Shaadhi-The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 5)

The episode starts with Aarthi sitting in beach..
Ishu came and sat beside..

Aarthi : Hi Ishu..
Ishu : Hi Aarthi. how do you do?
Aarthi : Good…
Ishu : Aarthi… On that day I heard yours and Guru’s conversation..
Aarthi remained silent..
Ishu : Actually what happened Aaru?

Aaru…. A cute fun loving girl.. entered her college with full dreams..
First day.. Ragging..
Vanitha.. her senior.. called Aarthi..
Vanitha: Hey.. Come here..
Aarthi went there..
Vanitha : What is your name?
Aarthi : Aarthi..
Vanitha : Oh… OK.. Keep this books in my class..
Aarthi : Why should I?
Vanitha: As I am your senior..

Aarthi :Then you keep my books in my class.

Sanjay gang,who were Vanitha’s classmates laughed at her…
Vanitha got irritated..
Vanitha started developing her envy on Aarthi..
Sanjay too sometimes will make fun of Vanitha stating Juniors also not respecting her..

Aarthi got two close buddies.. Harish and Pranav.
The trio enjoyed their college life a lot..

Vanitha,one day planned to take revenge on Aarthi and Sanjay..
She started talking sweetly with Aarthi..
She stayed in same hostel room with Aarthi.

One day,Vanitha called Sanjay in college..
Vanitha: Aarthi loves you Sanjay..
Sanjay : What?
Vanitha : Yeah.. But she is hesitating..
Sanjay : I think she is not that type..
Vanitha : Ok.. I just informed you…
Sanjay got confused….

Vanitha.. in hostel.. to Aarthi..

Vanitha : Aaru.. Sanjay proposed me today..
Aarthi : Wow.. What you told…
Vanitha : I didn’t..
Aarthi : Do you love him?
Vanitha nodded..
Aarthi : Then tell him…
Vanitha called Sanjay … Aaru has not noticed this… He attended the call and hearing the forecoming convo..
Vanitha : Aaru.. Just relax.. Why you are so fast?
Aarthi : Love.. Should not be slow.. You won’t understand it.. Tell me whether you are telling him or Can I go directly to him?
Sanjay smiled at Aarthi’s reply and kept his phone with misunderstanding that Aarthi is loving him…

Vanitha with a cruel smile.. went to sleep…
Sanjay and Aarthi smiled at each other,.. forecoming days.. They had friendly talks…When Sanjay tries to ask about the love.. Vanitha will call her and ll prevent it..
After few days Sanjay felt the same feeling.. He proposed Aarthi..

Aarthi : What? Are you crazy? You proposed Vanitha… Now me!!! Shame on you stupid…
Saying this Aarthi went..

Vanitha smiled seeing it..
Sanjay.. got hurt by her words.. Attempted suicide..
When he was in hospital..
Harish,Pranav,Aarthi reached.. Vanitha also there..

Sanjay’s friend Siva started shouting at Aarthi..
Pranav and Harish came to safeguard her..

Siva : Seee…. Such a witch this girl is!! Ditched my frnd by saying that she loves him…
Pranav : We know her.. You..
Siva threw Sanjay’s phone.. on Pranav.. They saw.. Some messages sent from Aarthi’s mobile..
They got shocked..

Aarthi got that.. Vanitha used Aarthi’s mobile sometimes stating her mobile has no charge..
Aarthi too gave that,. She didn’t noted that messages as that s not manners and without reading deleted from her mobile..
She got that Vanitha did this.. She stared at her.. Vanitha has evil smile..

Harish and Pranav without a word went away.. Aaru cried…

Flashback ends….

Aarthi still having tears…
Ishu consoled her..

Ishu : How you know that Guru is Sanjay’s cousin?
Aaru : Sanjana one day met me and told everything..
Ishu : Cool Aaru.. He ll understand you.. Let us explain this..
Aaru : No.. Let it be,,,… Hereafter no relationships in my life…
Ishu : But he is keenly interested in marrying you.. He is ready to accept you as he is having a confidence that you couldn’t have ditched Sanjay..
Aaru : No Ishu…. My besties also disbelieved me at that odd times.. I can’t believe anyone hereafter..

Saying she went with tears,….
Ishu : I need to do something…

In shooting spot..
A scene is being shooted..
Surya came there.. Raman asked him to wait..
Surya sat there with Raman..

The scene was actually hero and heroine in coffee shop and hesitating to propose..
Raman remembered his and Ishu’s coffee day meet.. He smiled..
Surya noted this….

Surya: Ramannn..
Raman : mmm
Surya : What??? smiling…. Anything spl memories?
Raman(in blusing tone) : Nothing like that…
Surya(in curious tone) : Ok.. What’s going on between you and Ishu?
Raman(in little playful tone) : Nothing like that…
Surya(in doubtful tone) : Are you in love with her?
Raman(in smiling tone) : Nothing like that…
Surya(in teasing tone) : I think Ishu is loving someeone..
Raman(in angry tone) : Nothing like that..

Surya got tensed at his nothing like thats……………Surya keeps staring at him..

Raman : Lets move Surya..
Surya : Who are you?
Raman : Arre.. I am your friend..
Surya : Nothing like that..
Raman understood and joined his hands..

Surya : Oh God… Lets leave this for today.. Chalo na..
They went laughingly…

Raman and Guru talk

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