Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 6)


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The episode starts in Ishra room

Ishu thinking something and laughed

Raman : Why are you laughing?
Ishu : Feeling happy that you are losing to me.
Raman : What???
Ishu : You enjoyed today na… Mr. Ravan Kumar??
Raman : Excuse me.. I proved that I am not longing for your proposal.. Then why you are talking nonsense
Ishu : Achaaa.. If you want to prove that you should have done that in any other means na.. Why you prefered other penalty instead?
(with a naughty smirk..)

Raman (thinking) : How to escape from JKR?
Ishu ( in a serious tone ) : Whom you are cheating Raman? You .. You are cheating yourself…
Raman shocked..

Raman : Stop your lecture.. Go to sleep…
Ishu hold Raman’s hand..
Ishu : I need your answer… I know you enjoyed my company.. Then why you are pretending..

Before she could complete Raman started

Raman : Just stop it.. Can’t you understand I hate you or you want this to prove me in public by shouting at you… First I hate this marriage and now totally I hate you…

Ishu got teary eyed and left the room

Raman( to himself) : I am really sorry Ishu.. This is the punishment given to me by myself… I will make you free soon Ishu… I cant be happy or this is correct to say I shuld not be happy in my life… Thats why I want you to move away from me… He cried and slept

In Aarru room

Aarthi : Don’t be happy that you won today…
Guru smiled and said Good night sweetyy

Aaru got tensed..

Morning :

Aaru who was working in the kitchen didn’t noticed her saree going to be in fire..

Guru noticed that and pulled her to him.. She lost grip and fell on him

She misunderstood his intenion and lost temper and shouted at him.

Aarthi : Can’t you understand that I hate you… Why you doing such cheap things? Shame on you?

Guru controlled himself and smiled.. Ishra noticing this.

Guru : Actually your saree..
Aarthi : Oh stop your lame excuses.. I understood you from my yesterday experience how mean you are?

Aarthi didn’t say those words from heart.. But Guru is too naughty and toooooooo stubborn

On hearing this he lost temper and left the place without a word..

Raman and Ishu know about Guru and they understood what is gonna happen now?

Guru won’t speak to Aaru… that is going to happen

Aarthi left with the same temper to room

Raman looked at Ishu and signed to come in

In Aaru room

Guru walking around with tense…
Aarthi came in and asked

Aaru : Why you asked me to shout like this in front of Bhai and Bhabhi???

Guru asked her to be silent and asked to follow him

They went to Ishra room to hear the convo

Raman : See Guru wont get out his temper that much easier
Ishu : Yaa I know.. But this Aarthi also so stubborn
Raman : We have to do something … For that I need your cooperation…
Ishu : You hate me right…
Raman : Oh merii maaaa.. We can do our fight later.. Ours is not a big problem now.. Concentrate now on Guru and Aaru
Ishu :Guru won’t hear to us as we can’t say him to be happy with your wife… He will ask us the same.

Raman : Then OK!!! We have to stop thinking about our divorce… and lets work for Guru… So we should act before him as if we are really lovable couples..
Ishu : OK!!! Sirf Guru ke liye…
Raman : Whatever… I am leaving office…

Aaru and Guru ran and went to their room

Aarthi : OMG!!! They planned for divorce
Guru : Yes Aaru … I need your help here that why asked to do this drama
Aarthi : Definitely Guru… I can do this bhai and Bhabhi,… Ok!!! I am going to kitchen

After she went Ishu came inside to talk with Guru

Guru locked the door

They both started laughing uncontrollably

Guru : Thank god Ishu … Bhai believed us..
Ishu : Usseee Jyaadha… Aaru can’t identify your trap… See

They made Hi-fi…


Previous night…

Guru heard Raman’s convo and saw Ishu’s coming out.. He again saw Raman crying..

Guru : Ishu… Pls be calm.. Bhai has something in him
Ishu : Why can’t he share with us?
Guru : We should give him time Ishu
Ishu : But I don’t have enough time.. He is stubborn in divorce..

Guru started thimking

Guru : I ll make bro to stop thinking about divorce..
Ishu : How?
Guru explained his plot

Ishu :Good idea my friend…. And we can use this for your problem also
Guru : Exactlyy

They made Hi-fi

Flashback ends

Ishu : OK!!! I am leaving bye…
Guru: Byeee

Guru made a victory sign


Raman and Ishu behaving as lovely couples in front of others

Credit to: nivedha

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