Shadi aur swara?? (Epi-5)

Hey guys!!!this s shreya and raksha back with nxt epi we thought of giving longer episode today ………….
Swara pov
I reached the venue it was a busy place but I saw a guy literally staring at me actually I really felt like words were not enough to describe me he couldn’t bear the tempurature so he was red due to sweat bt white shirt and light blue jeans messy hair I didn’t find him professional he looks rough harsh bt one thing make him adorable brown eyes which could make any girl fall for him just by his look at them ………..
wt d hell I’m staring at him I’m falling for him no ways relationships sucks!!……..
I think he is that Sunil’s friend
Ly he can have such weird friends
My thoughts disturbed by neha’s shout that girl was childishly asking me for a side these girls really try hard to look cute …….

But these stuffs of trying to act also make my friends cute
I have them some side in my bike I totally love riding bike for long time by guys look at me differently fools ??

After the evening function was over 7pm
Sanskar pov
Wtf! ! It’s really irritative all pairs and their boring romance ………..Actually I’m nt totally against love
These people make me hate love …..making fake promises,life long relationship with fake smile ,when they lose temper they start fighting to extremes I was wandering same like my mind
I saw Sunil promising Neha ‘I won’t leave ur hand until death ‘
I lost my temper I shouted “disgusting” I heard a sweet strong bold girls voice joining me
It was swara??
Swara:hey wt d hells ur problem

Sanskar;what ?????
Swara;why r u repeating my words ??
Sanskar; no I was telling it for Sunil
swara;wt looking at their conversation
Sanskar:it’s actually my mistake only ………
I get irritated seeing this place filled with romance……..
His tongue went out of control and blabbered all his feelings he realized what he was doing
Swara :(in shock and den spoke up with excitement )U know we both think same even I felt lyk dis my here I am against all marriage ,,long relationships etc…she pinched him telling same pinch …..”GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE “( hehehe?)
Swara’s pov

Just realizing what i had done….thats pinching a stranger and also the one whom i was attracted to i turned red. I carelessly told sorry if he was offended by my behavior but he took me by surprise by telling he was completely ok with me and said that its true we thought alike. Then i felt a guy and girl can be friends too. We introduced ourselves and were totally comfy wid one another. Buttttt…… I was strongly attracted to him. I just told myself to calm down and control myself. We chatted long and i came to know he was a boxer. We shared a good bonding. Soon we were called for dinner and we went. Later we sat to play a game. Its obvious isn’t it. Whn a youth group gathers, truth or dare is the only game we get. We started. Woah! Its me first. Laksh…..i think sanskars bro had to ask me! I chose dare being a daring person as i cant be truthful always. He asked me to kiss any guy in the group there. Wtf!!! How can u man??? I just got pissed off. You cant ask to kiss a person in a random group. I said i ll choose truth. Laksh seeing my anger said ok! He asked me—–why dont you believe in marriages???? And what do u want in life???

Swara was taken aback by the question. She carelessly answered— seeing my mom suffer after trust and belief in her parner broke i started hating marriages. Well you have to be independent in lyf. U cant depend on anyone. My mum suffered nly because she was dependent on dad. So i dont like marriage amd all these stuff. And pls no more personal queries!

Btw i like live in relations. They are short and sweet. Life shd b enjoyed lyk that. All were shocked including sanskar as their thoughts matched so much. Sanskar was damn happy.
Then it was sanskars turn. Laksh being way too naughty told him to kiss too. But sanskar did not react. He randomly gazed at everyone and pecked in swara’s cheeks she couldn’t come out of shock
Sorry guys my net pack died so I couldn’t update sterday

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Credit to: raksha n shreya


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