Shaadi ke drama part-1


Disclaimer: this is purely fictional. If it is related to any other ff written it is purely coincidence notify me if u have read something like this. Strictly no copying
Tamataars and chappals welcome but just be kind

The ff is based on situation where the sage lady tells sunaina that marriage will be a long vanvas for Sita
Accordingly chandrabagha will make a chaotic situation out of it by telling she won’t let this marriage happen. Sita will try convincing her but she
will be hellbent that she didn’t want her niece like daughter to be suffering just then janak enters with ram and laxman.
Chandrabagha starts questioning ram on how can she let this happen to which Sita answers
ma I can understand ur love for me as ur not worried that this may result in end of bandhan which u wanted for mandvi and srutakirti too
But pls understand we need to live in present the best way to predict future is to create it. One who foretells future is insecure ma it is u who taught me all this and we should never let our fear of what could happen make nothing happen. It is so unlikely to ponder on future until and unless we secure it. This marriage which was fixed by lifting of shiv dhanush I gave him the reins of my heart. I request u to let this marriage happen for their is
No point in creating new relation by destroying the existing ones
As if u can’t maintain this relation how will u maintain that relation give me ur consent ma

Chandrabagha happily obliges
Janak shines with pride looking at his Janki
Ram smiles understanding Sita who was Lakshmi herself
Laxman grins now he can tease ram

The end guys I know it’s short but reflect no point in creating new relation by destroying old ones

Credit to: Guess who I am have already given the hints

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  1. I think it’s sanjana……nice sanju

  2. Nice…. I think u r shravani

  3. No it’s Sanju and who is shravani

    Tellyupdates this is too much u post after 48 hrs and the dp given was Siya ram
    Kya doreomon do this is absolutely too much
    Tellyupdates pls respond

    Msg from Team: Changed.

    1. Thank u so much for promt response
      And I was just disappointed bcoz no one would read with that dp
      Thanks a lot
      God bless u

      1. Prompt
        Thanks tellyupdates

      2. Hey I’m sravani
        It was my sister’s edit
        I used it for my ff

  4. Mithrabrinda

    Superb sanju… Today I published my first part of premcharitra in Wattpad…. Thank you sanju ?

  5. it is very nice sanju sister… I like the marriage scene soooo much in siya ke ram.

  6. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    nice sanju..ur ff was awesome

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