Shaadhi-The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 6)

The episode starts with Ishitha calling Aarthi.
Ishu :Aaru.. What are you doing?
Aaru : Simply sitting… Usually I won’t be like this.. I will be wandering with Harish and Pranav always..
Ishu : Don’t worry Aaru.. Everything ll be fine..
Aaru : OK.. Tell me about you..
Ishu : I am Ishitha..
Aaru : Very funny..
Ishu laughed.
Ishu : I am from typical Tamil family. My family is in Tamil Nadu only. I came here for my career.
Aaru : Wow.. Interesting..
Ishu : I am from a joint family. My dad’s elder brother married to my mom’s elder sister.. They have a son.. He is my bestie..
Aaru : Nice dear.. Then how you are alone here leaving them there..

Ishu smiled…
Ishu : Joint family have issues Aaru.. My dad is everything to me. He can’t bear if anyone says anything about me..
No one understands him.. But I do..
My family is against love marriage.. I know that.. I am not against love..But I can’t tackle my family if I love.. So I don’t prefer love marriage..
My mom and dad know about me..But my relatives… They used to create stories..
I was interested in singing.. I asked my bro.. He helped me..
My relatives refused to send me here as I may get into love affair..
I know my limitations Aaru….. I won’t prefer love marriage..
I need my dad’s happiness… I need to prove my relatives that my character won’t change forever..

Aaru :Ishu… I thought you and Raman..
Ishu :No Aaru.. He is a nice guy.. After Anitha now I am sharing everything with you and Raman…
Aaru : You are cute Ishu…
Ishu smiled…

Raman who came to meet Ishu heard her conversation fully..
Raman smiled ..
He reached home and informed Surya about Ishu..

Surya : Raman.. Ishitha is so nice..
Raman : I am really proud that I am loving her..
Surya : What???
Raman : Yes I love her.
Surya : But Raman… Ishitha won’t love..
Raman : I like her character Surya.. I won’t leave my life..
Surya : I am confused idiot..
Raman(smilingly) : Raman loves Ishitha… Is this understanding to you?
Surya :Ya
Raman : That’s enough.. Don’t tell this to her.

He went smilingly..
Surya(himself) : Oh my god Ganesha…… What’s happening here?

Guru and Sanjana having breakfast………
Anitha came in…
Raman too….

Raman : Hey Guru… Hey Sanju….
Sanjana : Hey Raman…
Anitha :Hiiii…
He joined them and started eating bread.

Raman : Then… Guru… I think you are busy…
Guru :Yaveryyy busy
Raman : With?
Guru : With my Aaru…..
Sanjana looked at Guru with a stern look.
Guru : What my dear sissy?
Sanjana : Do your best…
She left…

Guru : See Raman.. This stupid Sanjana only informed Aaru about me..
Ani : What a sister!!
Guru : Exactly no one can get a love story like mine..!!
Raman : Can I tell you a story?
Guru : Yes director sir!!
Guru and Anitha kept hands in their chin to show that they are interested to hear that story.

Raman : A guy. Really smart.. Industrious..good looking.. also have a cute girl friend..
Guru : Wow.
Ani : Interesting.
Raman : The same guy.. now also with same characteristics even after seeing his love’s death in front of his eyes.
Guru and Ani looked at him.
Raman wiped his tears..
Guru : who is that?
Raman : Surya..

They looked at each other.
Raman : Surya.. Me and Surya are friends from Childhood… Nithila … Surya’s lover from our 12thstd.
True love… She wants to see Surya to be happy always.. 8 years of love.. Suddenly a day she fainted because of tumour she had..
She called Surya in her last moment.
Nithila : Surya… I am sorry… I am going to leave you.. I need only one thing from you..
Surya : Tell me..
Nithila : Not even a single tear from your eye after my demise. You should be smiling.. If I found you are crying for me..then I can’t be happy Surya.
Surya controlled himself.
Nithila : Can I have my dear’s smile?
Surya controlling his sorrow gave his killer smile..

Nithila : I said many times.. I can die for your smile.. Now I am happy for that Surya..
These are the last words from her…
Flashback ends..

Raman : From that moment till now.. I didn’t see him crying for her.. On that evng also he was preparing everything for her funeral. I asked him to cry out… But he said…
Flashback :
Surya : ” I have to cry only with the fact when I miss her…I don’t feel like that… “
Raman : Come on Surya.. Please don’t get depressed.
Surya : No Raman I ll be keep on smiling as what she said.. Because she is with me..

Flashback ends..
Anitha is shocked hearing about Surya.
Raman : No one can get his state Guru.. She died on his birthday.
Guru felt bad.

Anitha excused and went out.
Guru : Have to do something for him..
Raman wiped Guru’s tears and smiled at him..

Anitha walking in the road thinking about Surya.. Tears rolling from her eyes..
She saw Surya who is helping an old lady to cross the road.
Anitha smiled at him.
Surya after crossing the road, saw Anitha in the other side of the road..
Surya sighed Anitha that why she is sad.
Anitha sighed Surya that because of him only she is sad.
Surya pointed himself and asked “me??”
Anitha nodded “Yes”
Surya sighed “ Why?”
Anitha nodded “nothing” and went..

Surya smiled and went.

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