hey ishqies, i m soo blessed to have frns like u who r giving huge support to me and my ff. i mean, its our ff. and moreover, i write my ff as a reader and read it 2-3 times and just imagine the characters. pardon me if i m wrong anywhere in my story.
now lets start our ff syhp- epi 2
recap: anika and shivaay stuck in store room… their catfights… om runs to meet anamika but only sees her eyes… rusdra teases sumo… and then his rudraabhishek.

episode 2
rudra has now become protein shake oberoi as he is fully drenched in cold protein shake. he comes towards om’s room to complain about sumo.
rudra (crying): bhaiyya!!! ye dekhona sumo ne kya kiya!! aapke chote bhai par torture pe torture.. torture pe torture.. tor.. [just then he notices that om was not at all listening. he was just holding the dupatta and smiling]
rudra (shouts): ooooooo…………………..!!!!

om(is shaken at once): shut up rudra!! talk softly.. i can hear you
rudra: wahin toh!! tabse baat kahe jaa rahaa hoon mein aur aap hai ki apne haath peele karke baith gaye ho!! [i m speaking to u from some time ago and u are not listening to me]
om[surprised]: what r u saying?? haath peela?? what do u wanna say??
rudra[ takes the yellow dupatta that belonged to anamika from om’s hand] : i was talking about this. dupatta. whom does it belong to??
om(imagines her) : anamika!!!
rudra (confused look) : anamika?? koyi bhooth vooth hai kya??
om : “ dard kab kiski zindagi mein dastak de,
yeh koyi nahi jaanta….
dard kab aapke dil ko piro de,
yeh koyi nahi jaanta….
lekin jab koyi aapke dard mein aapka
humdard ban jaaye….
tab voh hamdard aapke dard ko bhi
haseen bana deta hai…

rudra, u know what??? these were her quotes from her previous novel. i like that every novel of anamika contains thought provoking quotes at the end.
rudra [begins his chitchats] : o!! agar dard ko mehsoos karna hi hai toh uss novel ke badle na.. tum himesh reshammiya ke gaanein suna karo. { if u wanna feel the pain, then instead of her novels, u just listen to himesh reshammiya’s songs}
(now he sings with his “not-soo-good” voice, probably shouting)
dard dilon ke kam ho jaate, mein aur tum agar hum ho jaate….
see bhaiyya, thats what even she meant to say!!!
om gives him “iska kuch nahi ho saktawala” look and goes out of the room.
rudra(to himself) : iss ghar mein meri koyi value hi nahi hai ( and then cries again reminiscing the protein shake incident) {no one values me in my house} main toh bas dhaniya paraaya ho gaya hun!!!!
—— —— ——
store room

anika: y r u laughing?? akdu singh oberoi hans raha hai??
shivaay: shut up!! u know what, u once recommended a ‘vaid’ in ur locality.. [she cuts him short]
anika: arre wahi!! vaidji aur unka gadha ‘kaalu’ aise faadu laath maarta hai, aap naa ek laath mein seedhe ho jaayenge. mein aapko wahan le chalthi hoon na..
shivaay: anikaaaa!!! (controls himself) i was gonna say it. suggest u to go to that vaid. us gadhe ki 10 laath khaake aa jaana. tum ye jo cheezon ki naam rakhti hon a.. i think tumhe who gadha hi seedha kar sakts hai.. (and smiles)
anika: achcha??? meri cheezon ke naam rakhne se aapko kyun michmichi ho rahi hai???
shivaay: not again paanikaa!!

anika: mein?? paanikaa??
shivaay: yes!! paani feknewali paanika (smirks)
anika: toh aap stone singh oberoi
shivaay: tum naamikaa!! naam rakhnewaali
[they both were about to fight more, but they realised they were locked in the room for long time and get silent]
shivaay: how can we open the dooe?? (he sits on the table while anika sees something behind him and below the table. she smiles)
anika: arrey wah billuji!! i didn’t know rich people like u also have them in ur house.
shivaay: whom r u talking about??
anika: mso and cso
shivaay: (totally confused) huh??
anika: makhdi singh oberoi and chuha singh oberoi.. ab oberoi house mein hai toh aap hi ka surname milega na.. (spider and rat){now that they r in oberoi mansion they will get ur surname ryt??}

shivaay: what the wuck!!! ( he gets up from the table and is running continuously to and fro. he had nearly taken some rounds of the room. while anika standing there, just couldn’t control her laughter and was in rofl mode.then, he came and hid behind anika . anika tries to console him)
anika: billuji, u don’t get scared. even my sahil plays with them. they don’t harm u.
shivaay: (now standing beside her) mm.. huh…. i don’t get scared by those tiny creatures.

anika(smiles): i can see that.
after a while, the light goes off and its fully dark. anika who is scared a lot utters “billuji!!! where r u??” “billuji”..
shivaay(smirks): now, who is afraid??
anika in fear sits beside shivaay and holds his hand. shivaay sensing anika’s fear, consoles her. she rests her head on his shoulder and soon they both fall asleep.

_____ ______ ______
omru open the door of store room after much effort. as they entered, their eyes were wide open. rudra was soo emotional that he started dancing and singing loudly.. hum tum…. ek kamre mein bandh ho aur chaabi kho jaaye….
anika who was resting her head on shivaay’s chest and shivaay holding her tightly… both woke up to this song and were shocked to find themselves in that position. to make things worst, they were spotted by omru. anika just storms out off the room in embarrassment.
om(controlling his laughter): whats going on shivaay?? we came here searching anika as dadi told she was in store room. but here…

shivaay: ah.. i.. i was just consoling her!!
rudra(with a wide smile): who toh dikh raha tha bhaiyya!! (it can be seen bro)
shivaay: i..i.. i have to make call..
omru: jaayiye!!!
(and he rushes out)
omru see each other , give a hi-fi and laugh out loud.

_____ _____ _____

preparations going on for pooja. dadi asks omru to get rose petals for the pooja. a car enters oberoi mansion and stops right infront of the house. a young girl dressed in baby pink kurtha and white palazzo gets out of the car. she removes her goggles and sees the whole oberoi mansion. her long-left hair falls over her eyes due to the cold breeze. she puts her hair behind her ear. she enters the oberoi mansion and stands below the stairs. om was upstairs carrying a big basket of red rose petals. rudra comes
rudra: o…. lets decorate the entrance of the house with these petals.
om: rudra, didn’t u hear?? dadi told us to get these flowers for pooja.
rudra: but o..
om:let me go rudra.
[rudra tries to snatch the basket from om who was equally trying to pull it back. in a rush, all the petals fell down, probably over the girl who was standing below]
it was a princessy feeling…………….
some petals were over her wavy hair. some over her shoulders and clothes.
om: duffer!! what have u done???

rudra: well, u were also a part of it.
om: come. lets apologise.
om goes downstairs followed by rudra.
om: excuse me!! i m really sorry..i..
[he was to say something when she turned towards him and he just uttered “a…anamika..” those were the same mesmering eyes. yes, she was anamika]
rudra: what happened to om? he is just dreaming of anamika.
[ the girl was wearing heels. she trips and falls on om, but he holds her by her waist while her hands are over his chest]

they share a passionate eyelock. there was pure silence. they were lost in each other.
meanwhile, rudra was super-excited to see them like this. he takes out his phone and clicks their pictures. then he collects the rose petals and put over them again and again dancing and singing “ ankhon ki gustaakiyan… maaf ho..”. he repeats it again and again. [guys yeh rudy kabhi nahi sudhrega..  wink wink]
at this moment, the couple break their eyelock and om steps backwards and says “shut up rudra”.
dadi sees the girl, and calls everyone in the hall. all are gathered there.
dadi: so beta, u finally came here!!
shivaay: dadi, who is she??
om: anamika.. i mean uh… ms.ishana malhotra. [all look at om]
[yes ishqies. as u guessed it . it is none other than ishana malhotra. anamika is her pen-name. only her close ones and some crazy fans know it]

ishaana just looks at all those known yet unknown faces.

precap : planned but not yet written : – )
thoda filmy ho gaya kya??? but i wanted it to be.

so guys, how was ishana’s entry?? i personally liked it. let me know through your comments.
i would expect some universe-thod response from u guys. so what may happen in next epi??
p.s: don’t ignore known yet unknown phrase.
p.p.s: guys plsss bear my dardwala shayari which is very bad 
c u in the next epi of syhp.
dil bole ishqbaaz


  1. Nansshivika


    |Registered Member

    Arey sahana its fantastic
    Shivika ishkara scenes to waise bhi filmy air romantic the but rudra humour is outstanding
    In store room all scenes are hilarious and anika dialogues are so anika type
    How did u write such anika language!! They r just awesome and funny CSO and mso its hilarious and her explanation is more funny
    Waiting for ta next one dear

  2. Tulasi


    |Registered Member

    Hey dear………awww ishanas entry is dhamakedharr……filmy hain n hona bhi chahiyee…aftrall its our ishu baby…….omish eyelock…..n shayaris r really gd…..suprrb dear……n shivikaaa hahaa shivay scared of rats…very funny…i m happiee theres sumthng for wich he ll get scared….n their hug….woweeeeee suprrrrr….😍😍waitng for d next

  3. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    Sahanaa, I loved the update. ShivIka interaction was awesome. I love humor and naming all objects as Singh Oberoi is hilarious. And the Homes Reshamiya reference had me ROFL😂😂I live how you are maintaining Rudy’s character. I liked Ishana’s entrance. You described her so prettily 🙂

  4. Saku

    Yippeee….MY guess was ryt…😍😍…
    Ok enough of celebrations..
    Episode was superb di…specially ishana s entry😍😍😍….i hope current track mein bhi aisa ji hota!!…but still di u r rocking..
    Update nxt epi soon..i can’t wait plz.. 😊

    • Sahanaa



      I was waiting for ur comment saku… u guessed it ryt..!!!😂😂😍😍😘
      Thank u soo much for ur support.. i vil try to upload next epi may b on friday😊

  5. Pri_24

    Sahana swty update is amazing and Shivika and Ishkara’s send are wonderful and Rudra Omg he is so cute and Rhoda filmy to chalta h swty and Ishana’s entry is khidki tod one in Anika’s language and about update short me bolu to Fodu update h ye jaldi she next part update karo….☺☺☺

  6. Archiya

    Totally loved it.. ur comic timimg is mast
    Shivika scenens were so cute hilarious.. makdi n chuha singh oberoi..lolzzzz..
    Rudy…dhaniya paraya,haath pile.. an his songs fr bth om n shivika
    Ishana entry is nice, waiting fr ishkara love stry to start..
    An the shayari u wrote was very meaningful.
    Waiting eagerly fr next part 🙂

    • Archiya

      I felt something missing so reread ur ff.. please take this comment positively ok
      I felt the shivika romance ended abruptly, there wld have been more dailogues frm shivay and anika wen he consoled her when she was scared of the dark

  7. Shama

    Really sorry dear for late comments actually still travelling and here my net is troubling Roaming Charges but anywhere I loved the episode to the core even though it was filmy it was beyond awesome I enjoyed each and every moment and the shayari was not at all bad OK and yaa I loved ur description better than my ff just loved it and yaa one of my idea you took unknowingly in ur ff but its OK … And I don’t know when I will be returning so I can’t promise that I can comment and post my ff as the vehicle and phone is shaking more than protein shake omg…..
    When I will be back ??? When roaming will be end ???
    And yaa ur also there in Anshi OS so don’t worry

    • Sahanaa



      Awww.. dats soo sweet of u dea.. u r including me in ur ff.. thnk u 😊
      N tysm for commenting evn whn u ver out of town..
      Wish u a safe journey n take care😄
      N one thing which i gt from ur ff??? Wt is it??? i seriously dnt knw… can u say it dea???🤗

  8. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode…. Sahana di, u nailed it again…. such a beautiful episode….. Shivika scenes were so lovely!!!!

  9. Disha


    |Registered Member

    It was to filmy and I just loved it Ishana’s entry superb
    Shivika scenes awesome and funny chuha Singh oberoi 😂
    Rudy nailed it with song ham tum and ankhon ki
    And that dhaniya paraya I know paraya dhan but what is dhaniya paraya anyways shayeri was to good

  10. Rosu 25

    Loved it dear……Ishanas entry and ishkara eyelock…..just superb……also loved shivika scenes…….keep it up dear…..

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