Hi! Guys this is Shivika well my exams are a bit far but as I am a little fet up by studying all the time so thought of penning down a short O.S. I am exactly not sure how this is going to be.
Well I am missing all of you my lovely buddies and a big wala HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To all of you. How are you all doing? I hope so all of you are good.

This O.S. is entirely a comic one with a siphar dishamlaat siphar siphar pratisht (zero point zero percent) of serious content.
It’s based on after Shivaay and Tia’s marriage and like always this time as well Shivaay and Tia didn’t get married and at the time of muh dikhai rasaam all get to know that Shivaay got married to Anika. What will be the reaction of the OBEROI FAMILY after discovering this truth let’s have a sneak peek in SHIVAAY AND ANIKA’S MUH DIKHAI RASAAM.


Pinky removes ghughat (veil) of the bride ? thinking it to be Tia but gets shocked seeing Anika in Tia’s place.
Pinky: O my Mata Anika tun phir Sa. Shivaay tia kahan hai.
(O my Mata Anika you again, Shivaay where is Tia.)
Shivaay: Mom do you think I am Tia’s PA or am I her bodyguard to keep a constant track of that mad woman every time before wedding she runs away.
Pinky: Nahi she would’s haven’t ran away it would have been a plans of this downmarket girls. (She says in her Kapil Sharma type famous English ????).
Dadi: Look what I told you Pinky that their Ishqbaazi is taakar Ki and they will meet one day.
Rudra: Dadi aapki iss Ishqbaazi ka chaakar Mai itna ishq lada chuka hai hum na Ki aab yeh confusion ho chuka hai Ki hum insaan hai ya trial par aaya Hua maal jissa dekho uttha kar chalu ho jati hai kabhi yeh waali toh kabhi wo waali.
(Dadi because of your this Ishqbaazi only I have become so confused that I am unable to figure out that are we humans or a product that has come on trial basis sometimes we are with one girl and at other minute we are with another.)
Om: For the first time in your life you have said truth Rudy, yeh Ishqbaazi na humari naaya dubha di hai logon sa ek nahi sambhaali jati aur yahaan hum teenon bhai do do ka pecha pada Hua hain. (Because of this Ishqbaazi only we have drowned, for people it’s tough to handle a single girl and here we brothers have to handle two two.)
Tej proudly: No my son not only you even I have two two.
Jhanvi: Oh two two ka lagta itna toh koi buy one get two free par khush nahi hota jitna tum abhi ho raha ho. (Hye Mr. Two two no one gets this much happy on the offer of buy one get two free as much you are getting happy right now.)
Pinky: Aare chup ho jao aap donon Ki toh Roz Ki nautanki hai mujha aapna Bata Ki Zindagi tay karna do. (Hye shut up both of you, you guys don’t have any work let me sought out my son’s life first.)
Rudra: Bhai atharan saal ka baad toh Banda ko government decide karna tak ka haak mil jata hai bhai toh pachis ka ho Gaya life decide aab tak nahi kar paa raha desh kya khaak chalega. (At the age of eighteen a person can decide government but Bhaiya being of twenty five can’t even decide his life.)

Om: Rudy Shivaay Ki haalt na Rahul Gandhi Ka jaisi hai wo bichaara bhi aapni ma ka saath phasa Hua hai aur yeh bhi. (Rudy, Shivaay’s condition is like Rahul Gandhi he is stuck because of his mother and Shivaay as well.)
Rudra: But their is a difference he being in his forty’s isn’t married yet and I think so by the time Bhaiya reaches forty he would have crossed at least fifty marriages the way he keeps marrying every now and then.
Om laughs and both share a hi-fi.
Pinky: Are you both done.
OmRu nod.
Pinky to Anika: You downmarket girl what are you doing in place of my bahu’s.
Anika: Shivaay and I got married again.
Pinky: I can see that’s. See Shivaay I told you na that this characterless girl can fall very low.
Anika losses her cool and gets angry so she shouts.
Anika: Aare bawaari ho gayi Sa thara dimaag Mai itu si baat na ghusaa Ki thaara chora na mhara Sa byaah rachaiya Sa aur mana kuch na kiya Sa.
(Have you gone mad can’t you see that your son has married me and I haven’t done anything.) {She says in Haryanvi accent astonishing everyone.}
Shivaay: What sought of language is that?
Anika: Chup Ba. (Keep quite).
Listen you O my Mata (she says looking at Pinky) tera beta ka demaag par toh deemak lag chuka hai koi kaam kaaj toh hai nahi ek number ka vailaad hai bas jab dekho tab ya toh phone todta rehta hai yah Kisi na Kisi par chilata rehta hai kuch na Mila toh shaadi karna baith jata hai pichla chai mahina Mai yeh tesra mandaap hai Jo Mai saaja chuki hun pehli baar toh isna shaadi hi nahi Ki, dusri baar mujhsa zaabadasti kar li aur teesri baar bhi mujhsa ho gayi. So sidhi si baat hai Ki shaadi karna ka toh iss bagaad billa na shonk hi paal liya hai, itni shaadiyan kar chuka hai na yeh ki chaha toh kal sa pandit hi ban jaya ya phir aagli baar shaadi kara toh pandit ko bulana ki zaroorat nahi hai yeh hi mantar padh dega. Aur rahi baat meri mujha tera iss beta Mai koi diljaspi nahi reh gayi.
(Listen you O my Mata, you son’s brain has been hit by termite he doesn’t has any work and is totally useless. When ever you will see either he will break a phone or will shout at someone or other and if he doesn’t finds any work then he will marry someone and in previous six months I have decorated this mandap third time first time the marriage didn’t happen, second time he forcefully married me and third time as well he married me. He has done so many marriages that I think he can become a priest or maybe when he gets married again he himself can recite all the prayers and conduct the marriage. And if you are talking about me than I am least interested in your son now.)
Shivaay: What the wuck?
Rudra: Waah Bhaiya aapna toh hetric maar di. (Bravo! Bro you have hit a hetric.)
Anika: Chup ho ja mera baap ek kaam kar tun na saamohik vivah kandra hi khool Lai aadha log toh tujha ghaar Sa hi mil jayenga shaadi karna waala. (Shut up! You do one thing open a matrimonial office and trust me half of the customers will come from your house only.)
Pinky shouts: ANIKA tell me first what are you doing here?

Anika hitting her palm on her head: Oh puraana zaamana ka telephone ek baar ma saamajh nahi aata ki tera beta na mujhsa shaadi ki hai. (Hye! old telephone don’t you get it at once that your son has married me.)
Pinky: But Shivaay was about to marry Tia. Shivaay where is my bahu?
Shivaay: Aapka saamna toh khadi hai iss Sa shaadi Ki toh yeh hi hui na aapki bahu.
(She is standing in front of you as I have married her so she is only your daughter-in-law.)
Pinky: No I will never accept her as my daughter-in-law. Anika tell me you have kidnaped my Tia na.
Anika: Have you adopted her all the time my Tia my Tia. She isn’t a doodh piti baachi (a small kid) that I will kidnap her and she will happily come with me singing ring-a-ring-a-roses.
Pinky: Then where is my bahu I don’t trust this girls surely she would have done something.
Anika: Ya I did brush in morning and then had aloo Puri and then as usual I was working here and then this bagaad billa didn’t find Tia and asked me to get married so I did.
Shivaay: Hain, Maina bhi brush kiya tha uska baad saira banno ko date kiya (indicating that he drank espresso.) aur phir tum Sa shaadi. (Yup! Even I did brush and then went on date with saira banno (indicating that he drank espresso.) and then I got married to you.)
Rudra: Bhaiya aap ka kuch nahi ho sakta.
(Bro nothing can happen of you.)
Pinky: But why her billu.
Shivaay: Aab baar baar Mai shaadi karna ka liya nayi ladki kahan Sa laaon itna paaisa toh already shaadi Ki arrangement Mai barbaad ho Gaya hai. (Now from where should I have got a new girl to get married already so much money has been wasted on preparation of marriage.)
Rudra: Bhaiya I have an idea if you want a bride than contact @shaadi.com, next time when Tia runs away then you can find a girl here why to always bother Anika Bhabhi. Right na.
Shivaay patting Rudra’s shoulder and emotionally says
Shivaay: You are my true brother.
Both share a hug.
Anika: Chalo that’s good now I will not have to wear this sathaar kilo ka lehnga every time. (Now I will not have to wear this seventy kg dress every time.)

That’s all guys well you can consider this to be an effect of studies on me??? . I haven’t seen IB now for a while but I saw a video of ShiTia’s weeding on you tube and I think IB writers have done masters in marriage only that’s why they keep bringing marriage track every now and then. Well have lots to say but not right now as I have less time.
Please ignore all mistakes.

Hopefully you guys would have liked this stupid idea of mine, well THANK YOU for bearing me and please do comment both good and bad are most welcome.

Keep laughing,
Stay happy
For now signing off

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  1. Awesome

  2. Shivika

    I knew it must be u only writing such a hilarious shot……and making me laugh till my stomach starts aching …………??????????????????????????????????????????????????????missed ur writings a lott………loved it yr……..can’t stop laughing

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      ???? well I am proud of my image now??? kitna aacha Sa pehchaan laita Ho.
      And I am missing you tonnes ??.
      Take care ? and keep laughing ???

  3. It’s so takkar waali hai…

  4. Hilarious one dear….

  5. Hi dear
    Yeh mere last day hai mobile ke saath then I will be available after 3 months and thank gosh late hi Sahi I red it and what was this ??? Seriously u tell me what do u think be4 writing itna ?????????????????????????????ki pet ki oh my maata ho gayi I wish ki koi mujhe asli ka pagal na samjhe as I was laughing really loud…. And yaar Teri yaad aayegi…and I was not missing u becoz u were always there in my talks ,head and heart….. All the WhatsApp ,my insta GRP is always talking about u chahe him koi bhi topic per Baat kar rahe ho kahi na kahi se rockstar ka topic aa jata hai…..?


    1. Mrunal

      yup I’m also asking that only…
      khati kya ho yaar..( ab pichali baar ki tarah ye mat bolna ‘ashirwad ata’?)
      abhi muzhe shama ne bola ki tune os post kiya hai.. isiliye immediately padhane aa gai…
      has has ke pagal ho rahi hu… and log muze pagal samaz bhi rahe hai…
      bhala bhich practical mai teacher ke samane hote hue koi akele hi zor zor se hasega toh use pagal hi bolenge na…??
      hilarious update…
      specially annika ke dialogue…???
      shivaay ko har baar annika hi milti hai..?? variety hi nahi milti bhechare ko…??

      tuze bahot miss kiya yaar…
      roz mere aur shama ke conversion mai tera naam to ata hi hai…
      hope teri studies acche se ho gai hai all the best dear rockstar…???
      missing u a lot…
      love u…???

      chalo mera practical toh ho gaya hai phir bhi mera sadu sir muze ghur raha hai… temperature badh jaye iss se pehle cut leti hu…
      varna mera phone principal ki office ki sair karne chala jayega…???

      1. Shivika22kapoor

        Oh Ho Ho Dhanya bhaag humaara Jo as humara o.s. Par padharai?? Vo bhi lab Mai khada khada???. Vaisa iss baar shayad spring roll kha kar likha tha???? . Vo Saab toh thik hai janaab vaisa Maina suna tha Ki sirf Anika Ki yaadash gayi hai par mujha toh lagta hai Ki aapki bhi chooti par hai toh Mai aapko Bata deti hun Ki humna kareeb ek mahina pehla saath Mai ek o.s. Likha tha jissa shaayad aapna post karna tha par aapna post kiya nahi? so aagaar aapki kimti waqt ma Sa aagar aap thoda Sa waqt nikal kar ussa post kar deta toh bohaat aacha hota aur khyaal rakhain Ki Vo kaam aap lab Sa baar aakar karein nahi toh aagar aapka phone Ki principle ka saath lambi meeting Tay Ho gayi toh humara dosh nahi hoga.
        Yeh suchna Jan hit ma jaari thi.
        Aur aacha hai Ki aap logo humaari baat Karta hi kabhi huma bhi batana Ki aisi kya baat Karta ho.
        Chalo aabhi ka liya bye free hokar reply kar dena.
        Love ❤ you babes ❤ ? ??

      2. Mrunal

        Dear rockstar…
        Mrunal here… Actually about which os u r talking it’ll be posted in next week for sure…
        And i can’t do it immediately bcoz i was sick and doc advised me for bed rest bcoz of weakness..

        So in all this process i was on sick leave from my clg for 2 weeks and now i have to cover my skipped studies…
        So can’t do it now dear…
        And plzzzz don’t be angry on this try to understand…

        And about posting from lab then toh agar maine ye kam vaha baith ke kiya toh mera phone nahi muze khud ko principal ki office ki sair karne ko milegi…???

    2. Shivika22kapoor

      Koi baat nahi Shama di 3 months baad hi sahi Mai bhi June Mai Puri tarhaan Sa free Ho jaungi.
      Aur aasli ka paagal toh hum ha hi???.
      Chalo take care till then bye ? bye ?????

  6. Omg…i cant stop laughing,my stomach is paining……loved it……superbbbbb

  7. Gayathri.visu

    Hilarious OS Shivika…… I cant control my laughing!!!

  8. Renimarenju

    Hai shivika dear…ek dum mast fun ka tadka diya…..seriously ib writers bore nahi ho jaate …..baar -baar wedding drama…only….ek bhi shaadi properly nahi dikha sakte….kabhi drunken marriage-rumya, kabhi forced marriage- shivika, kabhi situational marriage=gaurikara……. i mean what’s the fark man…..ek, do, theen jitne bhi girls kyun naa aaye…..yeh oberois….toh one 4 all and all 4 one hai….aur shaadi mein bhi….they proved it…..and this shitiya drama….oh , its annoying only….. And thanks for making a comic as well as satire through this ff…..laughed a lot….dear…….thanks a lot….

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi ? Renima di I am really happy ? that you read my work and always appreciate it THANK YOU ? soooooooo much di it means alot.
      And yup I totally agree with you and seriously I laughed out loud while reading your comment it was a perfect analysis of IB’s stupidity. They all have taken that one for all concept very seriously and all of them haven’t come out of their Kanha’s character ? ?.
      And di you need not to say thanks to me at all.
      Bye ?
      Take care
      And I am blessed to hear it from you always.?

      1. Renimarenju

        Haa…..yaar….in ib……either chip drama….or swethlana’s obsession….or typical saasu maa pinky……are filled ……now a days they are dragging a lot……

  9. Puvi

    Yar finally u are here I was missing you so badly yar from tomorrow di will be not there and I will be alone now anyways ur ff is spell bonding yar has has kar ???????????????????????????????????????????? meri stomach pain hogaye wht u eat and write yar all the best for ur exams??? chutki I will be missing you so come soon love u yar???????????????????????????????

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Even I am missing you all but what to do I am tied up with all monsters (studies ??) anyways how are you?
      Kya Karta hi aaj kal.
      I love ❤ you too.
      Take care ?
      Bye ? bye ?

  10. Ruksy

    ????? puraana zaamana ka telephone

  11. Hi shivika..it was so hilarious that I couldn’t stop my laughter..???????..awesome as always..i visited here after sometime and I found this is..thanks to you it made my day..

  12. Puvi

    I am fine yar Wahi studies ka tension aur kuch nayi Teri Kya hal hey

  13. SURBHI

    ufff finally mujhe kuchh padhne ko mila warna to mai bore hi ho rahi thi bhai sahi me it was fantabulous aur wo Anika ki furstration bhai ghazab maza hi aa gaya “Listen you O my Mata (she says looking at Pinky) tera beta ka demaag par toh deemak lag chuka hai koi kaam kaaj toh hai nahi ek number ka vailaad hai bas jab dekho tab ya toh phone todta rehta hai yah Kisi na Kisi par chilata rehta hai kuch na Mila toh shaadi karna baith jata hai pichla chai mahina Mai yeh tesra mandaap hai Jo Mai saaja chuki hun pehli baar toh isna shaadi hi nahi Ki, dusri baar mujhsa zaabadasti kar li aur teesri baar bhi mujhsa ho gayi. So sidhi si baat hai Ki shaadi karna ka toh iss bagaad billa na shonk hi paal liya hai, itni shaadiyan kar chuka hai na yeh ki chaha toh kal sa pandit hi ban jaya ya phir aagli baar shaadi kara toh pandit ko bulana ki zaroorat nahi hai yeh hi mantar padh dega. Aur rahi baat meri mujha tera iss beta Mai koi diljaspi nahi reh gayi.” this was the best than the best bhai the way she gets frustrated lol maar hi ditta hahahaha aur 70 kilo ka lehenga hahaha mai bas itna hi kahungi Aisey kaun hasata hai bhai #Dr.Mashoor.Gulati hahaha

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