Shadi aur swara?? (marriage sucks!!) (Epi-2)


HEY guys!!!! We are back with next episode as i said it’s intro of our hero

Screen shifts from Chennai to Delhi
Its a broad road with fewer vehicles as it’s
early morning
A guy is shown rising bike………Morning has a chill sting as it had rained d day before
His face is covered by helmet but d magic of mist makes him remove his helmet it’s non other than our sanskar….his hair is messy due to helmet but after sometime nature makes his hair
He is breathing air and say “perfect morning ”
He see a pair sitting in bike their conversation
Guy:baby did u like it
Guy:romantic morning with u let this last forever
(Sanskar is similar to swara …….)
Sanskar in his mind (not even until petrol lasts )he rides his bike

He finally reaches the place it’s filled with treadmills ,,dumbbells ….. .
Obviously it’s a gym little classy
A girl in uniform f gym
‘Sanskar coach is calling you ‘
He says tq

Inside cabin
Coach:Dis tym ur not chosen Sanskar bt keep doing vigorous practice
Sanskars natural smile fade away”Yes sir’
(our sanskar is a ambitious boxer)
He comes out in frustration and climbes on a treadmill with abnormal speed
A guy comes and pulls away wire but sanskar could not look at his face
Sanskar asks “wt d hell I’m practising “(assumes it to b someone who comes to tease him )
Guy:arre baba I know dats why you have come all way from Chennai
Sanskar :wt do u want ??he tells dis also without looking at him and adjusting wires
Guy pulls him and makes him face him
Laksh; wt happen man ur so angry??
Sanskar:dt coach cheated me again laksh
Laksh:us talented and u had asked for a job

As I practice ly in mornings
Sanskar:I’m a BE graduate so it will not be that difficult
Laksh:Ok and call me lucky coz i really deserve that name in d world ask me why??
Sanskar:cos?? (Questioning look)
Laksh; cos I’m getting married to my childhood sweetheart ragini
Sanskar:lucky but marriage sucks!
(Ends with convincing look of sanskar and u r like this only look of laksh )
Guys no recap as not yet decided and Swasan play main role we hv decided for cute scenes for raglan

Plz comment and guide us love you all

Credit to: Raksha n shreya

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  1. Raksha u are from chennai? Right I have friend named raksha ….raku? sorry to disturb u…

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  5. nice waiting for swasan meeting….

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