Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 40)


The episode starts with Raman thinking as how to console Guru…
Guru noticed this and remained silent..
Aasha came..
Raman gave a letter to Aasha..
Raman: Give it to Guru..
He opened it..

” Sorry my dear bro..”
Guru saw him.. Raman held his ears.. Asking a sorry..
Guru wrote something.. He called Ani.
Guru: Give it to him..
Ani: To whom?
Guru: My mom’s husband’s daughter in law’s husband..

Ani got confused .. Ishu laughed uncontrollably..
Ani to herself: Aunty ‘s husband.. Uncle.. His daughter in law.. Aaru n ishu.. Aaru’s husband u.. U cant write it to urself.. So is it for Raman..

Guru nodded.
Ani hit his head.. She gave it to Raman and hit him too..
Raman opened

” Don’t waste ur sorry”

Raman again wrote a letter and he searched ..
Surya reading newspaper.. Saw this.. Hid his face with newspaper and ran away..

Sanjay shut his ears and ran away.. Ishu and Aaru pretended of not noticing them..

Pranav n Harish entered.. Surya sighed to run away.. They did the same..
Raman tried to get up.. He slipped a little.. Guru came running and made him sit..

Surya: Sanjay.. Don’t go there… He LL call us.. Then also don’t go there
Guru: What’s ur problem?
Raman: What would u do If u were in my position?
Guru: What would you do if u see me in the condition how I saw u today?
Raman: Sorry..
Guru hugged him..
Everyone smiled at them..
Raman: Gold.. Guru.. It LL be useful in future na..
Guru smilingly hit hus head..
Raman: I saw that man in hospital..
Guru: Ya yesterday I was in no mood so only I broke just his hand n leg..

Sanjay and Surya gave shock reaction..
Raman laughed and hugged Guru..

Sanjay Sanjana engagement.. Followed by their marriage..
Then Pranav- Aasha and Mihika- Harish marriage took place..
Vijendar and Omprakash were happy.. As they got their old friendship..

Every couple in their rooms..

Raman was lying in Ishu’s lap carressing her stomach..
Raman: You made my life special ishu.. I thought my life ends. When ur accident occurred.. But this Shaadhi united us..

Aaru sitting on Guru’s lap.. Who was sitting on chair..
Aaru: I hurted u so much Guru.. Before our confession and after that too.. U did everything for me… I thought this marriage was a punishment .. But This Shaadhi
. Is my beginning..
Guru smiled..

Ani to Surya.. Ani sitting in balcony wall.. Surya holding her carefully..

Ani: You are the best Surya.. You were with my in my odd times.. U adjusted everything for my sake.. I hope this Shaadhi ends all our miseries..
Surya: Main misery started from this Shaadhi.. But its OK its bearable..
They smiled..

Pranav to Aasha: I made u cry all the times.. But you believed me.. My love.. That belief joined us Aasha.. This Shaadhi is my biggest gift..
He hugged her..

Sanjay : Sanjana.. You were with me all the times.. Though we didn’t shared any moments.. I liked ur patience.. That made us united.. LL be united forever..
Sanjana smiled..

Mihu: True Harish.. I cant hide anything from you.. My happiness ,my sorrow my anger my tension everything.. You are figuring it out very easily.. My life changed at ur arrival.. I m sure I won’t miss u ..
Harish hugged her.. She cried happily..

A year later..
Raman – Ishitha- Their son Manish..
Guru- Aarthi- Their son Tharun
Surya- Anitha- Their son Nishanth..
Pranav – Aasha – Their daughter Varsha
Mihika- Harish – daughter Rishika
Sanjay- Sanjana – daughter Sanjitha
( Names formed from our cute couples name)

Three years later..
Ishu: Raman wake up.. Manu wake up..
Manu and Raman sleeping.. Manu keeping his leg on Raman..
She poured water on both..
Raman stared at Ishu and took Manu for making him bath..
After a while Raman shouted for Manu’s dress.
Ishu came with dress.. Manu n Raman poured water on her and played..
After Manu went out of for breakfast.. Raman pulled Ishu and they hugged happily…

Guru : Tharun.. Should eat the lunch completely.Manu u too..
Tharun: Who prepared it papa?
Guru: Your mumma
Tharun: Then you first eat it fully..
Guru: Fact..
Aaru chased Guru and Tharun
Ishra smiling..

In Surya home
Ani: Nishu.. Where is ur Papa?
He saw Surya talking with neighbour aunty..
Nishanth: In phone mumma..
Ani: Ok u get ready have this milk..
Ani called Surya’s mobile.. It rang.. She saw him talking with a girl..
He stared Nishu and pulled his ear
Ani: Dad and son are of same kind..
Surya came in and got it from Ani..

In Sanjay ‘s house..
Sanjitha: Papa.. Come lets move out
Sanjay: Why baby?
Sanjitha: Mumma is angry..
Sanjana: Ah I m angry.. On u too guys..
Sanjay: But why?
Sanjana: Always not eating properly both baby n pappa
They both done situps..
Sanjana hugged them..

In Pranav home..
Mihu Harish came with Rishika to Pranav home..
Varsha played with Rishika.
Mihu: Bhai.. Can we plan a trip.
Harish: Honeymoon?
Pranav: Yeah I m ok with it..
Aasha: Always in same thought.. I asked family trip with our monkeys..
Harish: Sure.

They planned for it and enjoyed..
Their life went beautiful..

Though everyone ‘s life had hurdles … Their Shaadhi made their hurdles into a flower path..

They will be leading it happily..
Let us enjoy this life gifted by god


Hope you liked this..
New FF LL be from tomorrow..
I need ur support for that too

Credit to: Nivedha

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