Shadi aur swara?? (Epi-1)


Hello guys……shreya and raksha here. We are writing thisfan fiction for u people only right so please comment we were disappointed with only two comments on the previous episode. If you don’t like it please tell us an give us ideas too. But please encourage us by giving comments. Our story is a realistic one and shan its not sillindru oru kadhal its different from it. Its a nice movie though.

@ wedding mandap
Swara: uffo guys you people nah go crazy. See there your so called boyfriends came now go and handle them. I’m leaving after wishing the couple.
{Anil and Sunil as Neha and Thara’s boyfriends}
Two guys come there.
Anil- hello girls. Wassup. Seems like something is cooking.
Sunil- arre nothing is cooking. Swara now please dont ask us not to marry. We all know your view about marriage but please dont brainwash neha about it(??)
Swara (looks at neha and thara??) : you guys consider me as ur bff but some people think its a waste of time informing their bff that they are gonna get married.
Neha: no swara we were going to inform you today only yaar. See we brought out invitations too.( They show the invites). Swara cools down a bit.
Swara: okay girls cool ur getting married. I know i dont have belief in marriage but does not mean i will impose my rules on others. Its your life. So congo girls and you guys too.
All have fun. They talk and have masti with wedding couple and leave. Neha and Thara are getting married together because they are twin sisters. Their parents want to marry them together. Before leaving they invite swara for their small house party. They ask swara to take a week leave for the functions too because swara is their bff. Swara also agrees.
Swara goes home. Her mom welcomes her with a smile.
Sumi: swara i have prepared your favourite kadala koot and idli. Go and freshen up we will eat together.
Swara: mom thanks for preparing my favorites today but is anything special today????
Sumi: you first go i will tell you everything.
Swara gets puzzled and thinks her mom is upto something. She freshens up and comes.
Swara: Ma neha and thara are getting married after 15 days so im taking a week leave. I will have to go to chennai mom. Will u manage without me???
Sumi: go beta why cant i manage? After your marriage i have to be alone right!

Swara: what the hell mom! How many times have i told you i hate marriages. Please don’t take this topic again and ya i will never get married.
Sumi(calmly): i know what you think shona. You think as to why a woman needs a man in her life right?? U think as to why a woman cant live independantly. But shona its also important you know that a man makes a woman feel complete. You must know that a woman needs a man to support her in life. Every woman needs a man and also every man needs a woman. See now your friends are getting married. When will you marry?? I have a good match for u. The boy is from a well known family. He does not have problem with you being independant. Please agree.
Swara: mom why dont you understand. I basically hate marriage. Please ma i want to be alone and lead my life. And ya i have accepted the transfer order to Delhi. After the marriage in chennai i will directly board the flight and go to Delhi. I thought of rejecting the offer but if i stay here i know you will force me to marry and talk about it all day.
Sumi( hurt): okay beta do what u want. She has tears.
Swara: (hurt seeing her mom) sorry mom. I understand ur worries but tell me mom did dad ever come to u when you needed him the most. Tell me mom didn’t you suffer just because you were dependant on him. Thats why i wanna be independent mom. So i wont marry.
Sumi(still hurt): I know shona. But i had my mistakes too and i dont wanna talk about mine and your dads matter. I know i cant win over you. I just leave it upon god to direct you to the right path.
Swara( convincing her mom): mom i know u have dreams for my marriage. But please give me time. Im still 24. I wanna enjoy my life. And god has directed me to right place
Sumi: As a mother I’m supporting you swara. …
And …But I must give your responsibility to take care of you to someone b4 my death
Swara :Mom don’t talk non sense
…..and stop being senti I told you nah I’ll think of it ……I need some more time to decide
Sumi:ok shona go take rest gunnite (she is convinced thinking swara may marry)

Precap; sanskar intro
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Credit to: Raksha n shreya

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  1. swasan and raglak plzzzzz……!!!!!and yeah the ff is interesting swara dont wanna marry….but soon after sanskar’s entry she would believe in marriage…?!?
    LUVED TODAYZ EPI…it wz jxt amazin

  2. Nice dear.

  3. It’s was nice can wait to see how she will believe in marriages

  4. Awesome yaar

  5. oh kk in intro 3 girls nd mrg so i thought that movie…..ya but its diff nd ya if i hurt u i m sry….nd dis s nice….

  6. It is nice dear….want raglak too

  7. heart touching convo between mom and daughter.. plz go ahead..

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