Shaadi with a twist… shivika Ts. (shot 1)

This is a short comedy of errors kind of story I wrote for fun..
Plz give it a shot
Shaadi with a twist
Shot 1
Anika had agreed to get married to vikram much to the disappointment of dadi rikara and ruvya and delightment of pinki and ragini. The most surprising rxn was that of shivaay.. he didnt even react.. no anger, fark or dard game nothing. It looked as if both shivika had accepted defeat. both bent before the cruel destiny.
Gauri-bhavya try to talk to Anika while Omru try knocking some sense in shivaay but without any success unable to garner any rxn the younger oberoi and dadi try thinking abt some plan.
Rudra somehow manage to lock shivika in a room hoping for outcome but alas nothing happened.
Meanwhile an emotionless shivika spend a few moments of peace in solitude.. neither making any attempt to stop the upcoming disaster.

Next day
the wedding day
Anika comes down decked up as a beautiful bride.. surprisingly her face showed neither pain nor happiness. The groom was already seated in the mandap,face covered with sehra. Om felt something fishy abt the groom and for a split sec thought maybe shivaay swapped places but the next moment shivaay came behind him spilling water over his thoughts.
O-still time is there give up your ego and stop it
S-anika wants it.. ussay koi fark nahi padta then its ok I desire her happiness
R-but bhabhi ki khushi aap k saath hai.
S-its too late now.
In the mandap the pandit chants all the mantras. Now its time for the kanya dan.
P-omm but Anikas toh orphans hai then who
A voice frm behind says …I will do.
To say the oberois were shocked would be an understatement. The voice belonged to shivaay. I think a brother can do this rasam.
Omruriya looked at him as if he had suddenly grown two horns .Shivaay was going to do this
R-lagta hai bhaiyaa ko gehra sadma laga hai
O-yes Rudy you are right. Shivaay has gone nuts. Shivaay are you mad!!what the hell are you doing.
Dadi,riya looked so shocked that they weren’t able to speak.
Meanwhile Anika thanked her stars that her face was covered with a veil.. it was hard to hide her smirk at their rxn.
R-Bhaiyaa pagal ho gaye hai.
O-for the first time I agree with u..

However the next words which he spoke so calmly to the groom-“dont you dare hurt my sister” shocked the younger oberois to such an extent that they weren’t even in a position to speak.. even pinki-ragini were shocked.
Om ru fell on the ground hearing these words
Omru-yeh ho kya raha hai..
R-we need a doc
B-yes Rudy, bhaiyaa is in extreme shock
G-sankarji save bade bhaiyaa..plz help us
They were all so out of their minds.. they weren’t even in position to speak.
Shivaay looked at them with calm..whats the matter guys look but hid a smirk behind his calm look.
The rest of the rituals completed in a blur with oberois still trying to recover frm the shock.
Pandit-vivah sampan hua.
They heard an angry voice..yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti!!
Just when the OF though they couldn’t handle any more shocks.. they saw vikram at the doorstep.
Now pinki and ragini were shocked beyond limits
R-O yeh 6foot giraffe is here, shivaay bhaiyaa is here then who the hell is the groom
Om shrugged.. I think I am going mad.
R-I feel like we all are drunk.
O-yeah rudra.. you sure haven’t made some fruit punch
R- nahi nahi.. maine kuch nahi kiya.
Seeing the confusion Anika wanted to laugh out loud.. even shivaay was controlling his smile. He walked over to the mandap… congratz bhabhi
Omru were like either he needs doctor or we do.
G-bade bhaiyaa yaha hai yeh vikram yaha hai toh dulha kaun hai..
They trio in mandap laughed as the groom lifted his veil giving another major heart attack to the OF for it was none other than shivaay.
R-O mujhe 2 shivaay bhaiyaa dikh rahe hai.. we are all drunk
O-what is happening.. Plz tell us??
G-hey shankarji yeh charriya bahut pareshan ho gayi.. yaha sab chiriya aur chirote pagal ho gaye hai.. raksha kariye
B-omg what is happening two shivaay I need to solve the mystery.
P-Oh My Mata!! This weddings cannot happen. I dont accept.
S-no one cares abt what you want “mom”
Ragini-what the hell two shivaay??
Only three people were knew what was going on but they were busy laughing at the situation

The groom ie real shivaay
looks at other one..bhai I think we tell them.
Yeah right said other removing his contacts and ruffling his hairs.. it was mahi
Ri-ya- who??
S-yes mahi my twin brother am I right Mrs Pinki Oberoi.
P-Omm!! You callings me like this I am your mom
S-shut up and dont insult motherhood. Waise Kamal hai naa.. you couldn’t even recognise me and you ragini you claimed you love me… yet you cant even differentiate between me and my brother.
P-that man is not your brother…
S-stop it Mrs oberoi.. enough of your lies I know everything… how you blackmailed my Anika and that I am Ill..Illegitimate.
Sa-shut up shivaay you are my own son.. kamini gave birth to you but because she was your surrogate mom.
P-haan.. I lied coz this girls not your standards. I wanted her out-filthy roadside –
Slap!!pinki couldn’t say further coz dadi did the honour of slapping her.
S-but then mahi??
Sa- the doc said the first one was still born which means.. kamini lied to us!! I will not leave her.
S-Mrs oberoi I loved and respected you as god but you snatched my happiness frm me… frm this day onward you are not my mom.
P- but shivaay I did this for you
S-shut up and get lost. Aapne mere liye nahi aapne liye kiya Mrs oberoi… just to satisfy your ego.plz leave
Fuming and sobbing pinki goes away but OF doesn’t even give a damn.
Shivaay lovingly took Anika’s hand into his.. so Mrs Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi congrats
A-same to you Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi
M-look shivaay take care of my best frnd cum sister cum bhabhi ok.
S-dont worry bhai I will.
M-If you ever dare to hurt her again I will do you gangaram
S-dont worry mahi… I will keep your sister happy forever.
M-good waise right now we need to do a lot of explanations.. i guess.
S-oh yeah but before that I have an imp work.
Turning towards a seething ragini and vikram…
Will you two leave yourself or I need to call the security…

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  1. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar ….. Lovely part

  2. Gayathri.visu

    Ha ha ha…..OmRuRi n Dadi’s expression was priceless. Superb!!

  3. I don’t know what happened 2 me when I am reading this when shivay(mahi) says Anika his sister I am unable to stop laughing now also when I am commenting I can’t stop myself
    ???. My imagination get wild yar…


    Soooo funnny ?????
    Beautifully penned, loved the fact that you included mani, love him

  5. UniqueMe

    That was really hilarious ??and khidhikhithood part . Sach mein kitna hassa- take care of my sister ? and doctor ko bulana padenga.????? Waiting for relevations.

  6. Alekhika20

    Beautiful update

  7. Wow…just awesome loved how u used mahi’s character…

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and funny

  9. awesome,amazing,hillarious aur kya kahoon.. lafz hi nahi ,.. good one .. pls post next one ASAP..

  10. Awesome ? can’t stop laughing just amazing eagerly waiting for the next part.

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