Shaadhi-The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 3)

The episode starts with Raman n Ishu in car..
Raman smiled suddenly…
Ishu: What?
Raman: Actually I saw Guru now..
Ishu: Nice guy..
Raman: Did you noticed his look with Aaru?
Ishu: No what’s that?
Raman: I think he is in love with Aaru it seems..
Ishu: Love at first sight!!!
Raman: May be…
Ishu: Ohh.. See we met yday only
See how we became close..

They started discussing about themselves… Day by day

Raman : After Surya.. I m discussing everything with you only…
Ishu: Me too.. After Ani. U became so close to me…
Raman: Hey instead of Ishu.. Can I call you in some other pet name…
Ishu: Ya lets think..

They started thinking..

Raman and ishu shared some names n rejected..

Raman: Shithu.. From Ur name..
Ishu: Hey.. Nice.. Can I call you Rony?
Raman: Ur wish..

As days passed.. They both became so close..
But they pledged not to work together..
Surya became close to Guru n Guru shared his everything with Surya..

Surya: OK. Guru lets analyse.. Don’t take any haste decision..!!
Guru: What haste!! Loving is not haste right! I LL analyse abt her.. If the news is true…..
Surya: News is true……..
Guru: I LL marry her n change her… Else…
Surya: Else..
Guru: I LL love her to the core… LL enjoy my life n LL marry her..
Surya: So your ultimate goal is to marry her right!!!
Guru gave a shy look..

Surya held his hand..
Surya: Beat me or kill me.. But don’t do these type of reactions… I cant see that ..

Guru chased him n started beating him..

Next day
In coffee shop..

Ishu n Raman having coffee..

Ishu: Stupid.. I need one more..
Raman: Idiot.. This is coffee.. Not wine.. Which u always drink..
Ishu: Rony idiot… She beat him..

Sanjana came there…
Aaru too..

Sanjana: Hi Ishu.
Ishu: Hey Sanju..
They had a brief intro..
Ishu: Sanju.. Frnd of Ani.. N became mine…
Sanjana smiled..
Aaru came and blindfolded Ishu..

Ishu pulled her hands n saw Aarthi n had a hug..
Raman searched someone..
Ishu: Rony.. Whom u r searching?
Raman: 3.. 2… 1

He saw Guru’s bike… Surya coming along..
Ishu n Raman laughed at their guess..
Sanjana stared..

Guru to Surya: Baby… See who s there..
Surya to Guru: No worries baby… LL see

Guru : Hi Aarthi..
He forwarded his hand..
Sanjana held his hand n hugged him.. Bhaiii

Raman: What?? Bhai!
Sanjana: Yes.. He is my bro..
Surya: Hi sissy I m his new frnd..
Sanjana: Ohhh hi…
Aaru: Hey Guru.. This black shirt suits u.. Looking cool..

Sanjana widened her eyes..
Guru smiled..
Raman n ishu smiled secretly..
Surya(to himself): God.. Today he is gonna kill me with this statement.. Save me…

Raman: Shithu.. I m getting late..
Aaru: Shithu??
Ishu: Yeah its me.. Rony named.. Nice na..
Surya: Rony???
Raman: Hey Surya.. Its me…

Ishu: Ok Rony lets move..
They went..
Aaru: Ok.. I m leaving..
Guru: How u came here Aaru?
Aaru: With my frnd.. She left.. Now I have to walk..
Guru: I LL drop you
Sanjana: Bhai.. What about Surya? How will he go?
Guru: Surya is having diabetes.. He LL go by walk..
Aaru: Is that so Bhai? Take care.. Lets move Guru..

They left..
Sanjana: I LL definitely save her from him..
Surya: First save me..
She went..

Surya: Guru went with Arthi.. Raman went with Ishitha… Who LL come for me?

Ani’s face came in imagination..

Surya: Oh God.. No…… But…..
He smiled at their first meet thoughts…

Surya: Lets see

Sorry for late update

Credit to: Nivedha


  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar…………..superb…………..I liked the nick names of ISHRA…………. Its sooo nice……………..I just loved it…………

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