Shaadhi- The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 2)

I am really awestruck with your comments my frns..
Sure I will entertain you guys with my FFs..
From today I am having interns.. But I will manage to put 2 FFs a day..
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Here is ur fav Shaadhi….

The episode starts with Ishu watching TV..
An ad appears showing…….
“Tastyyyyyyy…. Yummyyyyy… Amul Cool…..”

Ishu kept puppy face seeing ice cream advertisement..
Aaru noted this..

Aaru : Bhabhii.. This is not good for you…Wait for 9 more months…
Ishu : Nineeee months Aaru.. Oh God..
Ani : Stop Ishu… Just wait for our guy to come out.. Lets discuss a name for her..
Ishu : Him..
Raman came in..
Raman : Who is that?”Him”!!
Ishu : Your son..
Raman came and sat on sofa’s arm..Encircling his hand on Ishu..

Raman : My dear JKR.. Its my daughter.. I decided a name for her.. Its Ruhi.. Is it nice?
Ishu : Manish… How is this?? For my son!!
Ani : Oh.. Anyone!! Most welcome..What about you Aaru?
Aaru : For us.. both are welcome..

Guru came in..
Guru : Waah.. Aaru.. Just thinking like me!!
Aaru winked and smiled..
Ani :Have u guessed any name?
Guru : Not yet.. We ll plan about that later..

Raman : Ishu.. Aaru.. Go and take rest..
They went to their room..
Guru : Bhai.. Please go and check with doctor regularly.. We need Ishu..
Raman : Definitely Guru.. and aware of it no one other than us should know about it..
Guru nodded..

The next day..
Ani dragged Guru and Raman to their room.

Raman : What stupid?
Ani : Tomorrow is Surya’s birthday!!
Guru : Wow.. I will show him my surprise..
Ani : No need to show anything… I had a plan..
She explained..

Raman : Ani.. You are proving that you are our cousin..

Surya went to Aaru and Ishu…
Surya:Definitely she ll have a plan…
You guys help me…
Ishu : What to do??
Surya : I ll tell you after listening to her plan.
He ran out..

Night 7..
Surya : Aaru.. You sleep in my room like me..
Aaru : Stupid!!
Surya : Arre cover yourself with blanket…
Aaru : OK.. done..

Ani : Guru.. Just go and sleep like me!! I ll make the arrangements and come.
Guru : OK..I ll cover myself with this blanket..
Ani : superb..
They about to leave,,
Guru jerked..
Guru : Aww.
Ani : What?
Guru : Ani.. What can I do if he thinks me as you?
Ani laughed..
Guru : Stupid..
Ani : Point!!
Ani started thinking…

Aaru got the same doubt..
Surya :OK!! Then I ll be under bed.. Will save u in case of danger..
Ani did the same..
Guru : Then who ll do arrangements?
Aaru : Then who ll see whats happening out?
Ani : Raman..
Surya :Ishu…

Surya under the bed…Aaru on the bed covered fully with blanket..
Ani came in.. Guru on the bed with blanket..
Ani went under bed..
Surya and Ani were facing in opposite direction..

Ishu woke up.. silently went out without waking up Raman..
But it was pillows..Raman already left..

Raman arranged everything..
Raman in phone : Idiots.. Everything OK..
Ishu : No one in hall..
Surya : Carefully go to terrace Ishu.. Careful.

Raman heard some sound and hid himself holding a rope..
Ishu saw here and there..
She saw shadow..
She too hid herself..

Ishu : Ahh.. Surya.. Yes.. Plan is here.. Someone is here..
Raman : Idiot… Someone is here.. Is that you guys?
Ani : Plan ready!
Raman : Yeah..
Surya : OK.. Ishu I ll come..
Ani saw Guru slept.. She hit her head and went..

Surya came out..
Seeing Guru…
Surya : Sleeping.. Thank God..
He saw Aaru slept and he went out…

Raman peeped to see.. He found its Ishu.

He pulled her behind the door..
Ishu : Raman…
Raman : Shh…

Guru woke up and realised.. He saw the one lying next to him…
Aaru too jerked suddenly..

Aaru : You.
Guru : You…
Aaru : Oh no Surya.
Guru shut her mouth…
Guru : Oh.. You three a team right!!

Ishu : I have to inform Surya..
Raman : Not at all…
Ishu : Leave me,,
Raman : Go if you can..

They had a eyelock..

Aaru : Ok..We ll see whats happening there?
They went upstairs,…

They saw Ishra position… Hid themselves… to saw whats happening..

Ani came there.. Searching for rope.
Ani : Where he tied the rope?
Surya coming by taking slow steps..

Ishu broke the eyelock..
She was about to leave.. Raman pulled her and hugged from back…
She again tried to leave.. Raman put the rope on her and pulled.

Meanwhile Ani and Surya facing opposite coming backwards.
Rope pulled..
All the mixtures she made poured on both of them…

Guru and Aaru laughed to the core…
Ani : Ahhh.. What the nonsense…
She saw Ishra position..Surya too saw them..

Ishra with closed eyes.. Raman and Ishu standing in back hug position..
Surya : Finally.. I too failed.. You too failed..
Ani : Happy birthday!!
She said with puppy face..
He smiled and hugged her..

Guru : Happy birthday boss!!!
Aaru : Happy birthday bro!!
Surya : See… What and all happening!!Still they are not recognising..

Ani: Will kill that Raman tomorrow!!
Everyone smiled and went..
Ishra remaining as they were…

Hope u like this

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