Shaadi aur swara? Epi-1 (Marriage misplaced)


HEY!!!guys myself Raksha and ma friend shreya we are writing new ff abt swara and sanskar this story doesnt hv kind of sacrifice ….great…..extraordinary kinda people I think u guys love ma ff so….. pls comment and tell me whether I’m right or wrong….. it’s south Indian
Cos I’m a tamilian so no surnames etc etc
Our story starts with a marriage house (not swara and sanskars?)
3 girls sitting on walls behind mantap
G1: pair was cute r8
G2:yaa dey wer awesome wt do u say swara
Swara: this is too much neha nd thara

Neha: bt y ??????
Swara :jst coz dey gave u compliments on ur Saree on send off u can’t say dey r cute
Neha: ok madam
(Swara is a kind of person who is straight forward practical ambitious girl )
Thara:swara let’s imagine ur arranged marriage
Neha:let us keep his name amh
Swara :wt does that mean
Neha :arranged marriage husband
Dey all look at same direction

Swara marriage over wedding n8
Amh:u r very beautiful
Swara:(arrogant look )I know that very well…..
Amh ;am I smart ??did u like me??
Swara; don’t u c mirrors???
All shrugs …..
Swara :guys I will never marry all this marriage and blah blah sucks….
Neha: opt for love marriage
Thara: well lets see swaras lmh

Swara: is that love marriage husband now?? U ppl will never change
Thara: arre but lets see first
All again look at same direction
Dey both start to laugh Swara :guys we din c imagination still
Neha:u need to at least flirt with him to see the imagination but u and flirt…lolz
Thara:ur ryt ??

Swara: I’m least bit bothered ( swara smiles )I will live alone…………. i cant tell any lie for just convincing person to love me nd after some days all fight and break relationship I don’t like it so…….
I don’t want marriages

Precap; sanskar intro

Guys tll did u like my plot plzzz. …comment and guide me

Credit to: Raksha n shreya

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  1. dis s sillunu oru kadal right…..very interesting continue…..

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