Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 5)

The episode starts with theatre masti.. Aarthi and Guru were enjoying it..

Guru : Bhai.. See everyone is watching…
Raman : Are.. Pagal ho gai… Tats y they are coming to theatre na..
Aaru : Bhai.. they are not watching that film.. Aapki aur Bhabhi ki fighter story ko…

Then only ishra realised that and stop talking…

Once the movie ended,they came to parking lot and took their car..

Raman drove the car,with Guru in front.. Aaru Ishu seated back.. the car started..

Guru felt bored as everyone coming silent in drive.. So he had a plan…

He just turned the rear view mirror to get Aaru’s view to him.. Aaru saw that she threatened him through the mirror..

Raman just turn the mirror as he didn’t get the vehicles view … Aaru signed a big relief…

Then the car stopped with a jerk..

Ishu : What happen?
Guru : I think its puncture..
Ishu : How the car get punctured as there is nothing in the road also?

Saying they all got down

Raman : Mine is a car, not a truck to carry heavy loads.
Ishu stared at him
Aaru : Bhai you are saying me also like that… (with a sad face she asked)
Raman : Ohh no Aarthi… I am talking about my load.. not my bro’s load..

Guru and Raman made a hi-fi and four started walking..

Guru : Heys guys lets play a game..
Aaru(thinking) : Aarthi… He had started… Be careful… whether this trap is for Bhai or me…
Raman(thinking) : OMG!!! Now what… Raman beta.. Jaago.. Else he ll make you in trouble..
Ishu (thinking) : Waahh … Mera bestie… Feeling happy to see tensed Raman…

Ishu : What game Devarjii?
Guru : Actually we reached near to home… just two mins walk….. Then also I need to play…
Before that let me assign the punishment… to those who are losing..
Raman : (new plan.. ) First tell the game idiot..

Guru : Let me finish.. This game is for couples… and if aaru and ishu fails…they need to say ” I love you” to us.. If we fails….
Aaru & Raman in chorus : fails..( with a scare they asked)
Ishu enjoying their reactions

Guru : We have to lift them up till home..

Aaru : Check mate!!!
Raman : I am gone…
Ishu lost her control and laughed…

Ishu : Achaa !! Guru Whats the game?
Raman and Aaru : I didn’t say OK!!

Raman shocked to see Aaru giving same expression..

Guru : I didn’t ask are you guys coming!! We have to play.. Else accept your defeat..
Ishu : I am ready Guru..
Ishu leaned towards Raman and said..

Ishu : Its a game within our game.. This may be the first stage of ours.. Best of luck… Ofooo.. You are getting fear to play this right… Ok Best of luck Wapas!!!

Raman got his temper and said Guru : Me too ready..

Guru and Ishu smirk…

Guru : Aaru.. You are playing or accepting defeat…

Aaru : Tell me the game first…

Guru : Actually the game is… He kept a kerchief in the road …
First Bhai and Bhabhi you have to start… Any one of You guys have to take this kerchief.. i l give u one min time to take this.. After that who took tat kerchief has to dodge the other till another one min.. If your partner recovered the kerchief from you within time … then they ll be the winner.. else you… OK!!!

Aaru :(thinking) I have to think it wise… and said OK!!!

First Ishra started…
They were circling the kerchief… and Ishu took it…
Guru said : Time started and started counting.. 60,59,…
Ishu started running and Raman followed her…
Raman caught her and trying to snatch kerchief… He almost neared his victory…

Ishu felt restless… with his closeness… But her mind struck with an idea..
Guru counted 15 14 …
Ishu :Are you so interested to hear ” I love you ” from me? Which means you lost in our game?

Raman got stuck… and Ishra eyelock

Guru : 3,2,1.. Hey Bhabhi won.. Bhai lost.. Bhai you have to do the penalty..
Raman hesitates..
But Ishu : Leave it Guru.. Don’t force him to do what he can’t

And that moment Raman lifted Ishu started leaving…

Raman : Guru.. I cant wait carrying luggage so long.. I am leaving.. So Jaldhi Aa Jao.. either by carrying ur luggage.. or whatever…

Saying he went..

Ishu just rejoicing inwards…

Raman too…

Aaru and Guru started…

Same way he made Aarthi to pick it purposely..

Aarthi understood his intentions.. and started running in the direction towards home
(thinking).. Waah mera Hubby… Kyaa ideaa…Making me win.. and you are planning to lift me… else making me propose… Aisa nahi Ho saktha.. I will never loose.. Once the time over I ll be near to your house.. So you can’t do your penalty.. Poorrrr..)

Guru : (thinking) Wow meri Pyaari.. Tum bahut talented hai.. I ll let you see my talent…
Saying he just hid himself behind tree.. leaving his wallet purposely in the road
Aarthi went near home and saw Guru not behind.. She thought of his trick.. But fear gone through and went back to same place where they started.. And in some distance she noticed his wallet and ran towards it..

Guru Hold her hands saying Time up.. I lost

He has not waited a single minute and lifted her to home…

Aarthi is stunned

In home

Toshiji opened the door with sleepy walk and shocked to see Raman lifting Ishu.. They went inside..

Toshiji.: Paagal bacha.. Achaa where is my naughty bacha..
She turned to see Guru coming in same manner like Raman..

After he went in Toshiji prayed with happy tears

toshiji : Hey Maathaa Rani!!! Keep them happy forever like this..

Ishu : So.. You enjoyed na.. Mr.Ravan Kumar..
Raman trying to argue
Raman : I just proved you that I dont want your proposal.. then wats wrong with you?
Ishu : If you don’t want to hear it.. You could have deny that by closing your ears..or any other means… Why should you prefer other penalty instead??
(with a naughty smirk she asked)
Raman found himself to be caught to JKR… thinking how to escape from her

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  1. awesome re…………..

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  6. ur imaginations are much better then the real track of YHM…..i love ur guru and arthi’s fiction… the way u imagine things and nice way to represent ur story….hats off…plzz continue… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  7. ur imaginations are much better then the current track of YHM…..i love ur guru and arthi track….and love the way u represent ur story…..plz continue…hats off 2 u
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  8. Wowwww awesome episode.’s really superb. ..loved it very much. is very naughty n ishu is very smart…dono apne partners ki khoob band Baja rahe hain..enjoying this story very much …keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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