Shaadhi-The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 2)

The episode starts with Sanjana coming home with tension..
After a while… Guru came in..
Sanjana stared at him..
Guru(himself): Why this Matha Rani is staring?

Sanjana: I saw u in a roadside tea shop..
Guru(himself): OMG.. Guru…
Sanjana: Guru…see try to understand my words..
Guru sat on his sofa..
Guru: Yes Sanju..
Sanjana: Please leave her..
Guru: Arre.. Till today.. Except her name and profession.. I m unaware of her… But God connected us today..
Sanjana with irritation..

Sanjana: Don’t u feel ashamed?
Guru: Why?? Why I should feel shame to see my wife?
Sanjana: Ok..lets have a challenge.. I wont allow ur dreams come true.. I LL save Aaru…
Guru: Lets see my dear sissy..

Sanjana went to her room..
Flashback in hospital.. Sanjay… His cousin.. Attempted suicide…

Guru: Why this idiot done this?
Sanjay repeating the same words”How can she do this to me?”

Guru called his friend: Who is she?
His frnd: She is Aarthi..

Flashback ends..
Guru(himself): Wait Ms. Aarthi… I LL show you what Sanjay felt..
Guru(himself): But… Her eyes.. I don’t think so……
Guru’s mind flashes with her face…
He had a smile..

Sanjana who came out .. Saw this..
Sanjana(herself): See.. Dreaming about her.. And saying that going to take revenge.. I m sure he has fallen.. But you know Mr. Guru.. I m ur sissy… Lets start our game…

She smiled and went….

Next day…
Raman and Surya in a coffee shop.. Guru came..
Raman: Hii..
Guru: Hii Raman..
Raman: Guru… This is Surya..
Surya: Hello
They shook their hands…

Guru: Raman.. Why you yesterday smiled at me?
Raman: Ahaan.. Can’t you understand?
Guru: That’s why I asked..
Raman: I saw 1000 watts bulb in your face while you are seeing Aarthi..
Guru: Raman… Genius you are..
Surya: Hello boss.. Don’t praise him… He is weak in love area..
Guru: What boss? The famous director… Weak In love..
Surya: Yeah Guru… Let I test you.. What’s the color of chudi the girl sitting back of u wearing?
Guru: Green..
Raman shocked..
Surya: See.. Can you say what the side table girl is wearing without seeing now..
Raman: No
Guru laughed at him..
Surya: See.. Guru.. Thank god I got a best companion like you..
They made hi-fi

Raman hit his head.
Raman got a call..
Raman: Ok you guys have a talk… I m leaving .

Saying he went..
Raman saw Ishitha standing in the road as her car got punctured…

Raman: Hiiii
Ishu: Hey hi..
Raman: Why standing here?
Ishu: Tyre punctured…
Raman: Need lift?
Ishu: OK..
She entered in..
He started…

In coffee shop.. Ani came with Sanjana..

They were talking and leaving..
Guru and Surya also leaving..

Surya collided with Ani..
Ani: Stupid…
Surya: Sorry its my mistake..
Sanjana saw Guru and turned away..
Ani: Always … You boys are torturing beautiful girls..

Surya started searching something..
Ani: Excuse me what are you doing?
Surya: Searching for beautiful girls..
Sanjana and Guru laughed… Then they controlled seeing Ani..

Ani: Guru.. Tell your friend to behave properly..
Surya: Guru do u know her..
Guru introduced Sanjana and Ani..

They both argued..
Guru took him with much difficulty..
Surya: Kya yaar Guru.. U interrupted.. Else I would have shown who am I ?
Guru: Lets show later.. Now come..

They left…
Raman and Ishu sceness

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  1. Wonderful epi nivi..

  2. Hey where is ur Dosthi ff.. Missing it realy

  3. Its nice nivu. Ur all ffs ar great i mean super awesome dr.

  4. Ha ha ha so guru want to take revenge

  5. Yar it was confusing abt sanjay attempting suicide

    1. Sanjay attempts suicide bcoz someone ditched him

  6. And whom can we imagine as surya,sanjana,sanjay,guru,arthi? (Pls tell their real names)

    1. All my imaginary char inavinaa …

  7. You always rockkk Girllll! ??

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb………I loved it…………..

  9. hey I am a silent reader bt I read all ur ff’s..nd dey r amazng bt plzzz upload old shadi ff too.. I really like that

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