Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 4)


Hello guys… A small Recap

Guru and Raman the lovely brothers got married to furious Aarthi and curious Ishitha respectively.
While Raman and Aarthi not interested in their married life,their better halves took it genuine and trying to make them understand what is life?


Aarthi and Ishitha getting shock..

Ishitha thinking how is it possible. Toshiji asked them to be ready else Raman will come and shout..

Aarthi went to get ready starring Guru

Ishitha reached Guru and took him outside

Ishu : Are you serious? Raman booked tickets.
Guru : You are having doubt.. Wait and watch
Ishu hold Guru’s hand and Guru pacifies Ishu saying

Guru : Calm down Ishu.. Something going in my bro’s mind.. Let me get through it first
Ishu : OK!! You see your problem too.
Guru : See we both friends got same marks, same thoughts, same home and now same problem…
And I will not leave you in any situation Ishu.. Though Bhabhi you are my bestie forever

Ishu and Guru hug each other..

Ishu : OK!! I am going to get ready else he will start enchanting mantras…

Guru laughed after she went he started imagining how he made his bro to book tickets

Guru reaching Raman office

Guru : Bhai.. What are you doing here?
Raman : Can’t you see.. I am busy..What do you want?
Guru : OK!!! Leave all your works and book 4 movie tickets..
Raman : For whom?

Guru thinking of kidding Raman replied

Guru : You me mummy pappa.. Arre kya…

His speech stopped at Raman’s speech

Raman : Aacha!! truely!!! I thought you asked to book for you me aarthi and Ishitha… Why don’t to you go with Aarthi?

Guru can’t control his laughter… He knows his bro can never analyse anything when he is in work.. But he couldn’t believe this that he is that much involved.. that he cant understand his joke also.. Suddenly his mind started kicking..

Guru : Actually Bhai… Bhabhi and Aarthi went temple as they were bored.. Just now Aaru called and informed me that they went to some shopping also.. so I made this plan why can’t we go with mummy pappa
Raman : OK!! Fine I booked it U go and ask them to get ready fast..

Guru controlling laughter came out and laughed as much as he can..

Flashback ends still Guru laughing at home

Raman after completing his work started thinking how could mummy pappa agreed to movie.. that too without our wives… This idiot must have done something thinking he called his mom’s mobile

Unfortunately Guru saw that he called Toshiji

Guru thought whether Bhai came to know about this he ll act as if he is busy,, So I should make him come home.. after he can’t refuse

Guru : Ma!!! See bhai is calling you.. I think he is gonna say he is busy and plan cancelled So only he is calling you.. Please make him come with us maa
Aarthi (thinking) OMG!! He is just trapping Raman Bhai itself.. Hey Mathaa Ranii … Please save me from his traps..

Toshiji attend his call and started yelling

Toshiji : Oiiii !!! Whether you left your Taj Mahal(office) or not.. It ll not be nice to go to movie after interval

At that time Mr. Bhalla called Toshiji so she gave phone to Guru and went

Raman : So mom you are agreeing that you me pappa Guru are going movie.. You are OK with that?

Guru(thinking): Ohooo Bhai came out of his koma stage it seems…

He ran to his mom and said

Guru : Maa!!! Bhai asking too many questions Say haa to him and ask him to come home fast
Toshiji : Come fast puttar!! We are getting late .

Raman : Thank God .. He told truth only saying he went

Guru : Save me my God

Ishitha dressed in red saree and Aarthi in pink

Guru in black admired his wife

Aarthi sighed him: Hate you
Guru sighes her : Love you

Raman reached home and saw Ishu and Aarthi dressed up and he really counldn’t take his eyes off from his admring Mrs.

Ishu not noticed this when she turned he became normal and came to senses

He realised his lovable brother’s tricks on him and curse himself

Guru hid himself acting as if he is reading newspaper

Toshiji : Arre Go fast. Me and Bhallaji going temple

Raman stared Guru.. Guru ran away controlling his laughter

In theatre:

Raman Guru sitting next to next and to Raman’s right its Ishu.. To Guru’s left its Aaru

Aaru : How cunning you re!!! You trapped Raman Bhai itself(leaning towards Guru she said)
Guru : No one can escape from my traps Aaru
Aaru shut her ears went back

Ishu can’t control herself seeing Raman’s reactions…

Ishu : To sit like this unwillingly why you booked tickets
Raman looked at Guru who hid his face with popcorn box knowing Raman’s stare..
Raman: in my life made two big mistakes
Ishu: What?
Raman : Kept unconditional love on my bro and……..(Raised his finger to point her nd got stuck)
Ishu not noticed that..


Guru noticed that and started thinking..

Raman :Don’t imagine yourself that I came for you.. Sirf Guru ke liye.. I came
Ishu : OMG!!! He is my bestie.. I too came Sirf Guru ke liye..

Guru heard this and hit his head

Raman : Sirf aur Guru ke Liye..
Ishu : Obviously sirf Guru ke liye…
Raman : Sirf sirf aur sirf Guru ke liye..
Ishu : I can also tell more times.. Sirf, Sirf…

Guru (himself) Ohhh now instead of Ruhi’s name my name got stuck.. (just for fun.. I added this YHM Track)

Aaru: They both came… Sirf tumare liye.. and I came sirf Mummyji ke liye.. U understand?
Guru : I came sirf tumare liye Aaru baby
Aaru : Oh just stop it I want to see movie
The audience from back seat : OMG!!! You four got realised that you came to watch movie.. We are watching your fight only since beginning

They realised all are watching them.. But

Ishu and Raman

Ishu : What are you tinking of yourself?? as SRK..?? You are not Ram.. You are Ravan evil more than Raavan
Raavan kumar
Raman : You too don’t think yourself as Cindrella… You are just a fighter cock… Jhansi Ki Rani.. Using your tongue as sword.

Guru and Aaru started laughing at their convo..

In road their car puncture..
Ishu : Oh no.. How car got punctued?
Raman : Mine is car… Not a truck to carry heavy loads..
Aarthi : Bhai.. You are telling me also like that…
Raman : Oh no Aarthi… I am telling about my load.. Not about my brother’s load..
Guru and Raman made Hi-fi and four started walking and chatting…

Thank you

Actually no worries there will be Ishra and Aarru scenes..
Please pass your suggestions as comments
It ll help me to correct my track

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. nice… ishra part was funny i laughed at it.. both ishra n arru scenes superb…
    n ishu calling rama ravan kumar n raman calling her jhansi ki rani as in serial was nice

    1. Thank you ahana

  2. Haha….

    1. Kamatchi??

  3. Oh god ha ha ha i cant even stop my smile yaar

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  4. Lovely ….
    Great ff

    1. Thnx varsha

  5. lovely yr…such a great story… and the way to represent it ,is owsm….plz continue…..and update early… early as possible… cant waut for the next episode

    1. Sure kiwi

  6. Ohhh my god…it’s too funny…very nice..I couldn’t control my laughter…

    1. Thank u Neha

  7. Nivedha your cover photo is very nice..

  8. Ong,it’s superb, awesome, hilarious episode, can’t control my laughing. ..oooooo this guru is very funny n ishita mind blowing jodi …where Raman n aarthi stuck with these guys…loving this story very much. ..and your sense of humour is very good.’re amazing writer. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u roma

  9. Superb..

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