Shaadhi-The beginning of our life Season 2 (Part 2)

The episode starts with Sanjana coming home with tension..
After a while… Guru came in..
Sanjana stared at him..
Guru(himself): Why this Matha Rani is staring?

Sanjana: I saw u in a roadside tea shop..
Guru(himself): OMG.. Guru…
Sanjana: Guru…see try to understand my words..
Guru sat on his sofa..
Guru: Yes Sanju..
Sanjana: Please leave her..
Guru: Arre.. Till today.. Except her name and profession.. I m unaware of her… But God connected us today..
Sanjana with irritation..

Sanjana: Don’t u feel ashamed?
Guru: Why?? Why I should feel shame to see my wife?
Sanjana: Ok..lets have a challenge.. I wont allow ur dreams come true.. I LL save Aaru…
Guru: Lets see my dear sissy..

Sanjana went to her room..
Flashback in hospital.. Sanjay… His cousin.. Attempted suicide…

Guru: Why this idiot done this?
Sanjay repeating the same words”How can she do this to me?”

Guru called his friend: Who is she?
His frnd: She is Aarthi..

Flashback ends..
Guru(himself): Wait Ms. Aarthi… I LL show you what Sanjay felt..
Guru(himself): But… Her eyes.. I don’t think so……
Guru’s mind flashes with her face…
He had a smile..

Sanjana who came out .. Saw this..
Sanjana(herself): See.. Dreaming about her.. And saying that going to take revenge.. I m sure he has fallen.. But you know Mr. Guru.. I m ur sissy… Lets start our game…

She smiled and went….

Next day…
Raman and Surya in a coffee shop.. Guru came..
Raman: Hii..
Guru: Hii Raman..
Raman: Guru… This is Surya..
Surya: Hello
They shook their hands…

Guru: Raman.. Why you yesterday smiled at me?
Raman: Ahaan.. Can’t you understand?
Guru: That’s why I asked..
Raman: I saw 1000 watts bulb in your face while you are seeing Aarthi..
Guru: Raman… Genius you are..
Surya: Hello boss.. Don’t praise him… He is weak in love area..
Guru: What boss? The famous director… Weak In love..
Surya: Yeah Guru… Let I test you.. What’s the color of chudi the girl sitting back of u wearing?
Guru: Green..
Raman shocked..
Surya: See.. Can you say what the side table girl is wearing without seeing now..
Raman: No
Guru laughed at him..
Surya: See.. Guru.. Thank god I got a best companion like you..
They made hi-fi

Raman hit his head.
Raman got a call..
Raman: Ok you guys have a talk… I m leaving .

Saying he went..
Raman saw Ishitha standing in the road as her car got punctured…

Raman: Hiiii
Ishu: Hey hi..
Raman: Why standing here?
Ishu: Tyre punctured…
Raman: Need lift?
Ishu: OK..
She entered in..
He started…

In coffee shop.. Ani came with Sanjana..

They were talking and leaving..
Guru and Surya also leaving..

Surya collided with Ani..
Ani: Stupid…
Surya: Sorry its my mistake..
Sanjana saw Guru and turned away..
Ani: Always … You boys are torturing beautiful girls..

Surya started searching something..
Ani: Excuse me what are you doing?
Surya: Searching for beautiful girls..
Sanjana and Guru laughed… Then they controlled seeing Ani..

Ani: Guru.. Tell your friend to behave properly..
Surya: Guru do u know her..
Guru introduced Sanjana and Ani..

They both argued..
Guru took him with much difficulty..
Surya: Kya yaar Guru.. U interrupted.. Else I would have shown who am I ?
Guru: Lets show later.. Now come..

They left…
Raman and Ishu sceness

Credit to: Nivedha


  1. dugar

    hey I am a silent reader bt I read all ur ff’s..nd dey r amazng bt plzzz upload old shadi ff too.. I really like that

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