Anika “Kaha jaa rahe hon…HUCH-BAND” ?
ShiOm gets SHOCKED seeing AniRi ! ??



Anika “let me call shivaay !”…

Gauri “I am too calling !”…

Anika “Shivaay ?”

Gauri “Nope yaar…Om !”…

Soumya “Okay then let me try rudra !”…

They calls thoroughly but fails to connects !…

Anika “How is this possible…ring is going but not picking up…shivaay kar kya rahe hain !”…

Gauri “Simply…ani i am getting too angry…i never thought om is such an irresponsible person”…

Soumya “Rudy kaa toh dusra naam hi immaturity hain !”…? (Rudy’s another name is immaturity)

Anika “Now there’s only one option”

Gauri “What !”..

Anika “Lets track them !”…

Soumya “But anika…they are our husbands !”…

Anika “Toh kya mein unki puja karoon…hmmkk bina bolke chale gaye…irresponsible hubbies !!”…(So should i worship them…already they went out without informing any of us)

Gauri “Pata nahi kaha gaye hain…Tu track kar unko !”…(Dont know where they go…You track them)

She starts tracking ShiOmRu through TRACKPAD !…


ShiOm are still enjoying pathetic dance with the robots ! ??

Rudra shirtlessly dances with the girls !!!…

Shivaay “Drinks on me !!!”…?

Some robots splashes drinks on shivaay !! ????

Shivaay “Wtf” ?

Om “Shivaay…its your fault…tune kaha tha drinks on me…so sadly they splashes drinks on you !…Hahhaha” ? (You said drinks on me so sadly they didnt understood the idiom)

Shivaay shouts “F you Om !”…?

Shivaay thinks “Oh god…if ani spots me like this she will just slay me !!”…?


AniRiMya enters into the club on the other hand !!…

Anika “Aaj toh mein shivaay ki Omm kar keh rahungi girls !!”…?? (Today i will slay shivaay…I will do his Omm)

GauMya “Omm ???” ??

Anika “Oh my maata !” ?

Gauri “Woh toh mein om ke saath bhi karungi…dekhna uska halwa banuongi mein !!” ?? (I will do the same with om…see today how i make his halwa)

Soumya “Rudy ka toh bhadosa nahi…pati kya…huhhhhhh !!” (Rudy is already faithless…what husband he…huhhhh)

AniRi looks front and spots rudy shirtless enjoying shower dancing with random girls !!!…???

AniRi “??”

Soumya gets RED !! ??

Soumya screams “RUDRA SINGH OBEROIIIIII !!” ???

But no one hears her scream, due to loud music !! ??

Gauri “Rudy…toh gaya…ab om aur shivaay !”…? (Rudy died now shivaay and om)

Tracker tracks shivaay and om !!!…

Gauri “Ani…there”

AniRi goes like detectives towards inside !!!…They gets SHOCKED seeing ShiOm dancing with Robots !! ????

Anika bursts out of laughter “Inko ko koi ladki nahi mili…jo robots ke saath naach rahe hain !!” ?? (They didnt got a single girl and now dancing with the robots)

Gauri “Om…Hahhaha ???”

Om lifts a robo in his arms and dances !!!…??

Anika laughs “Ye kya chal kya raha hain”…?? (What the hell is happening lol)

Gauri “Chal hum bhi dance karte hain !!” ?? (Lets dance)

They starts dancing !! ??

ShiOm suddenly spots AniRi !!…??


Rudy turns back and spots soumya !!…

Rudy “Somsy !!!…Ummm…somsy !!” ???

He is not even to gulp it !!…

Soumya’s eyes are burning in anger ! ?

Rudy “Lets celebrate this moment !!”…??


Hey listen baby (baby)
I’ll do anything for you (you)
Nah I’m just joking (joking)
I even go to the moon for you
So tu ho ja meri ready (ready)
Na I won’t wait anymore
I just wanna party (hard) like a animal

He drags soumya on dance floor and forcefully makes her to dance !!! ??

I see her dancing
Lagdi outstanding
No love or passion
For you all this was a Fashion
Pretty blue rang di vi jeans
Ton neele rang di kameej
Sadda dil kar gyi tu freeze
Saanu lagni Dutch Police

Soumya shouts helplessly “NAHI KARNA DANCE MUJHE…RUDY KE BACCHEEE !!” ?? (I dont wanna dance with you…bldy rudy’s son)

Let’s Celebrate
Let’s Celebrate this moment
Moment moment moment
Let’s Instagram this
Let’s Instagram this moment
Moment moment moment
I just wanna live this moment
Moment moment moment
All the time..
Shake your body
Shake that body
Shake your body
Shake the body
Shake that body
Shake the body
Till it drop (MOVIE – TEVAR)

Soumya SLAPS rudy !!!…??

He makes O face ! ?



AniRi are enjoying dance with the robots !!! ???

Shivaay to Om “Arey what the hell are they doing here !!”…?

Om “O shit !!…Mujhe issi baat ka dar tha !!”…? (I was scared of this only)

Shivaay “Rudy kaha hain !”…? (Where’s rudy)

Om “Usse chhor…zaroor uska somsy ke saath pala pada hain !!” ? (Who cares…maybe he get caught by somsy’s hands)

Shivaay “Lets find a way to move !!”…

Om “Isse pehle ki ye log humme dekhe !!” (Before they see us we should leave)

Anika “Kaha jaa rahe hon…HUCH-BAND !!” ? (Where you going husband)

Shivaay “Ann..ann…anii…annikaa !!” ?????

Om “Gauri !”…

Gauri exaggerates “Omkara singh oberaaaai…biwi baccho ko ghar mein chhod kar club mein enjoy kar rahe hain !!” ? (Leaving wife and kids in home, mr oberoi is enjoy here in club with full of joy ah)

ShiOm grabs each other in #FEAR !! ??



Cold war amid Shivika, Rikara, Rumya ! ???
Pinky’s stomach pain ! ??


Hey Everyone…?
THANKYOU SO MUCH for commenting on the previous episode and everyone who liked it !!…
Do share your likes, comments and suggestions…
Keep reading and take care
Happy Monsoon


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    soumya saying rudy’s another name is ummaturity and avika saying she will do omm to shivay n omm is O my mata was with robots was funny.girls laughing that they didn’t get girls only robots for dancing and rumya fight during the dance were funny.aniri too dancing cool.shivru UN fear?

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