Shaadhi- The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 1)

The episode starts with Raman reading newspaper..
Guru was sleeping…
Aarthi : Guru just wake up..
Guru woke up.
Guru: Its Sunday na Aaru
Aaru: Yeah its Sunday.. Who asked u to sleep till 11?
Wake up..

He woke up .. Went to sofa.. Saw Raman reading newspaper..
He lied in his lap. And started sleeping..

Aaru: You are disgusting Guru…
Guru: Arre Go slow.. My baby is inside..

( This season is the period during their pregnancy till their child’s birth)

Aaru: U mind ur business..
She went to kitchen..

Ishu looking little stressed..
Raman: Ishu are you OK?
Ishu: Feeling tired Raman..
Raman: Ok we can go to hospital today..
Ishu: Mmmm

Evening they went to hosp..
After check-up
Doctor called Raman alone

Doctor: Ishu’s pregnancy is complicated.. She Is very weak..
Raman: What’s the remedy doctor?
Doctor: She should take healthy food.. Should be relax and smiling.. Don’t make her stress After 3 months I ll inform you..

He came out..
Ishu: What she told Raman?
Raman was silent
Ishu: Raman….
Raman: She asked you to do one thing Ishu but u can’t
Ishu: What’s that.?
He held her ears..

Raman: Stop eating ice creams.. so that only you got light fever now..
Hereafter no ice creams..

Ishu stood like a child
Raman: What?
Ishu: Not even one..
Raman: Not even a spoon.

He informed this to Guru and Surya..
Surya: No worries Raman..
Guru: Ishu ll be alright..

Next day morning Aaru and Ishu came out and started laughing uncontrollably

They saw Guru and Surya holding each others ears and doing sit ups..
Raman staring at them..

Ishu: Raman what’s this?
Raman: Ask them..
Surya: Actually Ishu..
Raman: Who asked you to stop?
Surya: You asked to tell na..
Raman: You do this.. I ll explain..What’s the count now?

Guru n Surya: 20…
Ishu: What Raman?

Flashback showing Raman waking up Guru for jog..
Guru: Bhai.. I m feeling sleepy.
Raman: No.. Get up.. Wait I ll wake that Surya..
Guru to himself: How to continue my dream?
He called Surya who came to Raman’s house with Ani just for a week stay..

Surya(sleepy tone) : Hello..
Guru: Surya.. Raman is coming to wake u for jog..
Surya: No I can’t
Guru: Do what I am saying.

Surya came out in track suit..
Raman: Wow Surya.. Come lets wake up Guru..
Aaru Ishu were sleeping in a room .. Guru and Raman used to sleep in another room..

When they came in.. Guru and Surya ran away locking their room and slept in sofa..

Flashback ends..

Aaru was laughing and laughing..
Ishu fell down on sofa..

Ani: How you came out?
Surya: Because of this idiot..
He kicked Guru..

Ani: What?
Guru in sleep hearing door knock.. Came and opened it ..
And slept..

Raman waited till their sleep ends..
Then Raman gave them a warm morning welcome..

Ani: Stupid Guru.. I think your mind gets switch off during your sleep..

They laughed..
Raman: How many over?
Surya: 50..
Raman: Ok.. Do 50 more..
When he went in.. They stopped and sat on sofa..

They were panting..
Surya: Tomorrow we should lock him in bath room
Guru: He ll hang us in ceiling.. My legs are paining Ahhh..
Surya: But our plan worked.. See Ishu

They saw her laughing..
Guru and Surya saw her and smiled at each other..

Guys you know how much I felt happy seeing ur comments..
I ll continue this Shaadhi and dosthi till u guys asking me to stop..
Enjoy reading..

I ll update sibilings FF weekly once..
I know I confused u guys with that..

So lets enjoy with Raman Guru n Surya in season 2

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  1. Awesome waiting fr this only when o saw shaadi I got much happy very nice funny too pls update the next post fast pa

  2. No in diblings was confused in 2 st part now its clear

    Ur all ff are very awesome

  3. Woooooowww ur shaadhi ff is bc yeah will nt tell u 2 stop actually lol

  4. Thank you nivedha it’s so nice really very happy to see shadhi and ishra guru arthi as usual rocked its so funny and lovely. .keep continuing eagerly awaiting for your next update

  5. Plz nivedha,dont make ishu’s pregnancy weak atleast in ur ff. want to see her happiness.enough of troublesfor her.let her experience the complete motherhood.
    waiting for the next .

  6. Hey …………… Thank u so much …………….

  7. Yippeee thank u so much for comeing back dr

  8. wow nivedha thanks for updating it again

  9. Woah! Thanks alot dear for caring of our feelings p, you’re a girl with a golden heart on this earth! May Allah bless you abundantl, may happiness follow u like a shadow wherever you go in the world lots love thanks alot I’m dancing right now ??

    1. Caring about*
      Sorry for mistakes

  10. agree with you ilyana thank you nivedha this is very good surprise for me

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Hey Thanks yaar…………..its extremely Superb …………….I Really loved ur ff…………If u ended this,I felt soo sad……Bcoz we will Miss Guru & Aaru na……Isliye…….But now I am so Happy…….Its Really Surprised me……You know I have sem exams now………..But Everyday I will try to find some time for reading these ff ‘s & Also try to cmnt for everyone…….Any way,ur new ff “Pyaari Siblings”….. its not confusing yaar….its also gng on a gud track……..And u also give a new character to remember na……” MRITHU…..”as like Guru & Aaru…….Once again Thanks a lot for giving the second season of shadhi ff…………….

    1. Actually Karan Patel,Gurmeet Choudary,Divyanka Tripathi and Krathika Sengar.. I am great fans for themmmmm…

      In my Shaadhi Guru Aaru..
      In my dosthi Akash Sindhu
      In sibilings Aashish Mrithu

      Everything Gurmeet and Krathika

      This is my imaginary charcters Resh…..

  12. i am verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy guyssssssssssss

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