Shaadhi and Dosthi promo (FF)


Hi guys
Due to my semester exams, I was supposed to work with that..
Till 19 I can’t post So I am posting my Promos here

Hope you like it


Ishitha and Raman after a lot of struggles enjoying in Darjeeling..
Vijendar came to know our Super heroes play and taunts Raman’s dad of getting Aarthi back to his home.

Raman came to know about Surya’s plan.. He is trying to convey to Anitha.. But he failed to do that.
Surya wins in his plot..
Guru and Aarthi took an unexpected decision ( Don’t get shocked.. Think it in my
Planning to unite Raman’s dad and Vijendar as usual in their serious way…

Dosthi :

A girl coming to separate the five star group..
Raman making open challenge to everyone regarding their separation..
Ishu Raman and Karan Shagun moments..
Friends making Shagun Karan confession
Raman to go abroad for his project.. Friends feelings for Raman..

Then enjoying on Raman’s arrival

Their friendship will grow and never breaks and anyone can’t do that..
Not themselves too..

Raman’s abroad visits and friends reaction will be somewhat long.. But it will be lovely
You guys will love it

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Both promos are nice….keep gng ……& also BEST OF LUCK…. for ur sem exams…..

    1. Thank you reshma

  2. It was awesome na

  3. Please cpme back soon and
    Best of luck for ur exams
    Todays my result qas declared and i cleared my exams soo much happy

    1. Hey congrats kajal.. Treat???

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