Shadi aur swara?? (Epi-4)


Hey…..shreya n raksha here. So guys tq for the comment. We were disappointed wid less comments but whoever commented and read tq….even silent readers. I know u all wan swasan meeting so im speeding up a little. If u feel its fast tell me ok! Swara reaches chennai. For a change she takes her bike.( she is tomboyish but not so much also). She drives from Coimbatore to chennai. On the other hand sanky and laksh ragini also come to chennai. Swara comes infront of neha and thara house. She removes her helmet. Her hairs are short but her fringes fall on her face and she pushes them aside. Same time Sanskar enters. He sees her. Flowers fall on her from above. She smiles confusedly as to who showered them. Sanskar gets attracted seeing her. But his ego and thoughts stopped him. Laksh says omg!!!! Pataka hai yeh!! Ragini hears it and stamps his feet and walks off. Laksh goes behind her. At the Same time flower basket falls on swara’s head. She says ouchhh!!! Which gains sanskars attention again. He sees her. Her perfect curvy body, fair complexion, totally kissable lips…..but wait her eyes where were they. They were covered with the flower basket. At that moment he felt like killing the person who covered her eyes. Such pretty eyes like a fish.(meenkanni). Just then two girls shouted from the top. Ohhh miss swara bose stop grinning so much. Flowers wont keep falling continuously. Come up soon. It was neha and thara.

“But wait. I see a change. Ohhhh swaraaaaaaa. U came in the bike. Im coming down. Neha babes come nah. Swara got her bike today!!!!!”
They both rush down.
Sanskars pov

Omg she was as beautiful as and angel. But wait a bike??? I saw sideways. A dukati stood there. Swara, i guess it was her name. Anil’s fiance had yelled it so loud. But a nice and unique name na! But wait this girl and dukati. They must be kidding. I stood like a statue there like a magistrate seeing the court. I waited. My friends twin fiance’s came rushing down and started buttering her.” Swara ur the sweetest. Plaese one ride dude” . Haha she didn’t budge. She kept on teasing them by not giving a ride. Finally she said she will take them. Same time she turned towards me. I was quick not to reveal i was staring at her. Thinking i was not staring at her she said” arre neha who is that guy? He is staring at me from that time like a gadha(donkey).” oh wait did she mean me?? Was i looking like a donkey. Man she knew i was staring. I started walking away. Knowing i had heard them they started laughing and hi-fing eachother. Oh these girls. Ragini also used to do the same to laksh. Poor guy. I met anil and sunil just in front of me. They greeted me and i asked them about swara. They just laughed and said not to take her topic and to forget her. I didn’t uderstand. Well anyway why did i need details about her. Im not looking for a gf and what am i thinking these relationships sucks. I dont need them…..

Precap: swara pov

Guys sorry for small episode. Today were our results and v dint do so well but ok. So lil bit pissed off. Will try to post another one today. Sorry again and plsss comment

Credit to: Raksha n shreya

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  1. Its was good, and next part today itself. Great.
    & dont be upset for ur result, instead work hard for the next time guys. Stay happy. 🙂

  2. its nice guys…

  3. Awesome yaar.. Keep swara sanskar scenes…

  4. Nice and pls don’t stop ha…continue there are many silent readers also

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