Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 7)

Hello guys…

The episode starts with Guru sleeping in his couch… Aarthi who is in front of mirror saw her hubby sleeping like a kid..

She went near him … At once she had memories of… theatre , roadside game and his yesterday tactics of joining Ishra

She smiled and thought what a clever and naughty person… She also felt he is handsome but stopped her thoughts and asked herself

Aarthiii this is not fair… you are angry on him.. only helping for bhabhi.. no more other than that..

She got up and went out…

Ishitha who was in kitchen saw Aarthi and greeted.. Good mrng Aarthi

Aarthi : Good mrng Bhabhi.. What is the menu today?
Ishu : I am thinking of making Raman’s fav Palak paneer.. Do you have any idea?
Aaru (thinking) : Ohoo Bhabhi now itself started acting…
Aaru : OK!! fine bhabhi.. I will help you

Guru got ready .. came to hall and smiled at Aaru

Aaru showed Guru about Ishu’s presence and remembered him of their plot…

Guru controlling his laughter showed thumbs up.. and sat in dining with angry face..

Ishu messaged Guru : Overact math karna.. I can’t control my laugh
Guru messaged back : Just shut up yaar.. Don’t spoil our plot..

Just then

Raman (from his room yelled.. ):Jaanu I left my towel please bring it..

Ishu not aware that Raman is calling her.. She is in work as usual

Aaru and Guru just stared at each other and laughed..

Ishu : What? What happen?

Raman : Ishu… Jaanu Can’t you hear? I need my towel..

Ishu in hell shock… with overjoy inwards…
Guru saw that and messaged : Really now I can’t control…

Ishu threatened him and ran to her room

She saw Raman dressed up and busy in laptop..

Ishu(thinking) : My goodness.. He is just showing of to his bro … But its ok.. I am happy to hear Jaanu from him
Raman : Hello… Don’t think I am calling you Jaanu in love… Just consider it as short form of Jhansi ki Rani..

Ishu stared.. and said Ravan Kumar… went out from their room..

Raman smiled (YHM plays)

Ishu dressed in pink saree… Raman in blue and Guru in black… Aaru in yellow..

Raman came out.. All were in dining table…

Raman : Ishu.. I am late for office .. I am leaving..
Ishu : Arre.. Raman I prepared your fav palak panner.. Just eat it and go..

Raman noticed Guru not talking to anyone and seriously eating with Aarthi beside in same mode..

Raman : Ok.. Do one thing.. Just feed me .. I have no time ..
Ishu again in hell shock..

Guru ( himself) : OMG!!! I can’t control myself.. Calm down Guru..
Aaru also looking at Guru and they both winked..

Ishu startled to go..

Raman : Come on Ishu… I am getting late..
Ishu came and feed him..

YHM plays…

Raman asked do you eat?
Ishu : Jus nodded her head in negation
Raman got spoon from her and fed her..

Raman : OK!!! I am leaving now Bye…

In Ishra room

Ishu with happy tears

Guru : Ishu… What happen now?
Ishu : I am really happy Guru… I wish this could my last day..
Guru : Then who is gonna get all troubles of my Bhai.. It may be someone.. Ok go now…
Ishu : No no.. I said just in happy mood… Dont repeat it again

Guru laughed

Ishu : thank you Guru.. for making this drama… Actually… She got stunned seeing Aaru behind…

Guru saw her expression and asked in sigh :Is it Bhai?
Ishu sighed :NO
Guru : Aaru?
Ishu sighed : Yes

Aaru entered.. and said: So you friends are planning to trap Bhai and…

Guru interfered and said : Exactly.. Sirf Bhai ke liye,,, To stop his thinking about divorce… For that only Aaru.. I must have told you that Ishu is also in our plot.. But I forgot..

Ishu speechless (What a presence of mind… )

Aaru :Thats ok!!I ll help u guys

Ishu and Guru sighed a big relief

In Aaru room

Aaru : Sorry
Guru : Why sorry
Aaru : I thought you two guys trapping me also
Guru (himself) : Thnk God.. Guru You are saved

Guru : No..Aaru… Don’t mistake me I did this for Bhai
Aaru: Ya I got that.. and she left..

She stopped and said
Aaru : You are so genuine .. Not naughty as I thought and left

Guru laughed to his most…

Guru : Meri Pyaarii .. Plan 1 failed.. I ll go for plan 2…

Raman in office seeing Ishu’s pic and said : I am sorry for what I did with you in my past…
Raman with tears..

Aaru with her friend
Aaru : I think Guru is trapping me in his plot… I have to be aware..
In Aaru room..Guru phone ringing with name Ani
Someone knocked door.. Guru opened and screamed with joy Anithaaa and hugged her…
Aaru in shock..

(Actualy Anitha is our Shagun.. I am using her real name here)

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  1. Nice and ishita and raman have a past wow that’s interesting curious to know about ishra’s love story and introducing anitha was nice even I like her

  2. wow……….. awesome re………. just loved it…………

  3. whom can i imagine in guru and aaru’s character???????

    1. I imagined gurmeet n krathika for them vedha

      1. I imagined mihika and abhishek?

  4. Nice epi…..quick update yaar….

    1. Sure sweety.. I updated in noon itself. Today.. But got late

  5. No sometime it exceeds

  6. Awww so cute yaar

  7. Woooow very nice…and raman calling jaan to ishu…it’s just too good…and raman has a past…great…waiting for upcoming episodes…

  8. Waiting for d past story.
    Nice story…..

  9. they r also cute couples…. eagerly waiting for next……..

  10. Awesome episode, hilarious, guru is really genius. plan 2 is to make her jealous, wowwww loved it very much. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

  11. Superb i cant control myself to laugh,continue

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