YHM- Raman and Ishitha
TEI – Kunj and Twinkle
KB – Abhi and Pragya

Ishitha searches Ruhi in dubai but Ruhi left dubai 1 month before now stays in USA with Niddhi. But Ishitha don’t know this she searches Ruhi with Mani where accidently she sees Raman in dubai , Ishitha runs towards Raman and go to huge him but Raman slaps her and pushes her forcefully Mani helps Ishitha , Raman goes from there . Kunj and Twinkle reaches dubai for honeymoon whom was followed by yuvi , Kunj and Twinkle Comes to hotel and goes to room where Kunj goes to get refresh when he come back he see Yuvi hugging Twinkle from backside and coming to kiss her he come there and pushes Yuvi and beat him.
Twinkle ask Kunj to leave him , yuvi goes from there . Kunj gets angry on twinkle and shouts at her , leaves from there. Ishitha sees twinkle and remembers the old incident of how she helped Twinkle from committing suicide and goes to her to speak Twinkle says Ishitha didi what your doing here , she says everything about Raman and Ruhi , Twinkle too share about Kunj and Yuvi’s matters , Ishitha promises her to help her then twinkle says your problem will soon get well , they both leave .
Abhi with Pragya comes to Dubai for stage performance to which Pragya invites Raman , Kunj, Twinkle , Yuvi , Ishitha and Mani and organise party also everyone reaches there Raman ignores Ishitha in the party and goes to speak with Abhi , Pragya calls couples to dance , mani and Ishitha & twinkle and Kunj dance in the party . Twinkle gets tired and goes to drink some juice , yuvi adds sleeping tablet in the juice and offer it to Twinkle , she drinks the juice and falls down yuvi lifts her and go to hotel room .

Yuvi tries to rape Twinkle .
Ishitha sees Raman trying to kiss a girl . Pragya and Abhi dance on Romantic song .

Credit to: Vinod

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  1. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Wow, nice try. Update longer.
    You balanced every character well.

  2. Its nice . Can u plz give the link of intro of ur ff .

  3. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice ya

  4. Many questions in my head running ..
    Inspire that the episode is just awesome …
    Looking forward for d next episode

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