Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 8)


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The episode starts with a girl entering Bhalla house

Ishu : Who are you? Whom you want to see?
Girl : I am Sanjana.. Aarthi’s friend

Aaru came and welcomed Sanjana with a hug

Aaru : How are you dear? Good to see you… Come in ..

In Aaru room:

Sanjana : How are you Aarthi? I felt happy that you got married
Aaru : That too because of mummy pappa
Sanjana : Whats wrong with you Aarthi? Why you are still stubborn?
Aaru : Have you forgot our Aasha? Whats her condition now?

Flashback showing Aaru,Sanjana and Aasha to be thick friends.. Aasha fell in love with a guy.. He just betrayed her by marrying another girl..
Aasha is in Koma stage as she attempted suicide… She is in hospital

Aaru : I hate these relationships.. (with tears)

Sanjana(thinking) : Ohh no.. this should be sorted out..
Sanjana : What about Guru? Is he not angry with you?
Aaru : Thats the problem… He is just taking everything cool..

She narrated the whole
Sanjana(thinking) : Guru is the best for Aarthi
Aaru : I think he is trapping me like Bhai.. I have to be aware
Sanjana just changed the topic

In hall Sanjana,Ishu and Aaru chatting.. Guru entry
Aaru introduced Sanjana to Guru.. They both talked for a while..

Later Aaru noticed Guru’s phone which he kept there while talking with sanjana
Name displayed Anii

Then she heard someone Knocking door. Guru opened and screamed Anithaaa and hugged her

Aarthi is stunned.. Both Sanjana and Ishu laughed at her

Anitha, niece to Raman and Guru

Just then Raman entered and hugged Anitha making Ishu in anger

Anitha : Great men !! How are you guys?
Raman : I am cool my dear.. What abou you?
Guru : Bhai.. I am warning you don’t call her dear in front of me.. She is my darling..

Anitha turned to see Ishu and Aaru in anger
Anitha : Ohoo.. So these are your wives right.. Hii.. She stretched her hand for handshake..
Raman : Aree.. Suno my dear.. Lets go for out…
Guru : No.. I am taking her out..

Two brthers started fight.. Anitha..

Ani : Bas.. Bas.. I need rest today.. We ll see tomorrow. and left to her room

Sanjana : Ok!! I am leaving now.. Bye
She didn’t get any response from Ishu and Aaru.. Both staring at their hubbies
She smiled and went.


In Ishra room

Ishu : mummy ji told that she is your niece
Raman : yes of course
Ishu : You both are very friendly right?

Raman thought of kidding Ishu

Raman : More than a friend..
Ishu : Matlab?
Raman :What bothers you? Are you jealous..?
Ishu : I am not..

Ani entered Ishra room calling them for dinner

Ani : Raman Bhai!! Aunty calling u guys for dinner
Raman hit his head as she addressed him as Bhai

Ishu laughed..
Ani understood (thinking Raman’s words) : Just dont call me Bhai in front of Ishu.. Lets make fun

She ran away.. Raman ran behind her.. Ishu laughed.. and fell on bed.

Ani came running collides with Guru .. They both fell down.. Aaru got tensed seeing this..

Raman saw that.. Ishu came then and they stared talking audible enough to Aaru

Ishu : Why Raman? Ani is calling you Bhai.. but not Guru
Raman : Cant you understand why?
Ishu : But now Guru is married na? Though Aaru and Guru fighting.. they are the couples right.
Raman : Actually Ani is quite disappointed with Guru’s marriage.. But she is not showing that… We must have thought before
Ishu : Yaa its too late
Raman : May be.. But if fight between them continues….
Ishu : I got it..

Aaru getting irritated on their talk.. Her sight is on Ani and Guru playing

Ishra turned and acted that they are in shock seeing Aaru there

Aaru stared and went..

Ishra made hi-fi

Guru not realised what is happening around.. playing with Ani

After dinner
Raman called Guru

Raman : Are you still angry with Aaru?
Guru(made rough face) : Say something else Bhai.. I am leaving
Saying he left

In Aarru room

Aaru just doing everything in anger and with force
Guru (thinking) : Whats wrong with her?

Aarru and Ishra sweet fight

Credit to: nivedha

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    Story really progresses very well

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    1. Thank you so much Harini…

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  8. Ya sure frns

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