Shaadhi- The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 3)

The episode starts with Raman and Guru preparing food..
Aaru was sitting sad..
Guru: What happened Aaru?
Aaru: Some problems between Sanjay and Sanjana.
Raman: What ?? What happened?
Aaru: Don’t know Bhai..
Sanjana called Aaru…
Aaru put it in speaker..

Sanjana: Aarthi..
Aaru: What happened Sanju?
Sanjana: I can’t bear this Aarthi.. I packed everything.. Mom ll get fear if I go there..
So I am going to ladies hostel…

Raman sighed to ask for address
Aaru: Address?
Sanjana: Will text you bye..

Guru: This much big prob….
Sanjay called Raman..
Sanjay : Bhai.. She is moving out.. I ll feel bore … So I m coming there…
He kept..
Raman and Guru kept hand on their head..

Sanjay came in and sat on the chair..
He was upset..
Everyone consoling him..
He went to his room..

Aaru and Guru.. In their room..

Aaru: Sanjana is not picking up my call Guru…
Guru: What’s the problem for them?
Someone knocked their door..
It was Ishu with a letter..

Guru: What’s this Ishu?
Ishu: Don’t know … It fell from your laptop Bag which you took from the Hall just now..
Guru got that..

Ishu went to kitchen..
He opened the letter..

Dear brothers..
I don’t like to stay here.. Don’t search me..

Guru folded the letter..
Aaru got a text msg..

Dear Aaru..
I am gng somewhere.. Don’t search me..

Guru and Aaru saw at each other..

Next day..
Raman and Guru were sleeping in a room..
Ishu and Aaru in kitchen…

Surya came in.. With Harish..
Surya: Hey I got a msg.. That..
Ishu: Shhhh.. Babies sleeping..
Harish: No Ishu.. Sanjay…
Aaru: Sh.. Harish.. Let them sleep

Surya: Where is Raman?
Ishu: Told u na.. Baby sleeping..

Surya and Harish stared at each other..
Surya: What’s happening here ?
Harish: Don’t know..

They went to Guru’s room..
Guru and Raman sleeping placing their legs on each other..

Surya: Something is happening.. Lets wait..

They woke up.. Got ready.. Had breakfast.. About to leave..

Sanjana standing out..
Guru: Hiii
Sanjana: So this is ur response for my msg.
Raman: Urs msg!!! See it clearly…

Sanjana checked her phone..

Same content
But in end… Sanjay…

Same way in letter..
In end…. Sanjana..

Sanjana shook her head..
Raman and Guru were standing with sticks…
Sanjana: No.. This is Sanjay’s plan.
Guru: Oh.. What plan?
Sanjana: He told me that you guys were just becoming lazy.. So to just stir ur minds…

Guru held her ear.. Sanjay called her Mobile..
Raman snatched it and put it in speaker..

Sanjay: Hey Sanju.. Where are you? Come fast na I miss you..
Surya stared at the phone..
Sanjay: I think that idiots will be striking their head to find us…
Let them do..
Always busy and forgot me na..

Surya: Hereafter we won’t forget you and you will never forget this day..

Within half an hour..
Sanjay was severely beaten by the four guys..
Sanjay: OK.. Lets go peace..
Guru: Hereafter don’t do this stupidity.. Else..
Sanjay: You guys are busy.. How can I turn ur attention then?

Raman laughed at his reply and hugged him..
Raman: Sorry..
Sanjay: Bhai.. No Sorry.. Even I did too much..
Surya: How I missed seeing the name in text..
Guru: Surya.. Take care.. Don’t eat Ani’s preparation too much..

Surya gave a scared look
They laughed

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  1. Not able to understand the letter part and msg

    1. They just wrote their names wrongly.. Sanjana’s name in Sanjay letter.. Same..

  2. Hahaha awesome…
    Nice to see u again nivedha..

  3. Ha ha ha ohhh god these couples r crazy

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    The couples are Awesome yaar………Superb…………….U Rocked it…………

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