as i am a ghost.
Karan- Oh Naina you are impossible.
Naina make faces.
Then priest start both of the couple’s marrige. After the marrige rituals priest says marrige is done. You are now become husband wife.
After that both couple took blessing from elders. After bidai both girls goes to their in laws house.

Swasan side
A lady is taking arti of swasan. A man is standing beside her.
Man- Oho Sujata how much time will you take. Let them come inside they should be tired.
Suji- You stop Ram ji you dont know anything about rituals. Swara beta are you tired.
Swara- No no mom.
Suji- See ramji. Let me welcome my laxmi perfectly.
Sanskar- Aur Vishnu ko bhi.
Ram- Who is Vishnu here?
San- i am dad.
Swara- How?
San- Comeon swara if you are laxmi then i am Vishnu na.
Suji- Chup kar saitan. Aao beta swara come inside.
They all get inside.
Nairan side
A lady come towards Naina and gave her a bangle and said- It is ma’s bangle she kept it for her bahus. I kept one of them you kept this.
Naina- Haan meghna di.
Meghna- Naina you are dil of chauhan family now. You have to take all responcibilty of this house.
Naina- I am ready meghna di.
A man come there and said- Meghna she come here today dont start yaar.
Meghna- Kunal i am not starting i am just telling. Naina do you think something for that?
Naina- No no meghu di dont worry. And kunal bhaiya my di is not giving me gyan its her love ok.
Karan- Haan bhaiya dont say anything to my bhabi.
Kunal- Lo i thaught naina should support me but she is also in topper’s side like this bhabi ka chela.
Naina- No no bhaiyu i am in your side always but you said this time wrong so i took meghu di’s side.
Kunal- So you are in my side. See meghna i got an army in my team.
Karan- Oh bhaiya stop your drama let me enjoy my first night with my wifey.
Naina glares. Karan ignored and draggs her to their room and close the door.

Precap- swasan & nairan first night and flashbak of their journey

Guys i am ending this chapter here. Please ignore grammatical errors. Please share your views. And sorry for short update.
With love

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