Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 38)


The episode starts with Raman feeding Ishu.. Guru feeding Aaru in their respective rooms..

Aaru smiled…
Guru: What?
Aaru: I remembered our theatre visit.. And game..
Guru smiled..
Ishra remembering the same…

Flashback showing Ishra Aarru fighting in theatre… Ishra chasing.. Aarru chasing.. Raman lifting Ishu.. Guru lifting Aaru..

They smiled..
Ishu: This Guru na….
Raman: Yeah Ishu… He is too naughty..
Ishu: But our newly joined couples.. Fed up with probs Raman..
Raman: Especially Ani and Surya…

Ishu: Exactly Raman… See Guru helped me as I m his frnd u r his bro… Ani your niece.. Sanjana Aaru’s frnd.. Aasha too.. Similarly Mihu Pranav….

But Surya mingled with us because of Ani… Only for her happiness.. He went to the extent of losing her too.

Raman: Now also he is waiting patiently.. He just legally made her as his wife… If I were in his situation.. Definitely would have kidnapped you..

Ishu: Ravan kumar…
In Aarru room

Aaru: Have to do something for Surya-Ani..
Guru: Let me think..

Raman: Baby.. Enough or you want more!!?
Ishu: No Raman.. Its enough..
Raman: Excuse me.. Who asked u? I asked my baby …
Ishu looked away..
Raman about to leave… Stood near the door…

Raman: Actually you know my wife always like my Ravan kumar mode..
I LL be sweet to everyone.. But will be Taunting husband to my wife…

Ishu: See.. Baby this is your mumma’s fate… But I cant get this much happiness anywhere.. So I love this fate… Tell this to your sweet Papa @ My Ravan kumar…

He came and hugged her…
She closed her eyes and they smiled happily…

Guru: OK… Baby now time for Papa’s lunch..
Aaru started feeding Guru..

In Mihu and Aasha engagement..
Surya was wearing a black n red combo dress… Ani in yellow n red combo lehanga..

After the couples exchanged their rings…
Surya got a call from his office..

Surya: Raman.. I have to go..
Raman: Why?
Surya: Some important work in office..
Surya went…

Ani got a call from her friend ..
She made excuse and went…

After their work… Everyone sleeping..
4 AM…
Ani and Surya got a call.. They were informed to reach a spot..

They reached…
They shocked to see that was their first meet place…

Ani and Surya having flashes of those events…
Ani: Surya.. Who called us?
Surya: Our fab five couples it seems..
Ani: But how they know this…
Surya: Ani… Let us have those sweet memories…

They went to their frequently visiting places..
At 8 AM..

They reached beach…
Surya: Ani.. You know… After these hectic days… Now I m feeling so happy
Ani: Me too…
Surya: Ok… Lets go home..
They got in their car and reached home..

They had their bath.. Surya in his hotel room.. Ani in her room.

When they came out.. They saw bridal dresses in their rooms..
Surya called Ani.

Ani: What’s this Surya?
Surya: Happiness overloading..
Ani: But..
Surya: I m getting ready. Go n get ready
She smiled..

They got ready and shared their selfies and messaages..

When they came out..
Surya’s driver: Sir… U are asked to come to this place.. I LL take you sir..
Surya: Who told?
Driver: Don’t know sir..
Surya called Raman…
He didn’t attend…

Surya went..
He got hell shock to see..

Surya once told Raman that he had a passion of doing marriage amidst water…
Raman: What a strange desire..
Surya: Yeah. That too Ani and me in bridal.. Surrounded by these water.. It LL be nice na..

He reached the beach house…
Fully decorated boat stood there with our fab five couples.. N elders

Surya was overwhelmed and hugged Raman..
Raman: Hello.. Time up.. Come on..

They were in boat..
Surya took mangalsuthra… And saw Ani..
She had happy tears…

Surya too..
He tied it..
Ani closed her eyes and smiling…
Surya smiled at her..

Guru: How is this Surya?
Surya: Actually.. Decorations are less.. Not as expected…
Sanjay: Oh… Then enjoy this and pushed him in water
Everyone laughed..

Surya dragged Raman Guru Sanjay Pranav Harish in water and they fought happilly in water.

The girls were standing at safe distance smiling at them..

Evening in home
Surya: Hey what’s the date today?
Pranav: July 8 … Why?
Surya: Everyone LL be waiting for marriage day. But my story… I m noting the day after my marriage..

Everyone laughed..
Guru: Surya . Can I drop you in your hotel?
Surya: Why so?
Raman: Guru leave him yaar… Surya stay here with Ani till these idiots marriage
Surya: Donee

Credit to: Nivedha

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