Shaadhi-The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 4)

The episode starts with Aaru and Guru moving in a bike..
Aaru : Heey.. I love bike rides!!
Guru smiled…
Aaru : Guru!! Cute sister you have!!
Guru : Yeah..
Aaru : OK… Stop the bike here.!! My friend ll be coming.. I ll go with her..
He stopped the bike..

Aaru suddenly saw Sanjay and her face expression changed..
Guru noted this..
Guru : Aarthi.. Are you OK?
Aaru nodded a yes..
Guru saw in the direction where she is seeing(starring)…
Guru : Who is he?
Aaru folded her hands and smiled..

Aaru : Don’t you know who is he?
Guru(himself) : Did Sanjana told anything?
Aaru : I know!!! You are his cousin..
Guru(himself) : Too smart!!
Aaru : If my guess is not wrong.. You were here to take revenge on me right!!!!
Guru: So you are admitting that you ditched Sanjay…
Aaru : This is not ans to my ques!!
Guru :Well Yes!!

Ishra saw them and heard their convo..
Aaru : Nice!! So What ll your action.. If I ditched Sanjay…
Guru : I m getting that some misunderstanding is going on! But anyhow… I ll marry you..
Aaru : To take revenge..
Guru : To make you feel love!

Aaru laughed…
Aaru : No need… Thanks for your drop.. Let ur assumption be the same.. I won’t mind it..
She was about to leave.. Guru held her hand..

Guru : I won’t leave you Ms. Aarthi… Count your days.. I ll make you love me…
Aaru : Lets see..

She went..

Raman : What nonsense?
Ishu : Exactly.. Rony…
Raman : This girls na! always ridiculous..
Ishu : Hello… What abt u guys then?
Raman : See.. What will he do when he knows his cousin got ditched by a girl.. and if he see her in front?
Ishu : Must verify with her na!!
Raman and Ishu had argument..

Raman :Arre…. Just stop.. My ears are paining…
Ishu :Raman!!! No.. We are fighting for them..
Raman : That’s what I m saying… Boys are really pathetic…
Ishu : Fir Se Shuru…Ravan Kumar!!!

Raman : Wow.. I think its nice.. Rony is little uncomfortable..
He smiled at her..
Ishu : Idiot..
Saying she went…
She smiled at his reaction while going.. Raman too,,

YHM plays..

Aaru in her room..
Guru’s words were hearing again and again…

Aaru : I don’t know whether this love lasts for me!! Will Guru be my destiny??????

Coffee shop masthi

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  1. So short update yaar

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    1. Hey by the way thanks for ur comment yaar… I started writing this only after getting positive response.. If it is hateful.. Definitely I LL quit.. But after ending this.. As I wont stop in middle

      1. Nivi please don’t end this yaar we all love your ff to the core it’s not at all hateful yours is too good as arshi please don’t quit please it’s a kind request of your fan please yaar I hope for one negative comment you will not take a drastic step of making all your ff followers sad

      2. Reshma Pradeep

        I am also have same opinion as meera said ………Plzz don’t stop it for One negative cmnt……….We all are love Ur ff sooooo much……….we all are wait for Ur each & every update daily……sooo Plzz don’t stop it……..It gng interesting…… I am sure it will be successful as Ur first part of it………..

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice……But its soooooo short yaar….

  4. Hey alice if u dnt like it u must stop reading it. Dont say nivu to stop writting it. Because the others and me 2 love her ffs. K. :[email protected]

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Hey Alice ,If u don’t like this ff……plz stop read it……..It will be better for u….No need to waste Ur time……But why u try to compare & discourage someone…??? Its not all right yaar…..If u don’t want to read this ff…U can ignore it……..But don’t try to give such comments like these…………If u felt my words hurts,I AM SORRY……

  6. Nice yaar
    And alice if u dont like stop reading

  7. Hey guys take it easy.. Nothing wrong.. Everyone has their own right to express their view.. Lets take it positive

  8. hi nivi…….. continue ur FF I’m a very big fan for ur writing I’m in my native just now i read all ff awesome. ………..

  9. @alice we all are here to read her ff if u don’t like stop reading don’t hurt other feelings plz it’s a request. ……

  10. where is your ff’s nivedha i am

  11. sooo boring I hate it and nivedha truth is bitter so it will be good for u if u accept the truth I just hate ur ff and I am sure their will be more who are hating ur ff just stop it plz don’t update more episodes I am just fed up.

    1. Its your right to comment alice… Its my right to write my own imaginations..
      If I am writing rubbish.. Why can’t you ask me to improve..
      You are just asking me to stop..
      Why you are fed up reading same epi yaar..
      I didn’t post after that as I am busy with my works..
      So I ll improve myself no worries alice..

  12. Nivedha..!! Plzz update!!! Don’t stop Dis!! And Alice u hav no rights to ask her 2 stop writing

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