Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 39)


The episode starts with Raman parking his car in a coffee shop..
A guy.. Raman ‘s business enemy… Cut the brake wire…
Guy: Lets see… How u are surviving !!
Then another guy… Surya’s enemy once saw Surya with Raman..
So he planned to kidnap Raman… And was waiting for his return..

Guru’s enemy once noted Guru in this car… So he thought it was Guru’s and he kept a bomb in that…

Raman.. Get in that car.. He saw Surya waiting in the same shop as his car got punctured..
Raman: Hey Surya.. Get in na.
Surya: No Raman u carry on
Raman: Arre come on

He entered and sat in front seat..
The car started.

The guy Surya’s enemy got up from back seat with a gun

Guy: First I planned to kidnap ur frnd.. But now u itself came..
He smiled like a villian…
Surya stared at Raman. Raman controlled his laugh…
Surya: Did I asked u lift?
Raman: But this is ur trap na..
Surya: Atleast stop the car..

He tried… Raman saw him in shock..
Raman: Brakes not working..
Surya: Oh god..
Raman ‘s enemy called and informed him about brake wire cutting..

Surya: This is for u.. I got trapped…
Guy: What brakes are not working?
He tried to jump.. But the door is not opening…

Guy: Why its stuck?
Raman: Idiot.. Are u a villian? Can’t they understand that I LL jump like this?
They spoiled that too..
Guy: What to do now?
They started thinking…

Raman got a call from Guru..
Raman put that in speaker..

Guru: Bhai.. Get down from the car..
Raman: Why beta?
Guru explained bomb issue..

Raman and Surya laughed uncontrollably..
Guru: Why laughing Bhai?
Raman: Guru… Take care of Ishu ok..
Surya: And Ani too..
The guy: What about my family?
Guru: What’s going on there? Get down na..
Raman: Doors locked…
Surya: No brake…
Raman: We are enjoying..

Guru: Don’t get tense.. You come to this area.. Move in normal speed..
Raman: Guru… I can see our grandpa calling me..
Guru: Just shut up Bhai…
Raman was driving at normal speed…

Guru: Bhai 30 mins more for bomb blast…
Surya: Still 30 mins… Oh why this much long time?
Guru: Surya.. Gonna kill you…
Surya: You don’t take risk.. It LL happen by god’s grace it seems!!

Raman got a idea…
Raman: Surya break these glasses fast…
Surya: With what?
Raman saw that guy’s gun..
Raman: Give that..
Surya removed the bullets and started breaking front mirror…
Guru reaching the spot..

He saw their car…
Guru: Bhai.. Hit that car in a tree slowly..

Raman did that..
Half broken glass got broken fully…
Raman and Surya got injuries in head..

Somehow managed to come out.. Through the glass…

They came running few distance..
Raman found something missing and he tried to run towards the car..

Guru and Surya stopped..
But Raman went..
Bomb blasted…

Guru was in hell shock..
Surya: Come on guru… We have to take him to hospital..
Guru stood still..

Surya ran to see.. Raman unconsious due to the hit of car’s door during blast..
Surya: Guru.. Help me na…
Guru came in senses and took him to hospital..

Doctor: Actually.. He got injured.. And due to some severe shocks he got unconsciousness.. Let us wait for two hrs.. Thank god .. No internal bleeding…

Guru just sat in a chair staring the ward..
Everyone came running.. They consoled Ishu..

They were waiting out..
Nurse: Patient got conscious.. You can go and see..
Except Guru everyone went in..
Surya: Idiot … Stupid.. You are such a nonsense.. What u took from that car that much previous?

Raman saw Ishu and pleaded Sorry.. She was crying..
Aaru: Idiot..
Raman: Aaru… Me
Aaru: Yeah..What u took from that car?
Raman searched for it ..
Raman: No I took that.. May be it will be there where car blasts…

Surya: Oh.. Ok.. Come lets search..
Raman nodded and tried to get up..
Ishu slapped him..

Ishu shouted: What was that?.
Guru came in and threw what Raman took..

It was Guru’s photo in a locket..
It was given by Guru.. On his bday

Guru: This is my sign of love. U shuld not miss it.. Ok!!
Raman : Gold haina… LL be useful in odd times..
Guru chased Raman..

Flashback ends..
Guru cried and left that place..

Everyone touched at their love..
Raman: I know.. Bomb won’t blast.. I took that and ran to safe place.. This car door na…
Ishu: Raman did you think about me?
Raman: Ishu I m not that much idiot.. I thought time is there…
If I cant take that definitely I would have runned.. Seriously.. But fortunately I got it..
My love can’t fail…

Ishu hugged Raman..
Guru in his home cried a lot.. Aaru consoled him..

The time for discharge..
Guru paid the bill.. Not talking with Raman..

Raman noticed Guru’s enemy the reason for his blast with severe injuries..
Hand fracture.. Leg too..
Raman smiled knowing that it LL be his bro’s job..

They reached home..
Raman: Surya get my laptop from my room
Guru slapped Surya..
Surya held his chin..
Guru: Just take rest.. Else I LL break that laptop..
Raman laughed silently..

Sanjay: Bhai.. Just eat this Dhaliya..
Raman: No Sanjay. It wont be nice..
Guru kicked Sanjay..
Guru: Just eat what is given..

Raman smiled at his bro’s antics..

Surya holding juice in one hand.. Keeping hand in his chin… Staring at Guru and gave it to Raman.

Raman: No Surya
Guru about to slap Surya
Surya: Noooo… Just drink what is given.. Right !!!
Raman laughed.. Guru stared at him..

Raman: Guru…
Guru shut his ears and went.

Raman: He went na. Take all these stuff
Guru threw something from his room..
Surya and Sanjay pleaded to eat everything..
Raman smiling at Guru’s reaction..

Raman consoling Guru…

Credit to: Nivedha

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    Really its Amazing…………. The Brothers relationship is soooooo touching yaar………………

  2. so sweet of raman and guru………………………So nice friends………………

  3. Oh god i cant stop my smile yaar so funny guru

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  7. superb nivedha your both ff are awesome

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