Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 9)

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The episode starts in Aarru room

Aaru in hyper tension

Guru : Aaru.. Whats wrong with you? Are you OK?
Aaru : What matters you?
Guru : Oh! Just tell me whether I did anything wrong?
Aaru(thinking) : Action King..
Aaru : Nothing.. Let me sleep

Aaru slept in bed

Guru in confusion slept in his couch..

Few mins later

Aaru woke up .. stared at Guru and slept..

In Ishra room

Raman : Guru still in angry..
Ishu : But we saw Aaru’s reaction.. Its jealous .. I know
Raman : Ya.. Just like you..

(Kabhi Kam na honge… Yhm plays)

Ishu : I am going to sleep.. Good night

They slept


Aaru saw Guru missing in his room and went out

She got irritated seeing Ani and Guru chatting

Aaru called Guru inside

Aaru : Have you done anything yesterday for Bhai and Bhabhi?
Guru : Ohh!! Actually Ani came na.. So I..
Aaru : Haa Haa.. I saw that you are not leaving her a minute.. If you are that much interested in her why you married me.

Guru in hell shock

Aaru : I know.. I hate this marriage.. But.. I cant see you flirting with any other girl.. I am not a girl hiding my feelings ..
I need some time to accept this relationship.. Its doesn’t mean I am allowing you to go behind another girl

Guru listening her with overjoy

Aaru picked his collar

Aaru : Again if I saw you with anyone so close.. I will kill you..
Guru : How much close? Like this?

Aaru then realised herself and left his collar and moved away

Guru danced with joy

He went to hall,hugged Ishu, Mummyji and Pappa…
He went to Ani and said : Thanks a lot.. my dear…

Finally he kissed Raman. Raman in shock

Aaru seeing his actions and cursed herself for telling all that to him

Aaru(thinking) : What I said? Is this my inner feelings? I thought I hate him.. But I am irritated on him when he was with other girls.
Then she realised that she is falling for him

She thought.. I should be clear.. before taking right decision

But she enjoyed Guru’s enjoyment..

In Ishra room

Raman (thinking) : Why this Guru is in overjoy? Is his problem solved ?
He heard Ishu and Guru’s talk in the hall

Guru : I am so happy.. Aaru almost confessed
Ishu : Your side is getting cleared.. Mine is blocking
Guru : Wait.. Just now he came to feed you na.. Wait until our drama ends

Aaru noticed Raman hearing their convo

Raman left in anger and slept

Aaru(thinking) : I have to do something


Aaru met Raman and said she need to talk with him

Aaru : Bhai.. I too heard their convo yesterday..
Acting as if she is also new to their plot

Raman : Let me show them who am I
Aaru : Bot they are not wrong in their intentions… If you are OK you can share your feelings with me like a sister

Raman hesitated.. Aaru said sorry and about to leave
Raman hold her hand and said whole story.. Aaru listened everything

Aaru : OK!! Till you take right decision let them continue their drama,.. We ll enjoy that…

Raman : But we have to prove them we are equally clever as them

Aaru and Raman hi-fi

In hall

Aaru’s ans Ishu’s parents arrival.. They came to take their daughters along .. as it is a ritual..

Ishu and Guru shocked to hear.. (How come we execute our drama?)

Raman and Aaru winked and enjoyed Ishu and Guru’s reaction

Ishu : Maa.. How many days?
Madhavi(Ishu’s mom) : One month Ishu..
Guru : Oh my god.. He said loudly

All of them laughed
Aaru : Bhabhi.. its a ritual na.. Actually our parents forgot us ..Me and Raman Bhai remind them

Ishu and Guru stared at each other

Raman: OK!!! Ishu get ready,.. I will help you in packing.. Aarthi.. you finished packing na.. So help us
Aaru : Sure Bhai..

All four in Ishra room

Raman and Aaru laughing uncontrollably.. Ishu and Guru folding hands and seeing their laugh

Raman : What a drama king and queen.. Can’t escape from Raman? So we planned this..
Ishu and Guru shocked

Aaru : Bhai.. He is a good planner .. He ll do better plans.. Don’t underestimate him..

Again they laughed..

Guru : OK!! Getting late Ishu You get ready
Ishu : Guru…
Guru : Lets see Ishu.. Either we or them… You be relax..

Ishu and Guru went..

Aaru : Bhai.. He ll be definitely planning ..
Raman : Wait.. Aaru.. We ll see.

Four guys planning curiously for defeating each other..

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  1. Awww…very nice..I imagined ishu and guru face when they are in shock and I can’t control my laugh very nice…

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  8. Awesome, this fun to read…all r planning to defeat each other…let’s see who wins and how they beat each other’s with their cleverness…what a blasting story…I’m enjoying it a lotttttttttt. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Cool Roma.. Happy to see your comment daily.. Thank you so much..

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